Dev Tools MOD APK 7.1.0-gp (Pro Unlocked)

Dev Tools MOD APK 7.1.0-gp (Pro Unlocked)

December 6, 2023


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8.65 MB
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Pro Features Unlocked

Dev Tools is a must-have application for all Android devs who wish to further explore their applications and the Android systems themselves.


Looking for a powerful and productive toolkit for improving your Android apps or simply studying them? Then Dev Tools is certainly a great mobile app to have on your Android devices, as it provides all the tools and features to unlock all applications on the go.

Decompile selected applications

Here, you can simply select your applications and Dev Tools will help to decompile them instantly. This allows you to access the app’s resources and related files, including Java files and more. Use the feature to quickly analyze and decompile any apps with ease.

Review any app and its details

Use Dev Tools so you can quickly review any of your apps and their details on the go. Here, it’s possible to access the app management menu, where you can explore all app info and details on the fly. Check for all existing apps on your system, their package names, version, data, and more.

Enable the App Layout Inspector tool to view and export app layouts. View the in-depth layout info in any of your apps with the help of Dev Tools. Check for screen colors on apps with all their color codes, coordinates, and other details. Check for the manifest of all applications in both your internal and external storage.

Access the latest Android open-source projects

Make use of the Android open-source projects in Dev Tools to unlock interesting dev assets, which can be used in your future projects. Explore these daily Android open-source projects for learning purposes, as you improve your skills and knowledge.

Keep track of your activities

Enable the History tab in Dev Tools to review the apps, package names, titles, icons, start time, and other important settings within the application. Use the floating window to always have access to this tab when using Dev Tools.

Extract APK from apps

You can easily create APK files for any applications on your Android devices using Dev Tools. Simply select any of them and enable this feature, Dev Tools will automatically extract those apps’ source APKs for you.

Quick access to important features

Enjoy plenty of quick access features in Dev Tools, as it allows you to enjoy onscreen operations with ease. Explore dozens of quick options in the developer menu, including showing GPU status, pointer position, layout updates, running services, and many more.

Access your system info in an instant with CPU information, virtual machine information, Device ID information, hardware information, and so on. Explore the many common features including settings, system UI tuner, language options, dev options, and many more via the quick common feature menu.

Enable widgets on your Android home screen to manage and monitor the app without having to open it. Or you can make shortcuts to quickly access the app and its features on the fly.

Enjoy our free premium app

For those who are interested, the app is free to enjoy on the Google Play Store. However, there are ads and limited features with the freemium version. So, if you want more out of it, then our mod is always better. Here, we offer the modified application with Pro features unlocked and ads removed for free. Simply download the Dev Tools mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re ready to go.


Enjoy using Dev Tools to explore many powerful options for Android developments. Use it to learn more from apps and improve your productivity when developing them.

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