Design Dimensions MOD APK 2.8 (Paid for free)

Design Dimensions MOD APK 2.8 (Paid for free)

December 22, 2021

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For those of you who often find themselves having to work on the design and construct works, it’s really important to have your own extensive visual database available for developing your ideas and working with references. And speaking of which, instead of spending money on many expensive reference books, you can have your amazing collection of digital references in Design Dimensions.

Have fun working with the in-app’s features to freely browse the massive collection of design elements and references, featuring 3D images of objects and items with realistic drawings and accurate proportions. Explore hundreds of different illustrations in each category and make use of the quick search option to easily look for any images that you want from the built-in library.

Find out more about this awesome mobile application of Design Dimensions and its amazing features with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Design Dimensions, Android users will have themselves a fully-featured and extensive visual database, featuring all the common reference items and objects with their accurate dimensions. Feel free to navigate through the countless options to explore their realistic illustrations and how you can use these items for your designs.

Design Dimensions offers many uses for Android users, which will let them work on their architecture and designing works where you need proper sizing from items and can also get inspired by simply looking at them. Explore the uses of the app for constructors and constructions workers who can explore the available items and consider the available building materials.

Enjoy playing with your different design ideas and studies to further explore the different values of your designs, using the provided 3D objects in the app. Have fun coming up with your awesome ideas for home remodeling and designs, using the provided objects and their corresponding dimensions.


For those of you who are interested, you will need to pay the premium price to have the app downloaded and installed on your mobile devices. But after that, you can freely access the built-in app library and its extensive features and functions.

To ensure the app’s functions and features, it’s important for Android users to always provide the app with the required access permissions. So make sure to always consider its requests upon entering the app for the first time.

Also, don’t forget to have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions to improve the app’s stability and compatibility with your system.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and accessible app UI

To start with, Android users in Design Dimensions can quickly engage themselves in the awesome mobile app and its interesting features, thanks to the accessible app UI. Feel free to navigate between many in-app features and make uses of the clean designs to comfortably work with its features. All of which would make Design Dimensions a lot more accessible for all Android users.

A massive and ever-expanding database for you to work with

Here in Design Dimensions, Android users will have their chances to explore the massive and ever-expanding library of referenced design items, featuring its common items and advanced objects for you to freely work with. Feel free to have access to the extensive library featuring many awesome 3D objects for you to unlock. Explore their endless uses as you make the app a much better tool for personal uses following your different purposes.

Easily look for your 3D references

To make sure that you can easily find your 3D references, Design Dimensions will feature the intuitive search options, which will let you quickly narrow down the search results with your simple built-in search box. Feel free to use the app to look for objects using certain keywords. Enable your quick visual search with 3D thumbnails available for each referenced item. And always have the list being ordered in alphabetical orders or with certain filters so you can easily locate the right images. All of which should allow you to enjoy the awesome mobile application of Design Dimensions to the fullest.

Useful metric conversion for precise works

And for those of you who are interested, you can now make uses of the useful metric conversion in the app to enable your precise measurements for the displayed objects. Feel free to switch from the default feet and inches measurement to the more common Metric system with a simple click of a button. This should make the universal app more suitable for users worldwide.

Many categories to work with

Here in Design Dimensions, Android users will have the option to work with many different categories in the mobile app, which will allow users to easily search for their referenced images from multiple collections.

Start by using the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Acts) items, including ramps, wheelchairs, bathrooms and more to study how they should be constructed. Look for the regular household appliances of all sizes, like the AC, dishwasher, microwaves, washing and drying machines, blender, iron, and more, so you can easily construct your 3D house models with them.

Examine the different construction materials, including bricks, floor joists, bolts, and others so you can work on your house construction designs. Learn how the electrical outlets, switches, and breaker boxes are located and built. Freely set up the common electric devices like computers, monitors, televisions, speakers, and connect them with your electrical outlet references.

Have fun setting up around the 3d house models with the available furniture like bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, sofa, chairs, tables, and more. Explore the uses of lighting to simulate your lighting setups on the house with lamps, fluorescent lights, and more. Learn how you customize the bathroom with plumbing items like bathtub, sinks, pipes, water heater, and the likes.

Explore the true dimensions and actual designs of recreation objects so you can work on your different landscapes, baseball fields, tennis courts, and so on. Unlock realistic pieces of transportation with amazing 3D models of cars, trucks, rafts, and even parking areas.

With accurate CAD scale factors and proper material weights, Android users in Design Dimensions, can freely discover the precise engineering and designs of different objects.

Interesting applications for different users

And speaking of which, by featuring a variety of different referenced items and objects for you to work with, Design Dimensions also enable its endless applications for you to explore and have fun with.

  • Architect and Designer – you can now freely work on your house and building design ideas using a variety of different appliances, building materials, and proper construction tools in Design Dimensions. With everything being available with their proper 3D layouts and dimensions, your designs should look a lot more realistic and relatable.
  • Contractors and Builders – similar to the first type of users, you can also receive great benefits from the mobile app, as it provides the accurate sizes and weights of materials that you can use to make furniture or build houses.
  • Design Students – for those of you who are interested in the architecture works or simply enjoy the art of drawing and studying 3D objects, you can now enjoy working with Design Dimensions, as it provides the precise objects with their realistic ratios for you to make uses of.
  • House remodeler and homeowners – and last but not least, with Design Dimensions, Android users can quickly get inspired with different ideas for designing their households, using the realistic 3D images and their accurate real-life sizes.

Enjoy the app while offline

And to make sure that you can quickly access the mobile app and its features on the go, Design Dimensions also offers its offline collection for you to easily make use of. Simply enter the app whenever you want and start using its features to look for the 3D referenced images whenever you want.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

For those of you who are interested in the awesome mobile application of Design Dimensions, you can now enjoy the free version of the app on our website. Here, we offer the full app with all of its available features without requiring you to pay the premium prices. All it takes is for you to download the Design Dimensions Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start having fun with it.

Final verdicts

With the awesome mobile application of Design Dimensions, Android users can now make better uses of their SketchUp Viewer and DWG FastView-CAD Viewer & Editor. First of all, you can use the app for referencing 3D objects in your drawings and sketches. Or you can make uses of the accurate 3D objects with real-life dimensions to easily work on your designing tasks. All of which should allow Android users to always make the most of the mobile app.

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