Clawbert MOD APK 1.21.1 (Unlimited Money)

Clawbert MOD APK 1.21.1 (Unlimited Money)

May 12, 2023


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For those of you who are interested in the exciting game of claw machine simulations, then Clawbert is definitely a cute and most adorable game to enjoy.


Fans of the most interesting claw machine challenges will definitely find Clawbert a great mobile game to have on their mobile devices. Here, the beautiful designs and smooth animations make the casual claw machine simulations extremely fun and engaging. Plus, the cool Clawbert interactions and mechanics will always keep you interested.

Find yourself having absolute fun with the awesome game of claw simulation where you enjoy collecting all the best toy creatures for your in-game collections. Have fun exploring the vast in-game world with cool locations and many new toys to discover. Always enjoy the casual and most exciting game of claw machine simulations in Clawbert.

Find out more about this awesome mobile game from HyperBeard and all of its amazing features with our most comprehensive reviews.

Story & Gameplay

Here in Clawbert, Android gamers will have themselves the most amazing mobile title to enjoy their casual claw machine simulation gameplay. Find yourself having absolute fun playing the mobile title where you join the lonely claw in his journeys to find friends and spark connections. Enjoy using the simple controls and mechanics to always have the most fun playing the game. And find yourself exploring many of its features as you progress.

Enjoy the most simple and enjoyable gameplay of puzzle mechanics in Clawbert. Have fun playing the exciting claw machine puzzles with endless levels and cool challenges. Enjoy collecting your cool toy creatures with adorable designs and various expressions. Have fun exploring the vast in-game world with lots of cool elements. Unlock all kinds of interesting customizations for Clawbert, as you enjoy working with his cool hats. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple gameplay and enjoyable mechanics

To start with, Clawbert gamers will have no troubles getting comfortable with the game and enjoying its mechanics. Here, you’ll have no troubles working with your simple claw machine actions, with only two control buttons to remember. Use the slider to move the claw, position it above the items, then press the go button to for Clawbert to try and grab those. Make sure to grab all the items and always go for the rare ones before the machine reset.

Exciting claw machine puzzles

Here in Clawbert, Android gamers will find themselves having fun with a variety of different claw machine puzzles, each having its own designs and interesting in-game mechanics. Enjoy working with cool puzzle designs, exciting puzzle mechanics, and vast challenges. All of which will allow you to always have fun playing the game, especially with the increasing difficulty and evolving elements.

Have fun collecting cool toy creatures

For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun collecting your cool toy creatures in Clawbert, each having its own adorable designs and cutest interactions. Enjoy exploring hundreds of different creatures in each map. Collect them all to enrich your collections and also give Clawbert his new friends that he was so desperate about. With a variety of different creatures, Clawbert will always surprise gamers with its amazing characters.

Explore the vast game world

To make the game more exciting, Clawbert also features a handful of different in-game worlds, which introduce gamers to new locations and exciting scenarios. Here, you can find new toys with interesting appearances and awesome puzzles with new challenges. Always have the most fun exploring the vast gameplay of Clawbert to never find yourself getting bored.

Enjoy customizing Clawbert with cool hats

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy customizing your favorite Clawbert with many cool hats. Enjoy playing with the different options being provided in the game, as you put on our little claw machine all types of hats to keep him interesting.

Complete your daily checklist for cool rewards

Have fun working with different checklists every day, where you’re introduced to cool tasks and quests to complete. Make sure to finish them all to get yourself many cool rewards in the game and have more fun exploring the in-game adventures.

Capture images and share your in-game moments

Here in Clawbert, Android gamers will have themselves the inbuilt camera option, which will make it super easy for people to capture their in-game footage and share with others. Simply select the camera option whenever you want and quickly capture the images on the go. You can then instantly share your photos using the inbuilt share option in the app.

Enjoy the game in different languages

To make the game more accessible, Hyperbeard also features different language options in the game for mobile gamers to enjoy. Here, you can have fun playing the game in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Chinese, and more. Feel free to enter the game and choose your preferred language options to start playing on the go.

Enjoy the game while offline

Here in Clawbert, Android gamers can now enjoy many of its features without having to enable their Internet connection. Have fun playing the exciting title on any of your mobile devices without having to turn on your mobile data or looking for active Wi-Fi networks.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android users to enjoy on the go. Simply enter the mobile title and start exploring its many features without paying. Just keep in mind that the freemium app will come with certain ads and in-game purchases that might bother you a little bit.

Have access to our free premium app

If you want the free game while also getting rid of the forced ads and in-app purchases, then you might find our modified version of Clawbert being more interesting. Simply enter the app and start making use of its features to enjoy unlimited money and remove ads for free. All it takes is for you to download the Clawbert Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Here in Clawbert, Android gamers can enjoy the most adorable and beautiful visual arts, which can easily rival the likes of Piffle and Kuma Sushi Bar. Enjoy the simple yet mesmerizing and beautiful cartoony characters in the game. Have fun with your cool and funny-looking characters, together with their many interactions in the game.

Plus, the undemanding graphics will always enable the smooth and satisfying gameplay of Clawbert on all your mobile devices. And don’t forget that you can always make certain graphics settings to optimize your devices for better battery uses or performances.

Sound & Music

Together with interesting graphics, Clawbert also boasts amazing sound effects and exciting soundtracks, which will allow you to always have the most fun with your in-game experiences. Have fun playing the awesome mobile title and enjoying your Clawbert adventures with great music along the way.

Final thoughts

With simple gameplay and relaxing mechanics, Clawbert is a great casual claw machine simulation game for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices.

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