Cookie Clickers 2 MOD APK v1.15.5 (Unlimited Cookies)

Cookie Clickers 2 MOD APK v1.15.5 (Unlimited Cookies)

June 1, 2023


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redBit games
64.09 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Cookies + Gold Cookies

Cookie Clickers 2 poster

Cookie Clicker 2 is a game where you click or tap on the mobile version, a giant cookie on the screen to create a new cookie. If you collect cookies to some extent, you can purchase facilities such as “Grandma” and “Farm” with cookies to increase Cookie production per second (CpS). You can also buy items that boost CpS for clicks and facilities.

They added the mobile version to the strangely popular browser game Cookie Clickers 2. Even the editorial department confirmed that the Android version exists. Eventually, the number of cookies will increase doing nothing. While watching the situation, let’s add more facilities and boost items to increase cookies. The game should gradually become addicted to many players.

If you advance the game to some extent, the cookies will increase like crazy even if you leave it with no playing. But it is good to get the golden cookie that appears from time to time.

The category of the game is a simulation. It is the original idle game where you bake cookies to rule the universe. The Android version of Cookie Clicker 2 is the same as the Web browser version. Even if you don’t open the game all the time, cookies are likely to increase, so it’s safe and amazing for long-lasting plays!


Cookie Clicker 2 is so accessible from walks of life that we think it should be the malleability of this game. In the beginning, the player clicked on the big cookie on the game screen to generate new cookies.

Then, from those clicks, the news status at the top of the center would mock the player. They threw your first cookie into the trash can or even nearby raccoons. Touch nothing at all, and then it will sell well.

This game relies on buying new equipment to earn more biscuits and then using more cookies to purchase new equipment to make more biscuits, which is endless loops. Why don’t you buy so many biscuits at once? Just leave it alone, this game earns more cookies, the better!

In short, no matter how meaningless, you have the following ten devices to buy. After the purchase, some technologies can upgrade existing equipment and upgrade to increase production capacity. The purchase cost of the same material will not always be the same. It should be a particular proportional series. The more you buy, the higher the price will be.

Installations, Upgrades, and Hacks

There are so many upgrades but the cookies are minimal, so well use the cookies in your hand.

In the beginning, the players have to develop an excel spreadsheet we want to stand up and applaud for these severe and enthusiastic players, and it would be nice to work so hard. And then, everyone adopted a JavaScript called cookie monster. It is very convenient to list the cost and return and value of each investment.

After applying it, players can intuitively test whether to spend the cookies in the most critical place. You can even calculate how long it will take to deposit enough biscuits to buy the things you want. And you can also know when the next golden cookies will appear and how much time we leave for the effect.

In the cookie statistics, a beneficial one is calculating how many heavenly chips (HC) you will get if you reset it under the current situation. We will mention it later. If you use Google Chrome, press the option in the upper right corner of the browser, select Tools, and select a JavaScript console.

And then paste the following JavaScript in the console. After that, press Enters on that tab page. According to the above page, you can also bookmark the following grammar, and then click the bookmark on the game page to load JavaScript into the game. In short, this is very simple but helpful.

After installation, you can see that the numbers of various upgrades and equipment have changed and added colors. Green is the system’s recommended reporting rate, and red is a severe warning that this is a terrible investment.

Extra Cookies

Let’s explain how to get extra cookies.

Golden Biscuit

Random fortune cookies will have the following effects after clicking:

  • 48.175% is Frenzy: The output of cookies in 77 seconds is seven times (including mouse points)
  • 48.175% is Lucky: The algorithm written by the author is very complicated. But in short, it is about 10% of the existing cookies. So, the more existing cookies, the better, but this also has an upper limit.
  • 3.325% is Click Frenzy: In 13 seconds, you can get 777 times the amount of a giant cookie. If you use a mouse to click the program, you can earn money that might take hours or even a day. The output is scary!
  • 0.325% is a Cookie Chain: The first one is six cookies, the second one is 66 after three seconds, the third one is 666 after three seconds, and the highest point is 6,666,666,666,666,666. And we have not counted what kind of unit this is?

Red Cookies

When the upgrade of One Mind is clicked, Grandma’s anger will be incurred. The game is called “Grandmapocalypse.” Random crackers will appear at the beginning. The probability depends on the anger index of the abusive.

The higher the index, the greater the probability of occurrence. Red Cookies will not appear when the state is appeased, 33% when awoke, 66% when unpleased, and 100% when angered.

As you level up, the scolders will become angrier. And the background will become more disgusting. The Red Cookies appear similar to the Golden Biscuits, and they also have special effects, but they may not always be right.

  • 27.94% is Ruin: losing 5% of the existing biscuits
  • 27.94% is Lucky: the effect is the same as the golden biscuits
  • 27.94% is Clot: reducing the production capacity by half for 66 seconds. If you have to buy extended cookies, it upgrades the effect, the time will double.
  • 6.90% is Elder Frenzy: It has 6 seconds to increase the production capacity by 666 times. It is said that many people order Red Cookies for this, but we are not sure if this is true.
  • 2.21% is Click Frenzy: the effect is the same as Golden Biscuit
  • 7.08% is Cookie Chain: the result is the same as Golden Biscuit

So the red cookies are not harmful, just to endure the horror of the game background.


The following four upgrades are kitten upgrades. As long as you have enough milk, the update will bring more biscuit production. So, what is milk?

Milk is the number of unlocked achievements. We can see the numbers in the statistics. We can visualize the state of milk as the turbulent liquid under the biscuits on the game’s primary screen.

That’s right! It bases milk on the ratio of your achievements. There will be different percentages for the upgrades, so the type and color will be different.

  • 0% < plain milk < 148%
  • 152% < chocolate milk < 248%
  • 252% < Raspberry milk < 348%
  • 352% < Orange juice

Then achievements can be divided into several types, and we will retain the achievements after resetting. So, don’t worry about having to start again!

Heavenly Chip (HC)

After each reset, you can get Heavenly Chips based on the total output of your baked biscuits. 2% of the production can multiply each Heavenly Chips. It could be higher, but the author kept lowering the proportion.

Heavenly Chips seem to be about one piece per gigabyte. If there is a cookie monster, it will be clear how much we can get HC at present, how much capacity can be increased, and how long will the next chip be taken later.

After the rest, you will see Prestige in the statistics. The following is the Heavenly Chips reward you got from the last reset. Some players are very high as it can be seen that people come to the computer to compare their leisure time.

Overall Evaluation

Does it work well, depending on the environment? Regarding the browser game Cookie Clickers 2 Hacked APK, it created a particular browser.

As expected, the speed of responding to the internet world and trendy things is at the sub-light speed level. This game allows you to transfer data between your smartphone and computer, but it had a weak point of stopping when the screen was turned off.

It will continue to bake cookies in the background unless the player’s activity is paused. The essential functions of the smartphone browser are too basic, and it seems complicated to limit them.

But don’t worry. Even if you don’t touch it yourself, they equip it with a function that automatically affects it. If you press the main menu button (multitask button), the menu will be displayed, and you can touch it freely.

This touch speed is unusual, with 100 touches per second. It is super-fast.

Besides, it has a built-in cheating function, and you can summon golden cookies freely. However, if you use this function, you can unlock the hidden achievement of “spoofing”.

There is also a function to fix the screen horizontally and switch the page to the Japanese version. It is so convenient. The most important thing is that the function keeps cookies on the back even if the screen is off.

However, some people may use it usually on the Google Play review page so it may be because of the environment. We need to examine it a little more.

Without a doubt, using this application will be faster than you can play on your smartphone.

Additional Mini-Game: Dungeons

The “Dungeons” are also a place where you can earn a bit of biscuit income, but we are not sure whether it will work. It should be like a pizza shop, and after ordering pizza on the Internet, there are online mini-games that you can play to kill time.

The game is a bit of an upgrade and other things for making cookies. There are characters, levels, and titles in the game. There is a dark achievement but not included in the calculation. The conclusion is that if you are idle, there are dungeons that can kill time.

It is also an add-on JavaScript, used the same way to add the following syntax to the JavaScript console of Google Chrome. But there must be over 50 factories to open the Dungeons.

After entering, the map seems to be random. The heroes are a little girl called Fragile. But we can replace three other people. As for the title, we are not sure whether they beat us to death, changed our title, or changed our title because of an upgrade.

At first, it was a hidden baking works and then strengthened into an unholy bakery. If there are 100 factories, it should be less likely to be hacked. Then if you encounter a problematic opponent, move the mouse to the arrow key, and keep clicking, it will speed up the little girl’s attack speed.

Otherwise, each character will attack once. So, this design is basically what the author wants the player to keep clicking the mouse.

Final Words

An app for the Android smartphone of the game “Cookie Clicker” that became popular on the Internet around 2013 appeared on September 28. It is still in the development stage, but we can download it for free. The iPhone version app is also prepared. The voices of joy and confusion are mixed on SNS.

Cookie Clicker 2 MOD APK is a free game published by overseas game site “DashNet”. Click the cookie displayed on the left side of the screen to increase the number of cookie possessions according to the number of clicks. It’s just that game, but if you purchase items using the increased cookies as resources, you will increase cookies efficiently.

It created many “addicts” despite the overly understandable content and called a secret boom with the unique look of “Grandma” who bakes cookies. The smartphone app has almost the same materials as the PC version, and some fans were happy with Twitter saying, “It’s the best way to do it in between work. It’ll be a habit”, and “I can only think of cookies anymore”.

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