Diarium MOD APK 3.0.87 (Premium Unlocked)

Diarium MOD APK 3.0.87 (Premium Unlocked)

Timo Partl Premium Unlocked

For those of you who are having trouble keeping track of their many experiences throughout the day, then Diarium is definitely a great app for you.


If you’re interested in staying more motivated, productive, and wired into your life every day, then Diarium is definitely a great mobile app to have on your devices. Simply enter the app and you’ll immediately have the perfect diary app enabled on the fly. Feel free to use it to create entries for every like experience so you can stay mindful of each of them.

Enjoy the most feature-rich journal app of Diarium from Timo Partl, as it provides you with amazing tools and features to simply write down your notes, work on your diary, and start enjoying your daily journals. With automated features and advanced tools, Diarium will always make it easier for you to diary.

Find out more about this awesome app and all of its interesting features with our most comprehensive reviews of Timo Partl.

What does it do?

Here in Diarium, Android users will have themselves the most amazing and feature rich mobile app for taking journals every day. Have no troubles keeping all your precious memories in one place and make sure that you keep doing that every day. The entire experience will keep you more mindful of your daily experiences. And allow you to be more productive throughout the course of the day.

Enjoy the most simple and easy to use application of Diarium on any of your mobile devices. Have no troubles staying motivated, thanks to the gratitude journal app. Stay productive with the uses of the bullet journals. And have travel journals to help you engage in different events. Also use the app to record and track your moods every day.

Have no troubles working with the existing templates or creating new ones in the app. Explore the multiple attachments that you can have on your app. Have the intuitive overview of all your data and in-app experiences. The list goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you can now get the free version of Diarium from the Google Play Store, which will be available for all Android users to enjoy without having to pay for their downloads. Here, the app provides the free diary and journal tools for you to immediately make use of. However, since it’s a freemium app, there will be ads to bother you a little bit. And the limited app will require users to pay to unlock its premium features.

Like most other Android applications, Diarium users are highly recommended to have their mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 and up, since it would ensure your in-app stability.

Also, don’t forget to always provide the app with all requested access permissions, which are prompted upon your first time entering its home menu. You’ll need these to enable the fully functional version of Diarium on your devices.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and easy to use

To start with, Diarium users will have no trouble exploring the app and making use of its many features on their mobile devices. Simply enter the application and you’ll have the gratitude journal, bullet journal, and travel journal ready to use. Also enjoy the most intuitive app UI, accessible features, and many predefined templates, which you can immediately make use of. Have yourself the most flexible diary app and enjoy its amazing features whenever you want.

Stay motivated with the gratitude journal

For those of you who are interested, you can now use Diarium to write down the things that you’re blessed with in life. Have no troubles using the gratitude journal in the morning to start your day feeling blessed and motivated. Or enjoy writing down things about your fortunes and experiences at night.

Stay productive with the bullet journal

The powerful habit of taking bullet journals will now be supported with the use of Diarium’s bullet journal. Here, the app provides the most intuitive and interactive platform for you to quickly take your journals and make sure that you’re having no troubles recording your data.

Keep tracks of the perfect travel diary

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy using Diarium to keep track of your travel experiences. Here the app lets you save and follow all your previous destinations around the world. With the intuitive world map, you can easily and intuitively revisit locations on the map with your own recorded experiences.

Track your mood with intuitive tags and icons

As a mood tracker, Diarium provides users with the simple tool of tags, which will allow them to quickly track their mood using the available entries. Simply enter the app and choose the right tags to have your feelings recorded in the app. And don’t forget to also add icons so you can have better uses of the application.

Use existing templates or create new ones

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy creating your diary with existing templates. Have no troubles using the predefined elements with different setups for your different types of diary and journals.

Attach any things to your digital journal

Here in Diarium, Android users will have themselves the powerful tool to attach anything to their digital journal. Have no troubles using the app to attach pictures, videos, audio recording, files, tags, people, ratings, locations, and other interesting files or entries to your notes, memos, diaries, and journal pages. All of which will make them more useful and interactive.

Intuitive overview of all your data

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the most intuitive overview of your data. Enjoy displaying your calendar events, weather, fitness information, and so on with the app.

Enjoy the uses of text formatting

To make better uses of the mobile application, Android users can use the text formatting features to adjust their note-taking experiences. Feel free to use the bullet point lists to quickly and effectively layout the events and entries to your notes. And use the text formatting features to freely customize the text sizes, text styles, and other elements.

Keep your data always safe and under control

Here in Diarium, Android users will have themselves the most amazing tools to keep their data always safe and under control. Have no troubles using the app and its many features to lock your secret diary with passcodes, PIN code, and fingerprint locks. This will make sure that only authorized users are able to access the app and its data. Plus, all in-app data will be available offline and only you can decide what you want to do with it.

Have yourself the cross-platform application

To make the app more accessible, Diarium will provide users with the cross-platform application on their mobile devices. Here, you can enjoy using the exciting mobile app that’s available on Android, Windows, iOS or macOS devices with complete integrations. Have no troubles exploring the awesome mobile application and its many tools.

Enjoy the uses of online synchronizations

With the online synchronization services being available, Diarium users will now have themselves the perfect tool available for keeping their data protected and shared. Have no troubles using the app and its features to connect with OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iClould, WebDAV, and other entries, which will allow you to stay up-to-date with your every Diarium experience on all connected devices.

Migrate your data with ease

For those of you who are interested, you can now migrate your data from other journal apps into Diarium without any troubles. Here, the app supports full integrations with Diaro, Journey, Day One, Daylio, and many other applications, which you can simply connect and sync your data on this new platform.

Casual integration with your apps

In addition, Diarium also provides integrations with your social media apps, which will allow you to record your many activities from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Strava, Fitbit, and other platforms almost automatically. Enjoy using its many features with System calendar, Camera Roll, Weather, Temperature unit, Sunrise & sunset, Lunar phase, Microsoft To-Do, GitHub, Trakt, Days Of The Year, and other apps enabled.

Create your backup files

To make sure that all your in-app data is protected, Diarium users can create backup files to save their data. Feel free to use the application to save your diary entries to Doc, HTML, TXT, and other file formats. And have no troubles importing and exporting your in-app database for easy backups of Diarium.

Feel free to personalize your diary

For those of you who are interested, you can now quickly personalize your diary in Diarium. Have no troubles using the application to pick your preferred theme settings with many color options. Choose the accent colors for the buttons and entries inside the app. Customize the cover pictures for each of your entries to match your preferences. Explore the uses of different font styles, font types, and more in Diarium. The list goes on.

Enable reminders and custom notifications

With Diarium, Android users will have no troubles enabling reminders or working with custom notifications, which will allow them to stay informed with all the changes. And never forget whenever you need to take your journals and to continue your next gratitude sessions.

Enjoy the uses of widgets

By featuring the most useful home screen widgets, Diarium will allow Android users to freely explore the app and all of its features. Feel free to enter the application and you’ll have your most intuitive widgets enabled on the go. Use the different widgets for its unique features which you can enjoy directly from the home screen. Now, there is no need for you to open the app to work with its features.

Have access to our free premium app

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the free version of Diarium without the ads or in-app purchases, then you can consider the modded app on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked application with Premium Features Unlocked and ads removed. All it takes is for you to download the Diarium mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re ready to go.

Final thoughts

Together with Journal it and My Diary, Android users will now enjoy the most amazing application of Diarium, which will allow them to always stay motivated and productive throughout the day. Enjoy working with the multiple journals and diary entries in the app whenever you want.

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