Defense Legend 3 MOD APK 2.7.6 (Unlimited Money)

Defense Legend 3 MOD APK 2.7.6 (Unlimited Money)

August 4, 2022


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Many people must have heard of “Tower Defense”, a game which has been so popular ever since it was publicly introduced. Tower Defense requires strategies, players will have to place towers in order to defend their territory. Yet, Tower Defense may seem old to some people because of its design and release date. But thanks to it, tons of defense games are launched with a variety of themes and different features. Today, we are going to review one of the most well-known, addictive defense games: “Defense Legend 3 – Future War”.

“Defense Legend 3” is the next part of the Tower Defense game series, and it inherits and develops the unique features of its origin. By its title, we can guess that the game is going to contain futuristic content such as flying jets, advanced weapons, robots, etc. Even though the gameplay is similar to “Tower Defense”, what really makes it stand out? Personally, the game itself is, without a doubt, absolutely amazing. I have introduced “Defense Legend 3” to my friends, and they all confirm that it is by far one of the most fascinating defense games they have ever enjoyed. To learn more about how interesting it is, keep reading, and you will be amazed.


The dark forces were repelled. Yet, a part of them has escaped and planned to reinforce their forces to attack your world. They have evolved with so many new types of weapons and ready to attack us when we most neglect. Right now, the world is desperately in need of your help to defeat the dark forces.

If you have ever heard or played “Defense Zone 2 HD” or “Alien Creeps TD”, they do not dig deep in the story or what is behind all the battles. Basically, players have to protect their territory from evil enemies, destroy them with their clever and effective strategy. Each battle they face requires a different game plan, the rivals are smart, but you have to be smarter than them.

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Enticing and straightforward gameplay

To be honest, I have never been a big fan of strategic games as there are so many features and contents I need to learn about and remember. However, when it comes to “Defense Legend 3”, as well as all the parts before, never have I ever enjoyed such a simple game. Not only because of its uncomplicated and brief instruction, but the gameplay is also straightforward enough.

The game is a combination of tactical defense and role-playing, which makes it more special. In “Defense Legend 3”, players both become a commander and a superhero who has strategies and are always ready to fight evil forces. The simplicity of the game shows when you first enter it, the only two buttons shown on the screen is start game and settings. Everything is displayed on your screen so clearly and neatly that you will not waste your time finding any feature.

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Before each game, players are able to select some items and canon that they prefer. All of them can be upgraded to receive better performance. You will have twenty hearts in total, if you run out of them, you will lose. Moreover, you must not let the rivals get through the final gate as with each rival enters, you will lose one heart. A few entering is acceptable, but all of them is a dangerous move.

Your mission is to destroy every single enemy that comes towards you with the weapons that you bring along. There are waves that you must get through successfully, and each level has different total waves. Each enemy destroyed will earn you money so that you can install more weapons along the road. If you are new to this type of game, it is recommended that you should place the weapons near where the enemies enter as they will be defeated quickly.

After the game, players will earn stars depend on the total hearts they have left. You will earn one star when there is one or no heart left. Two stars when there are less than ten hearts. With less than 15 hearts, you receive three stars. Four stars are earned when there are less than 19 hearts. Full five stars will be earned when all the hearts remain.

Watching the opponents being destroyed is fun, but if it is wasting your time, fast forward the process by simply tapping the button below the screen. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can replay it anytime you want.

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Game modes

Each level has three different modes: normal, hard, and very hard. The number of waves increases as the level increases.


There are two types of money in “Defense Legend 3”. While playing, each enemy destroyed you will earn money to purchase more weapons. And after each level, you will earn Gcoins. Gcoins can be used to upgrade the weapons and they are multiplied five times while winning.


Before each level, you can choose weapons that you want to bring along. Players can use available weapons or unlock some that they want to use, such as a rocket, machine gun, laser, slow bombs, and so many more.

The helicopter is a powerful weapon as it can be used in emergency situations which are when numerous enemies entering the final gate. Weapons are updated constantly by the developer to help the players develop new tactics. We should know that weapons are necessary, but without flexible strategies, it is, without a doubt, not easy to win.

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Unlimited Money

As you play, you will often have to pay a vast number of coins for upgrades. Defense Legend 3 – Future War Mod APK will chase away your money worries since you are now granted unlimited coins. Feel free to unlock weapons and purchase upgrade materials because the money is infinite.


“Defense Legend 3 – Future War” is designed with 3D looks and stunning graphics. Although most of the time playing, we will only see terrains with small robots moving on the map, the game still looks amazing. Players will enjoy the game journey with some cool soundtracks and sound effects.


All in all, “Defense Legend 3 – Future War” is such a fun and easy game to play by yourself, with your family and friends. I have never thought I would like a tactical defense game. Honestly, I enjoy this game so much that I can see myself playing it for a long time.

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