City Island 3 MOD APK v3.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

City Island 3 MOD APK v3.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

September 26, 2023


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Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
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Unlimited Money

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The famous city builder franchise is back, and this time, Android gamers will find themselves in for a whole new and interesting in-game journey. Here, you’ll have access to the intuitive and interesting builder options which would allow you to create your entire city out of scratches. Explore and experience the interesting gameplay that are only available in the City Island series.

Start your ultimate builder journey, create your very first buildings from scratches, attract the very first citizens, and have fun as you find yourself fully immersed in the awesome simulation gameplay on your mobile devices. Explore many interesting features as you dive into the builder gameplay in City Island 3.

Find out more about this amazing mobile title from Sparkling Society – Build Town City Building Games with our reviews.


Follow the success from the previous installments from the famous series, City Island 3 introduces Android gamers to the fun and interesting gameplay, in which they’ll be able to create an entire island city out of thin air.

Choose your starting island and prepare to lay the foundations for an incredible city later on. Make uses of many available building options in the game as you guide your citizens to a prosperous and promising future. Explore the many interesting gameplay as you become the absolute omnipotent in your city.

And as you progress, find yourself exploring the new lands and conquering new islands. Build your epic cities as you dominate the island cities. In addition, it’s always possible for Android gamers in City Island 3 to enjoy their favorite gameplay with friends and online gamers as you join forces to create stunning cities.

Feel free to make all kinds of changes to the buildings, layouts, designs, and many other interesting features in your own city. Design and build your island city from your own imaginations and creativity. The game allows Android gamers to explore and experience refreshing gameplay that you haven’t enjoyed for years.

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Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simple intuitive and addictive city builder gameplay

Fans of the famous city builder titles will certainly enjoy themselves in this interesting game of City Island 3. Here, you’ll find yourself being introduced to the beautiful and untouched island with little people on it. Now, with the power of constructions, you’ll take on your ultimate builder challenges and deliver a life-changing experience to the citizens. Build up an amazing city on your island using intuitive controls and construction features. Enjoy the addictive mobile gaming experiences as you create your beautiful island city.

Create your beautiful and modern islands with multiple building options

And speaking of which, gamers in City Island 3 will find themselves having access to a variety of different building options. Make uses of more than 300 unique items as you choose the suitable ones to add to your city. Design your city in all kinds of possible ways as you freely customize it. And most importantly, you’ll also have access to more than 9 different islands with different setups and unique aspects, all of them are available for you to construct your cities.

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Enjoy the interesting gameplay and collect awesome rewards

Throughout your city builder journey, gamers in City Island 3 will find themselves exploring the fun and interesting gameplay with many available gameplays. Feel free to experience the addictive gameplay as you try to complete the challenging tasks, enjoyable achievements, and interesting missions. And of course, find yourself enjoying the awesome rewards as you progress through the in-game challenges.

Collect money from varied currencies as you progress

To quickly turn your island city into a real-life paradise, gamers in City Island 3 will need to collect lots of money from multiple currencies in the game, from the normal gold and cash to the unique pirate chests. Find yourself taking on multiple in-game adventures, each with its own unique aspects and gameplay.

Take on various missions and quests as you collect money and pirate chests. Make uses of them to purchase new buildings and have them constructed on your islands. In addition, it’s also possible for Android gamers to collect profit from their commercial businesses, which is absolutely incredible.

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Provide high-quality services and beautiful attractions to attract new citizens

And to make the game more interesting, gamers in City Island 3 will have access to a variety of different building options. Feel free to attract the citizens with new parks, trees, decorations, and many communal buildings. In addition, there are also multiple economic constructions that you can have to boost your city’s growth.

Moreover, with multiple upgrades for your city and its building, the game will also allow gamers to effectively design and decorate their entire island. Provide high-quality services from security to transportation to attract new citizens. Expand your city as soon as possible to enable more room for development.

Advance to the next levels and unlock new constructions

And speaking of which, gamers in City Island 3 will also find themselves exploring the interesting level system. Level up your characters as you unlock new constructions, collect more experiences, and expand your city with many new options. Construct new buildings, transports, attractions, and the likes, as you design and create your ultimate city. And if you want to, you can always speed up the construction and make your city more capable.

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Interesting events with varied themes to enjoy

For those of you who’re interested, gamers in City Island 3 will also have access to many interesting in-game events, which would introduce you to completely refreshing and unique gameplay. Explore the time-limited events whenever you have the time and collect your special rewards. And most importantly, as you progress, there should be many new gameplay to enjoy.

Be active and enjoy your daily rewards

As for the dedicated gamers, you can easily collect your rewards in City Island 3 just by being relatively active. That being said, it’s always possible for you to collect dozens of interesting prizes from your daily rewards. And with the stacking reward, you’ll find it quite enjoyable as you collect your special prizes at the end of the month.

Play the game with or without the Internet

To make the game more interesting, gamers in City Island 3 will also have access to the complete gameplay even when they’re offline. Feel free to enjoy most of the gameplay without having to connect your mobile devices to the Internet.

You’re only required to go online if you wish to enjoy City Island with friends and other online gamers, or make uses of the online cloud saves.

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Free to play

And despite having all those amazing features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. All it takes is for you to download and install the game on the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

And to assist you in your city building journey, gamers in City Island 3 can also enjoy themselves with our completely modified version of the game. With this, you’ll have access to all the available in-game purchases as well as enjoying the ad-free experiences. Just download the City Island 3 Mod APK from our website and follow the provided instructions to properly install it on your mobile devices. Enjoy the game to its fullest for completely free.

Visual and sound quality


And to make the game more enjoyable, gamers in City Island 3 will also have access to the smooth and satisfying gameplay thanks to well-optimized graphics. Not to mention that the awesome tablet support and high-quality visual experiences will completely hook you to your gameplay.


Together with the amazing visual experiences, the game also introduces gamers to the catchy and relaxing audio. Find yourself totally immersed in the awesome mobile gameplay of City Island 3.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re interested in Pocket Build, City Island 5, and other enjoyable titles in the series, City Island 3 should definitely be a great mobile game to enjoy on your devices. With in-depth and impressive gameplay, you can easily dive into the awesome builder gameplay. Plus, with its completely free and unlocked gameplay, we don’t see any reason to not enjoy the game.

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