Critical Ops MOD APK 1.44.0.f2529 (Unlimited Bullets)

Critical Ops MOD APK 1.44.0.f2529 (Unlimited Bullets)

February 26, 2024

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Critical Force Ltd.
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Unlimited Bullets

You’re interested in the competitive Online FPS matches where you and your friends can go against gamers from all over the world? However, the advantageous in-app purchases  have been a real problem with you and you’re still looking for that awesome shooter with fair gameplay?

Well, worry no further as with Critical Ops, players are allowed to experience fun and addictive gameplay which won’t cost you a fortune. In additions, you can go against the serious players who have both personal and tactical skills which would make worthy opponents.

Find out more about the amazing title of Critical Ops with our reviews.


Choose your sides in the iconic fight between the good and the bad. Be either the terrorists or counter-terrorists and go against each other in exciting gunfights. Play your favorite shooting game in varied maps with different setups. Make uses of the large weapon arsenals and take down your opponent with your incredible tactics.

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With Critical Ops, gamers are introduced to a completely different shooter, in which they’ll have access to lots of different options, both in and out the matches. Find out more about the amazing features here:

Completely fair and skill-dependent gameplay

For those who’re in need of a competitive online shooter title, Critical Ops is definitely a great game for you to try. With no in-app purchase that deliver competitive advantages to the players, gamers in Critical Ops won’t have to worry about being overrun by the “rich kids” in this game.

Here, everything depends on your personal and tactical skills instead of money. Hence, you can feel free to enjoy the game without having your money sucked by the publisher. Still, if you want to make your characters to appear more stylish, it wouldn’t hurt to spend money purchasing a new costume for them.

Join millions of online gamers

The thing with online games for mobiles is that they tend to have fewer gamers compared to most PC shooter titles. However, this is not the case with Critical Ops as you’re introduced to a massive community of over 50 million registered players and over 1 million daily active players.

Here you’ll have your chances to go against some of the best shooter pro players and experience epic gameplay. And whenever you feel like stuck in the process, there is always a huge community readied to help you.

Team up and enjoy the game with your friends

And the best thing with Critical Ops is that the game support co-op online gameplay, which means that you can easily team up and enjoy the game with your friends. In additions, with a huge community, players can freely socialize with each other. You can create or join a clan, battle other clans as you make your clan more famous.

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Intensive and thrilling shooter gameplay

In addition, with Critical Ops, players will have their chances to dive into the intense and thrilling shooter gameplay. Make uses of your personal skills as well as the tactical knowledge to lead your team to the victory.

Awesome customizations for your characters

And if you’re interested in doing some grooming and styling on your characters, there are tons of different options for you to make. You can change your costumes to make you look like a complete person. Customize the weapons and inventories to make your characters more badass. And most importantly, you don’t have to purchase everything with real money since it’s also possible to earn customizable items through challenges and missions.

Become a professional gamer with Critical Ops

As the game is getting more popular, many people are starting to take this game seriously. As a matter of fact, you can even become a professional E-sport gamer by participating in the Critical Ops tournaments. Compete with millions of competitors to become the chosen ones. You can either go for solo matches or gather fame under the name of your teams.

Different maps with varied setups

And to make the game even more interesting, the creators also features many different maps in the game with varied setups. With each map, there will be different ways to approach the matches. Thus allowing for different tactics that you can apply.

Lots of different weapons

You can’t enjoy a shooter game with just a pistol. That being said, in Critical Ops, gamers are introduced to lots of different weapons that they could use. This includes both melee and ranged weapons. Each of them is quite different from the other and comes with a different price so you can choose the ones that suit you the most.

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Convenient controls with customizable features

For the novice gamers in Critical Ops, you’ll find the control system extremely useful with accurate touch commands and convenient gestures. In additions, you can even customize the buttons and gestures to make them more suitable to your playing styles.

Enjoy the game with lots of exciting game modes

Here you’ll all the exciting game modes that are available in Critical Ops:

  • Defusing the bomb – here, we’ll have two different teams compete with each other for two contrary goals. If you’re a terrorist, it’s your job to plant the bomb and protect it from the police. And if you’re in the side of the counter-terrorists, you must do everything in your power to stop the explosion.
  • Deathmatch – for those who’re interested in having more epic and exciting battles, the Deathmatch is where you can test your skills with your opponents. As the two of you go against each other in a timed battle, spend your resources wisely to take down the enemies. Your opponents will also try to do the same so make sure you can get the advantages.
  • Gun game – if you really love guns and want to explore all the different firearms that are available, this is definitely a great game mode. With the Gun game, you and your teammates will have to go against other teams in a head-to-head collision. Each player can work their way to the top by going for a certain type of guns.
  • Quick games – for quick and relaxing gameplay, you can go for the Quick games, in which you’ll find yourself quickly matched with online players from all over the world. And moreover, with intelligent AI, you’ll also be matched with online players that have the same level and experiences as you. So it would be an exciting matchup.
  • Ranked games – For those who’re more into the intense combats where you’ll go against the best of the best. The Ranked games are the places for you to go. Climb up the rank as you earn better prizes.
  • Custom games – And last but not least, with Critical Ops, players can create or join custom games, in which you’ll be playing with your friends or online opponents, under your own rules.

Free to play

Right now, the game is free for you to download and install on your Android devices. Get it now by going to Google Play Store.

Visual and sound quality


With next-gen graphics featuring realistic and detailed elements, Critical Ops is definitely a great game for anyone who is looking for an authentic FPS experience. In addition, the developers have done a great job maintaining a smooth fps of 60 for most devices. This allows for much more intuitive and satisfying gaming experiences.

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The voiced dialogues make you feel like you’re caught into the world of Critical Ops. In addition, realistic and accurate sound effects make every action feel a lot more truthful.

How To Install Critical Ops APK with OBB Data File

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /Android/obb/com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Critical Ops Mod latest 1.44.0.f2529 Android APK

It would be such a shame if you don’t have this game installed on your devices. Download and enjoy the game from right now if you’re ready for an authentic FPS experience.

You can get a ban when using MOD!

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