Daggerhood 1.0.5 (MOD Unlock all levels)

Daggerhood 1.0.5 (MOD Unlock all levels)

March 7, 2021


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Looking for a good platformer to start enjoying on your smartphone? Well, look no further. With Daggerhood, gamers will have their chances to enjoy epic side-scrolling and platform gameplay right on their mobile devices anytime anywhere. Find out more about this amazing game from Crescent Moon Games with our reviews.


In a world where the riches rule over the miserable peasants, life has never been kind, especially when you’re staying in the bottom of the society. In the poor and desperate, they call out for help. And there is one who would answer their prayers.

It’s Vincent D. Daggerhood, our beloved hero. In such a corrupted world, he is the only one who has the heart and capability to save and liberate the people from their miserable lives. By stealing all the goods from the riches and returning them to the people, he was praised all over the land.

And this is not something that the nobles would want to have. Hence, they’ve beginning to plot against him. But none of their evil plans have worked on this wise young man. And thus, they targeted his weaknesses, which is the people by threatening to strike down even the most innocent ones until they can catch him.

And our hero, knowing that there are traps set up everywhere and alerted guards readied to catch him, would still throw himself in the dangers to save the weak. Thus, he was captured and sent to exile by the royal court.

Our hero was thrown into the forsaken caverns where not a single man has returned as a punishment for his so-called crimes. However, despite the adversities, Daggerhood still managed to survive under the caverns and is looking for a way out.

Follow his journey as he takes down the monsters inside the cave and finds a way to return to the surface. Make your epic revenge as you struck down the royal treasure.



Enjoy a captivating story

Everybody loves a good story. And what could be more exciting than having a hero in your life who would help you defeat the riches and distribute their unworthy wealth to the people? Follow our hero’s journey as he overcomes countless challenges in pursuit of his ideal.

Enjoy a captivating storyline with continuous events that tell you exactly what happened. Overcome the adversity as you finally bring peace and prosperity to the people of the land.

Simple and intuitive controls

The game features a simple yet intuitive controls system, in which players can comfortably control their hero to move around and attack the enemies. You’ll find the optimized touchscreen controls extremely intuitive and fun as it helps you truly immerse with the gameplay.


An epic platformer with good balance

In Daggerhood, players are introduced to a lot of new platformer elements. You can slowly slide down a wall to get yourself safely to the ground. Make uses of the double jump mechanics to help you get to varied places.

And most importantly, the game allows players to quickly teleport to different spots on the maps using your flying daggers. You just have to throw the dagger to your desired direction and press the title button to transport you to the current position of the dagger.

This allows gamers to overcome great obstacles that are seemingly impossible to get past if you’re familiar with the traditional mechanics.

Embark an amazing adventure

Follow your entire journey, you’ll travel through 5 unique worlds with completely different elements. With over 100 levels in total, players will have a lot of fun enjoy this amazing game. In each world, you’ll have to go against a giant boss that can easily take down any man alive. However, as our hero, you can definitely defeat them.

In addition, with a different world, there will be new mechanics being introduced, allowing gamers to have different approaches to the game.


Collect goods and dash through enemies to finish your levels

In each level, the player will have to get pass numbers of different obstacles. Make sure you can collect all the items and dash through the enemies’ attacks, especially with the help of the teleporting daggers. At some level, you’re required to collect certain items to get past, so don’t take it lightly.

Power up your daggers to make them stronger and faster

Since the dagger is one of your most powerful tools, it’s reasonable that we would want it to become stronger and faster. In Daggerhood, players can obtain certain boosts to make Vincent’s dagger fly faster and stronger. That being said, you can then break rocks with your daggers, allowing you to quickly get to your finish line.


Fight monsters and beasts as you make it to the next levels

In this game, players are introduced to a whole new world underground where exotic monsters dominate both the land and sky. It’s your job to take them down and overcome the adversities.

Take on various challenges and earn epic prizes

With each level, players are introduced to various challenges, which they must complete in order to finish the level as well as earning epic prizes. Make sure you have what it takes to make it big in the world of Daggerhood. Sometimes, you’re also required to collect treasures and fairies to earn unique prizes.

Visual and sound quality


Bring back your childhood memories with the legendary side-scrolling game as you engage in the simple and familiar 8-bit graphics. Enjoy the retro gaming experiences with responsive mechanics and realistic physics.

Also, with relatively simple graphics, the game allows players to enjoy this game on most of their Android devices without being disturbed.


With nostalgia retro sounds, players in Daggerhood will have their chances to enjoy the iconic 8-bit music and sound effects that have long been familiar.

Download Daggerhood latest 1.0.5 Android APK

The game is a blast to play and would definitely satisfy any Android gamers who’re looking for a rewarding platform game.

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