Dancing Road MOD APK 2.5.6 (Unlimited Lives)

Dancing Road MOD APK 2.5.6 (Unlimited Lives)

April 12, 2024


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Unlimited Lives

The combination of game and music has never been so perfect. It is what players experience in Dancing Road. Dancing Road is difficult to play at all. Dancing Road is a completely new mobile puzzle game set in the background of popular songs in the world. The game is inspired by Guitar Hero. Control a ball and collect points of the same color according to the rhythm of the song. Depending on the speed of the song, the level of difficulty will be different. It is still a puzzle game. So, you should not miss any point because it will affect the result of the game screen.

It will feature popular songs of all genres in Dancing Road. It is this variety that has brought the ability to virtualize and increase the difficulty of the game to a new level. Each song will have its rhythm, represented by the bars that appear on the game screen. The ball changes color with each beat and it is what makes it difficult for players to play. To overcome them, here will be a few small notes for you to get the best preparation before entering the levels.

General Information

As mentioned above, Dancing Road has many similarities with Guitar Hero. Control your ball on a winding path using the left and right swipes. The ball will automatically roll forward and you are just navigating them as you like. During the game, collect points of the same color as the ball. It will increase the score when you collect many points of the same color in a row. Otherwise, the game will end when you miss a piece of a different color by mistake.

Try to maintain and increase your score through combos. To get the highest score, it is a game that players need to make the most victory. The maintaining combo points will be interrupted as soon as you miss a point. And it is the reason the game has such a big impact on the result.

Usually, the ramps change the color of the ball. Besides changing the color when crossing barriers along the road, each downhill section can change the color of the ball. It is a point you need to keep in mind as it is the most likely factor that makes players fail the most.

You will unlock new songs by completing the level using earned points or coins instead. The unlocking of new songs will also help you train more and get well prepared for difficult levels.

How to Play Dancing Road?

Click the arrow icon then select Settings to download the Dancing Road to your phone. At the primary interface of the game, click the Go button to play the Dancing Road. The gameplay of Dancing Road is very simple. You need to hold and swipe to move the ball to other balls of the same color.

The higher the score, the higher the speed will increase. Then, your challenge on the Dancing Road race will be more difficult. If you accidentally finish the game because of the wrong ball, you can continue playing again by clicking Continue to view the ad. After the promotion ends, you can continue playing the previous level.

Every day, when accessing Dancing Road, you will receive rewards as in-game gold or gift boxes. To receive double the reward, click GET X2 to watch the ad. At the primary interface of the Dancing Road, click the gift box icon. It is where you can get free in-game gold gifts, multiplayer networks, or extra balls by watching ads.

To get more gold in the Dancing Road, you can log into Facebook, rate the game, and reach the corresponding milestones when selecting the trophy icon. In-game gold coins that you collect will buy balls, roads, or items in Dancing Road Color.

If you do not want to listen to the default songs while playing Dancing Road, you can choose other songs by scrolling down, selecting the blue songs after the promotion. With this feature, you will hear and experience your favorite song.

Overall Assessments

The gameplay is straightforward and engaging. Players control by holding and dragging their balls to touch balls of the same color and dodge balls of different colors. A short distance away will appear the color change of the ball. Players should pay attention to avoid touching the ball of different colors leading to a loss.

The speed of the game will speed up with the rhythm of the music. As the rhythm fades, players should pay more attention to avoid hitting balls of different colors. Players can unleash the choice of songs in the set of 80 extremely vibrant tracks provided in the game. On the roads, gold coins will appear. Players will collect and accumulate a lot to buy new races, new balls, and eye-catching ball streak effects.

The amount of gold earned from titles is extremely huge. So, players should prioritize completing the title if possible to buy as many items. At the store, 12 unique races, 18 individually designed balls, and 9 diverse ball streak effects for players to choose to create a musical space with its style. They design the 2D graphics in Dancing Road extremely eye-catching with impressive neon colors creating a cosmic space full of sparkling stars.

They design the balls with a variety of unique styles with smooth motion when avoiding balls of different colors and creating a beautiful long-range slide effect. When a ball of a different color has collided, the music halts, a boom is heard and the player’s ball is shattered. It shows the player has lost.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is an attractive music game you should not ignore because of the diverse and vibrant music with Rock, Guitar, and EDM. Enjoy the music and feel the rhythm on each finger with Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. The ball will dance to the beat of the music. Hold down and drag left and right so that the ball jumps on the brightly colored tiles. Jumping into the center of the tile will increase the size of the tile and help you score higher.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush gives you a music collection of over 100 songs for you to enjoy and unleash with challenges customized for each song. Use the diamonds got after each play or watch promotional videos to open more songs. Besides, you can also challenge yourself with the song you love. Just download your song into the game. The application will create the challenge corresponding to that song. If you get bored with your ball, switch to another one by ranking up or watching a promotional video.

Final Words

For people who love the music game genres on the phone, perhaps you should not miss the Dancing Road MOD APK. In this game, you can listen to music and experience challenging roads with colorful balls. Let’s join this amazing game to discover how to play on your phone.

Immerse yourself in the world of attractive music games with Dancing Road. In Dancing Road, move the ball to the position of the other balls of the same color. Each level will have fresh tracks, songs, enjoy the music with popular songs such as Faded or We don’t talk anymore. Try to pass the challenges on each path in Dancing Road.

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