Cricbuzz MOD APK 6.15.08 (Plus Unlocked)

Cricbuzz MOD APK 6.15.08 (Plus Unlocked)

May 22, 2024


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Google Play ID
18.17 MB
MOD Features
- Plus Unlocked
- Note: Cricbuzz plus is visually unlocked, But the server side features wont work

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If you’re Indian, and you clicked on this article in the first place, you must’ve known about the great sportsmanship all Indians collectively shared when it comes to this cricket. As the most popular sport thus far (And arguably, also a national sport), cricket is something important to a huge portion of the population out there. Cricket teams are kept close tab of. Every games are recorded and followed religiously by thousands during off seasons, but during game seasons, you could expect millions to tune in to whatever channels they could find that broadcast anything related to cricket. Unfortunately, it could be a hassle to quite a lot of people to find the proper info source to get yourself most up to date with the occurrences and analysis in the game.

And that’s where CricBuzz comes in: According to CH Play, it is among the best (If not the best) cricket news compiler currently available for download. With some 820.000+ unique downloads and a near perfect score of 4 out of 5, both the public and the number is saying something great about this app.

The first thing that I must talk about is the people behind the app. While quite a lot of independent sport news apps on the market simply regurgitate information being written somewhere else. CricBuzz has its own writing and editorial staffs to keep you best in the loop down to the game by game actions. This team includes many experts on the matter, one notable face being Harsha Bhogle: The notorious cricket commentator and journalist that has been the favourite face and voice of cricket fans for years now. That alone is saying something about the credibility and reliability of CricBuzz.

Now to the information that it provides. CricBuzz gives you live update (When there is a game on going) of the scoring board, and even ball by ball commentary to help you with visualising the actions on the field. While not a lot of people may find this feature useful, especially when these games are often live casted. But for those who are in instances when they can’t follow the game, such as being at work, this is god-sent. The app helps the viewers who are caught in an inopportune moment as well with a notification feature that relays the most important events during the match to your phone to keep you most up to date. Even when you are not there to catch every movement on the field.

One more thing that kind of shown the dedication of the developers is that they have gone great length to also engineer an Android widget that would update the scoring board live directly to your home screen. You don’t have to open up the app to view the score with this installed.

That is just one out of the many details that the developers had packed into the CricBuzz. The app also provides daily global news on cricket, as well as in-depth analysis on anything that happened within the cricket community, or on cricket fields across the world. Photo galleries of the best winning shots, match and series previews, thrown in a couple fun facts and analysis articles written by experts. That would sum up well the news feature.

CricBuzz also offers videos of matches. Though they are, quite often, not live casts (For that you must turn to some other apps, or even your cable TV), the highlight reels that they uploaded are of great quality. Some exclusive videos made by the app’s staffers can also give you a lot of insights and knowledge into the sport, as well.

CricBuzz is also a powerful archive and calendar. It holds information on every single cricket matches worldwide down to the 1950s. And in its database holds the information on upcoming matches, and also, they are updated rather regularly. A notification would come right to your phone the moment a match is scheduled, along with all of the information you need to know about that particular game.

The app can tell the ranking of teams and players with its rankings, records, and statistics feature. ICC players and team rankings for ODIs, Tests, and T20Is are all available for you to browse through. Down to the individual overall and series stats and records of teams and players.

All in all, this is among the best news app that you could get when you are deeply enamoured with this sport. You literally cannot get any better than this.

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