Doctor Care MOD APK 4.4.5 (Ad-Free)

Doctor Care MOD APK 4.4.5 (Ad-Free)

April 16, 2024


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Doctor Care is an exciting 3D simulator game about the doctor profession. You become a dermatologist, and care for the patient. You manage a hospital by treating everyone who comes to your office, and looking for a great adventure in a variety of responsibilities. The game is for those who love the profession of doctor, because the game works much on several different parts of the human body. You complete mini challenges to unlock more tools, and update your clinic.

About Gameplay

Doctor Care has many different levels of challenges, and you have to tackle them all to advance in your career. You will complete various tasks on different parts of the patient’s body. However, you focus on solving medical problems related to the feet. You cure the patient in your room, and continue to advise and treat the next patient. You must strive to be a medical professional, and use the right tools for every patient you meet. Each patient needs a different special treatment, and you will have to use it with caution. You need to control your fingers carefully on the screen to treat all nooks and crannies of the affected area. The game has hundreds of different levels and challenges. Your only task is to help the patient to overcome various pathologies and problems. You provide direct treatment for each part of the body, and support the patient’s health care. The game has new tools to help your patient in the way of severe illness. Of course, you earn great rewards, and feel fun, easy to play and enjoyable all the time.

Doctor Care is developed by Ruby Game Studio, and you will have many exciting experiences as a doctor. You will treat patients differently, and how the job is done is up to you. But you must have the right treatment to help the patient, and receive great rewards from so many patients. The game was inspired by Surgeon Simulator, Central Hospital Stories, and it all has a unique emulation. In general, the attraction of the game lies in its unique and realistic gameplay. You become a full-fledged doctor, and each patient represents each level. You have to tackle each problem one at a time, and deal with a number of common ailments like removing fungus from the feet, cleansing the feet, exfoliating, removing leg hair, and more. The game has a lot of levels to complete, and each patient has different characteristics. Of course, you will be rewarded for every patient, if the disease is cured.

Doctor Care emphasizes facts. Depending on the patient, you may use different techniques, tools, and strategies to complete the task. The game is suitable for those who love the profession of doctor, and you always have fun when you become a first aid doctor. In addition to using the right treatment, you must also meet a number of your patient’s aesthetic needs. The game is a collection of different mini-games, all based on common foot diseases. You must treat patients with a wide range of problems: people with fungus in the legs, people who have stepped on something sharp, or who want to cut off some excess hair. All diseases make the patient quite uncomfortable. However, you do not have to worry too much when the game does not focus on scientific complexity. You only have to apply the tools needed to treat the disease in the affected areas of the patient, and level up to treat more difficult ailments. The game has dozens of levels. You must overcome all of them to accumulate points, and unlock new challenges.

Doctor Care is really attractive to those who love YouTube videos about squeezing acne or removing dark spots on the skin. You’ve spent hours on weird actions, this game lets you do interesting things yourself. Because you’re going to be a dermatologist, and it’s your job to take care of your client’s feet so they are clean and healthy. Every day, you come into contact with dozens of patients, and all of their feet are problematic. The game requires you to have good patience and endurance. If you have dexterity, then you will complete the task faster and get more rewards. The game has many levels, and unique quests. You will have to handle stretch marks, calluses of the client’s feet. You can squeeze a thick boil all over your foot, or treat an open wound to your leg. You are not only a doctor, but also a pedicure spa. Sometimes, you also have to shave your legs, trim your toenails, and make sure your client’s feet are as healthy and smooth as possible. The game has an extremely interesting acne squeezer. The machines are designed with many different sizes, and the handling is also extremely realistic. You will dress up to your doctor’s standards. Many large blemishes also require you to have the right tools to handle them. In particular, you witness the scene of pus automatically “spewing”, extremely interesting. In addition, you can also shave rough, black legs. You help clients no longer itchy, uncomfortable feeling in their feet. The act of trimming the feet neatly will help the client feel more comfortable, and you will also get a bonus.

Doctor Care also has pretty unrealistic elements. You just need to treat all the fungus growing on your feet with scissors to cut, and disinfectant water to treat the fungus. But anyway, these levels are quite interesting and entertaining. After completing each level, you will be rewarded with Ruby – the game’s currency. However, you will not be able to unlock items, you will only unlock many new levels and more unique challenges. While the game is free, you will also face too many ads. The frequency of ad appearances is quite high, and sometimes quite annoying players.


Doctor Care has a control that is not too different from other simulation games. You mainly touch and swipe the screen to give the corresponding action. In general, the controls in the game are not that difficult, and are easy to get used to even with children. What you need to pay attention to is the focus to complete difficult tasks.

Graphics and sound

Doctor Care has detailed, and realistic 3D graphics. The 3D graphics are very realistic, so you can see the fungus, and other realistic illnesses. This game offers you the full experience of a daily dermatologist. Thus, you will know how to treat different patients. The sound is carefully cared for with effects, such as the explosion of a pimple, and the sound of shaving the skin of the feet.

You can try out “Surgeon Simulator” for an exciting 3D realistic doctor experience. You play the role of surgeon Nigel Burked to provide urgent care for the world’s worst patient – Bob. Realistic simulation game of all kinds of crazy surgery. The game brings many great experiences through interesting funny surgeries.

You can also try “Central Hospital Stories”. You run a state-of-the-art hospital, and there’s plenty of activities and work to be done. You embark on countless adventures, and learn interesting stories between doctors and patients. The game is designed for children, so everyone can participate, and be creative in hospital operations.


Doctor Care has quite creative and new content in the doctor simulation genre. The game is suitable for those who like “weird” style. You play as a pedicure doctor, and complete various leg tasks. You treat the fungus in stinging, shave dry skin on the feet, cut the pimples on the feet, and wash other details on the feet. The game offers many different tools. The gameplay is fun, and the controls are easy. You choose the right tools, and drag your finger around the affected area for treatment. Although the game has the repetition of content, many annoying ads, but in general the game is still great for entertainment.

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