Complete Rhythm Trainer MOD APK 2.6.1-168121168 (Full Version Unlock)

Complete Rhythm Trainer MOD APK 2.6.1-168121168 (Full Version Unlock)

November 9, 2023


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Complete Rhythm Trainer is the perfect mobile app for music learners to start training their rhythms, thanks to many provided tools and features.


Rhythm training can be tricky since not many of us know where to start and how to progress. That being said, with this amazing mobile app of Complete Rhythm Trainer, you’ll have the perfect mobile tool for training rhythms on the go.

Featuring lessons and exercises created by teachers and musicians with Royal Conservatory master’s degrees, the app will make sure that you’re well-trained and can make quick progress.

Find out more about the mobile tool and its features with our in-depth reviews.

Well-structured lessons and exercises

Here in Complete Rhythm Trainer, Android users can enjoy following the progressive curriculum with 30 chapters consisting of 252 drills for users of 4 levels.

Enjoy training your rhythms with 5 different drill types, including rhythm imitation drills, rhythm reading drills, rhythm dictations, two-voice reading drills, and two-voice dictations. All of which will allow you to improve your rhythmic skills properly.

Many extensive content for you

At the same time, it’s possible for Complete Rhythm Trainer users to look for extensive content that allows them to progress from the main program. Use the app to learn more about different time signatures and many types of notes on the go. Enjoy extensive studies whenever you want.

Enjoy playing and practicing

To make sure that you’ll all enjoy your in-app experiences, Complete Rhythm Trainer is designed like a game for mobile users to have fun with. Here, you can have different drills and challenges for each chapter. Attempt to complete your quests to earn the most stars for in-game rewards and bragging rights.

Explore the 11 different drills when playing your arcade game mode. Practice and play games while also learning about polyrhythms. And always have the most fun with the randomly generated drills, which are always different every time.

Have more fun connecting to Google Play Games

Mobile users can also have more fun with their rhythm games by connecting the app to the Google Play Games platform. Here, you can unlock 25 different achievements for cool rewards. Also, it’s possible to compete with friends and online gamers worldwide for the ultimate high scores.

Never lose your in-app data

With your Google Play account connected, Complete Rhythm Trainer users can also enable online saves and syncs, which will protect their in-app progress. Plus, you can also sync your data across all connected devices for seamless gameplay.

Amazing sound banks with many instruments

With Complete Rhythm Trainer, Android users can enjoy working with many different sound banks, allowing them to generate different sounds while learning rhythms. Choose to work with 23+ instruments, including the piano, guitar, pizzicato violin, conga, bongo, djembe, darbuka, woodblock, and many other sounds in the app.

Create and save your custom drills

For those of you who are interested, it’s now possible to create your own custom drills. Here, the app provides certain features to generate certain drills of your designs. Use the feature to create training sessions for self-practicing. Or you can always invite friends for a drill together.

Intuitive app UI with customizable themes

Here in Complete Rhythm Trainer, Android users can enjoy intuitive material designs with clean interfaces and accessible features. Plus, it’s possible to customize the theme settings with both Dark and Light modes available. And when it comes to your sheet music, Complete Rhythm Trainer offers various styles of modern, classic, handwritten, jazz, and more. Feel free to choose your designs based on certain preferences.

Have access to our free premium mod

If you want the free app of Complete Rhythm Trainer but with full features and no ads, then our modded version of the app will be a better option. Here, we offer the modded Full version, which you can download without paying. Simply pick up the Complete Rhythm Trainer on our website, then follow the install instructions.

Final verdicts

With Complete Rhythm Trainer, Android users can enjoy training their rhythms and make great progress on the go.

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