DevCheck Hardware MOD APK 5.16 (Pro Unlocked)

DevCheck Hardware MOD APK 5.16 (Pro Unlocked)

March 21, 2024


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For those of you who are curious about your Android system and would love to learn more about the available hardware together with their current status, then this interesting mobile application of DevCheck Hardware and System Info is certainly a great tool, for both casual users who are looking for a simple system checkup for the enthusiasts who are trying to make the most of their systems.

Have fun working on the available tools in the mobile app to freely monitor the current states of your CPU, SOC, GPU, RAM, display, battery, along with other available hardware on the devices. All of which should provide you with a complete overview of the entire Android system and how it’s performing up until now.

Learn more about the awesome mobile app and all of its interesting features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

Here in DevCheck Hardware and System Info, Android users will have their chances to enjoy working with this simple yet extremely useful application where they can keep check of the available system performances whilst monitoring all the related information on your hardware and available app data. Use it to monitor and keep track of your devices’ performances and statuses whenever you want. Keep your recorded files so you can check on the data later on.

Immediately have access to the useful dashboard where you can look for all the available system data. Using the real-time monitor option to check on your CPU, GPU temperature, statuses, and performances. Learn about the availability and capability of your devices’ Bluetooth, GPS, Sensors, and other built-in hardware. Perform a check up on your battery to learn about its current performances.

Explore everything you need to know about you Android system, including the names, brand, manufacturer, serial number, patch level, and many others. Also, have access to a complete app management interface, in which you are free to work on changing the current apps on your system however you want. The list goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free application of DevCheck Hardware and System Info on the Google Play Store, which is available for all Android users to download without any troubles. Feel free to use it to discover and monitor most of the available information on your Android system. However, if you want to enjoy the full application, there will be certain in-app purchases that you must unlock with real money.

And at the same time, to make sure that DevCheck Hardware and System Info can function properly on your Android system, you will need to provide it with all the required access permissions, which are prompted upon your first time entering the mobile app.

Also, don’t forget to always have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.1 and up, since this would ensure the app’s stability and functionality, especially when working with the latest compatible updates.

Awesome features

Here are all the interesting features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive dashboard with accessible menus for quick checks

Here in DevCheck Hardware and System Info, Android users will have their chances to enjoy the simple and intuitive app UI, which would make it super easy for you to access and start checking on your devices’ information.

Feel free to make use of the useful dashboard which will enable real-time monitoring of your CPU and GPU frequencies, keep check of the system’s temperature, discover the current memory usages, whichever apps that are consuming your resources, and many others. All these information will be available at the dashboard for a quick check whenever needed.

And you can also access the respective menus on the app to unlock further in-depth data regarding the Android system and its current performances. The quick access options will certainly make DevCheck Hardware and System Info an accessible mobile app for you to enjoy working with.

Learn more about the available hardware on your system

In the Hardware menu, Android users will have the option to discover the in-depth details regarding the SOC (System-on-chip), CPU, GPU, RAM, system storage, Bluetooth, and many other available hardware on the system. Learn all the details that you wish to know about them, including model numbers, names, manufacturers, architectures, cores, and many other info with just a simple tap on the certain items. Check on the current status of each hardware no matter if they’re operating or not to fully discover their data, which can be quite useful in many cases.

Discover all system info relating your devices

For those of you who are interested, you can now freely discover all the information regarding your Android system, which can really come in handy. Learn about the codename, brand, manufacturer, bootloader, serial number, Android version, security patch levels, kernel models, and many other related system info. All of which will be available in the System menu for you to quickly look for.

Monitor and keep check of the battery

With the built-in battery info now available in DevCheck Hardware and System Info, Android users can enable real-time monitoring of their battery and power consumptions on the system. Learn about the current capacity of the battery, its temperature, current health, voltage, technology, and so on. With the collected information, you can further optimize your batteries and make settings to enable the best run time with each full charge.

Discover many useful network info

For Networking managements, you can now show the detailed info regarding your Wi-Fi and mobile cellular connection using DevCheck Hardware and System Info. Keep check of the current internet statuses on your devices, featuring both IPv4 and IPv6 connections, detailed connection info, service providers, phone number, network types, and many others. Feel free to keep checking this information if needed.

Learn more about your apps

At the same time, feel free to have full management over the different apps that are running on your Android devices, thanks to the in-depth information that the app provides. Discover all the current apps that are being installed on your Android devices. Keep check of their current stages to learn about active and in-active apps on the system. Check for the hardware consumption on each of your Android apps to learn more about their operations and study how you can optimize the system performances on your devices.

Check on your front and back cameras

Using the built-in features and provided access permissions, DevCheck Hardware and System Info lets Android users monitor their camera setups and available settings. Here, you can make uses of the camera app while checking on the resolution, sensor size, pixel size, ISO range, RAW capability, focal length, focus settings, flash modes, image formats and quality, along with many other available information that can be extracted from your camera setups.

Get a list of available sensors on your devices

For those of you who are interested, you can now keep check of all the available sensors on your Android system in the Sensor menu. Here, the app provides a complete checkup of the current sensors that’re available on your devices. Feel free to discover the sensor types, manufacturers, power, resolution, and uses. DevCheck Hardware and System Info supports all the common accelerometer, step detector, gyroscope, proximity, light, and many other useful sensors on the system.

Enable widgets for easier managements

To make it easier to manage the mobile app, Android users in DevCheck Hardware and System Info can now enable the useful widgets and overlay windows on the devices to always monitor their performances. Feel free to select any menus that you wish to access and their detailed information to be displayed on the windows.

Available in different language options

To make the app more accessible, DevCheck Hardware and System Info also features a variety of different language options in the mobile app, which will allow Android users to always make the most of its features without any troubles. Feel free to choose your preferred language options to change the layouts with your native localizations. Plus, the available translation updates will make sure that you can have more language options with the future updates.

Use the app even when offline

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of the awesome mobile app without having to connect to the Internet. Most of the available information can be collected while you’re offline. As a result, you can always have the accessible mobile app whenever you are outside without having to turn on the mobile data or to connect to available Wi-Fi networks.

Have access to more features with the pro version of the app

To make the app more functional and useful, Android users will now have the option to go for the pro version of the app, which offers more features but will require you to pay with real money.

Here, you can discover better tracking tools, including the benchmarks, customizable dashboard layouts, and more. Feel free to customize the sizes and layouts of the available windows and widgets on the app to make them more accessible. Move or dock them anywhere you wish to make the app more accessible.

And don’t forget to play with the available theme settings, which will let you enable different color options and combinations in the app for a more user-friendly experience. Have fun choosing between nine different color schemes and feel free to express your creativity.

Unlock the pro app for free with our useful mod

For those of you who are interested in the pro version of DevCheck Hardware and System Info but don’t wish to pay the premium prices for it, you can now go for the free and unlocked version of the app on our website instead. Here, we offer the modified version of DevCheck Hardware and System Info with unlocked pro features, removed unwanted permission requests, disabled analytics, and more. All of which should allow you to enjoy a more private and complete application. Simply download the DevCheck Hardware and System Info Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you can start making use of its features.

Final verdicts

With this useful mobile application for monitoring and analyzing system data, DevCheck Hardware and System Info will allow Android users to easily keep track of the devices’ performances and always keep them under check. Also make use of the provided tools and features to optimize system’s performances and allow you to learn more about your devices. Plus, the free and unlocked version of the app on our website will certainly give you better reasons to enjoy it.

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