Diep.io 2.0.1 (MOD Unlocked)

Diep.io 2.0.1 (MOD Unlocked)

August 17, 2022


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Enjoy another online smash hit for the mobile platform from the same creator of the famous Agar.io, the well-known Miniclip.com. In this new action-adventure, Android gamers will find themselves riding on the epic tanks, taking down the enemies head-on.

With various war vessels to hop on, plenty of different weapons to make uses of, and endless upgrade capabilities, you and your entire platoon will have the chances to dive into the epic shooter and action experiences in Diep.io.

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In the game, players will take their roll of a tank that first participate the epic battlefields of geometry shapes. Here, you can start collecting “foods” to upgrade and level up your tank. With each level increases, you’ll have access to the vast upgrade options, which allow you to increase your stats and improve your fire powers.

Enjoy the game with different classes of tanks with unique powers and abilities. Pick up a variety of different game modes and challenges as you compete with friends and online gamers from all over the world.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Explore the massive multiplayer online gameplay

Right of the bat, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the massive multiplayer online action gameplay that you’ve never tried before. With millions of online gamers, hundreds in each matchup, you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun taking down your opponents while upgrading your tanks to the max. Feel free to enjoy the game with friends and online gamers as you take on various in-game challenges. Compete and earn your high places on the ranking tables.

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Simple gameplay but take time to master

To start with, the game introduces Android gamers to the extremely simple and fun gameplay where you’re allowed to jump right in a quick match with other gamers. The “food” is scattered all over the map so you’re free to collect them to level up your tank.

Feel free to enjoy the simple controls as you guide your tanks across the map, shooting the enemies with all your firepower, and dive into the endless combats until you’re completely satisfied.

Enjoy the RPG upgrades features

Moreover, the game also allows you to enjoy the unique RPG-styles upgrades, which would let you to completely change your tanks. Feel free to improve your capablities after some level ups and choose between different stats to upgrades, such as health, damages, bullet piercing, and so on. In fact, you can even upgrade your speed to make yourself more flexible during the intense fire exchanges.

Depending on the types of weapons that you’re carrying and your tactics, you’ll have access to a variety of different options.

Pick your favorite tank from various classes and buffs

To assist gamers in their own battles in Diep.io, the game also features a variety of different car classes that you can pick up, each with their own weapons and abilities. This includes the machine guns, guided missiles, multi-directional cannons, and many others. And as you level up and have your tank upgraded, you’ll have yourself a lot of different choices regarding this matter.

In addition, along with the level ups, you can also bring along various buffs to assist your tank during the epic challenges. These would give you instant bonuses as you choose to activate them, and therefore, giving you the undeniable advantages over your enemies.

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A variety of different game modes to enjoy

And to make your journeys in Diep.io even more enjoyable, the game comes with multiple game modes that you’ll surely find enjoyable. This includes the FFA, Survival, 2 Teams, 4 Teams, Domination, Tag, Maze, and Sandbox.

For those who’re interested in playing solo, the FFA, Survival, and Domination should be your favorites as they allow you to freely explore and overcome the challenges on your own. Feel free to make uses of whatever that you’re having to deal with enemies or take on obstacles that are throwing at you.

And for the team battles, 2 Team, 4 Team, and Tag battles should definitely satisfy you with their immersive and thrilling tank battles. Here, you’ll find yourself and other gamers being placed in different teams that must take on each other in a limited map. Collect resources, build your armies, take on other’s territories and defeat the other sides to become the victories. It’ll be extremely fun if you can enjoy the game with friends.

As for those who’re interested in discovering and some thrilling actions, the Maze and Sandbox mode will allow you to enjoy more exciting gameplay than just a few shooter actions.

Nonetheless, you’ll find each and every game mode in Diep.io quite enjoyable. So don’t hesitate to try them all as you go.

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Free to play

And despite all these amazing features, gamers can still enjoy Diep.io on their mobile devices for completely free. That being said, you can have it installed on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store right now. And of course, you won’t have to pay any cent for it.

Enjoy the completely unlocked gameplay with our mod

However, for those who wish to unlock all the in-game features, and most importantly, get rid of the annoying ads, then you’ll definitely find our modified version of the game interested. Just download our Diep.io Mod APK instead and you may enjoy all those unlocked features and the complete gameplay for absolutely free.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple and optimized graphics for the mobile platform. Therefore, you’ll find it quite enjoyable playing the game on your Android devices with smooth and satisfying gameplay. In addition, the unique geometry shapes also make the game quite interesting compared to other tank shooter gameplay.


Discover the enjoyable and relaxing sound experiences in Diep.io as you find yourself completely hooked to the various game modes. No, you’ll not feel like you’re in an actual battle with immersive explosions, but you’ll surely enjoy the relaxing audio features in the game.

Download Diep.io Mod latest 2.0.1 Android APK

The game is the perfect title for anyone who are looking for a quick and casual gameplay to enjoy on their mobile devices, something that they could just dive into whenever they feel like. And with our modified gameplay, you’ll definitely be disappointed.

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