Door Kickers MOD APK 1.1.32 (Lot Of Experience)

Door Kickers MOD APK 1.1.32 (Lot Of Experience)

August 26, 2023


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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a part of a SWAT team and always have to complete risky missions? Maybe while you are watching a crime movie, you will notice how awesome and brave these people are. Fortunately, a game about cops kicking down doors to doors to rescue the hostages and finish dangerous missions has been published due to this demand.

In June 2015, KillHouse games decided to launch a 2D side-view with pixel art and an ‘80s movie vibe game title called “Door Kickers”, and it has been positively received by the critics ever since. Thanks to its large fan base and the warm welcoming, the publisher has made a decision to support the game on the mobile phone in 2020. Door Kickers is an innovative real-time, tactics and strategy game that puts you in charge of a SWAT team with you being the commander during a tactical intervention.


Door Kickers does not actually have a detailed story. All you have to do is to lead your team, tackle several missions while trying to keep them alive. In a variety of dangerous situations, you will have to rescue hostages while watching out for enemies. Door Kickers requires you to have a smart and strategic plan to minimize any loss of life and assess situations better. When it gets out of control, players can quickly make decisions on the fly and react to various situations.

In this game, you will have to analyze the situation carefully, plan the team routes, choose your own weapons and equipment, etc., to reach the hostage room before the bad guys get to press the trigger. Do not worry if you are not used to playing strategic games, careful and clear instructions will be given at the beginning of the game and in the first few missions.


Understandable and uncomplicated gameplay

As I have mentioned before, players will become a SWAT commander, they will lead their team over the map full of rivals. You will have a birds’ eye view over the whole map, and it is necessary to get through the levels when you give your team commands such as breach that door or save the hostage. Your team will get into diverse risky situations, and it is up to you to guide them to victory.

The control system can be difficult to use when you do not go through the tutorial carefully. It is advised to finish the first few missions since they will help you to get used to the controls. As you progress through various missions, more controls will be added to the system, and you can learn them by playing, instead of figuring them out by yourself – which is time-consuming and so much harder to understand.

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Game modes

There are two different game modes in Door Kickers: mission and campaign mode. There are 80 campaign levels and infinite levels via its mission generator system.

The mission mode will help you to understand the control system better at your own pace. In this mode, players are also allowed to take on downloaded levels made by other players or themselves. This mode consists of standalone missions, and players can get more utilities to use against the enemies and upgrade their team with new items like handguns or armor. This equipment will be purchased with an in-game currency called the roosters, and they can be earned by completing missions. Door Kickers allow players to use mods to download missions, armors, weapons, or even create their own with the mod tools.

When your squad reaches level six, the campaign mode will be unlocked. Each campaign consists of a series of missions from simple missions to hostage rescue missions. Players can also freely switch between campaigns and missions if they need a change. Door Kickers can be difficult and challenging after the first few easy missions and becomes frustrating to those  who do not often play tactical shooter games.

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During the game

There are in total five different classes with unique roles: Pointman, Breacher, Assaulter, Shield, and Stealth. I think there is no need to go into detail when the names clearly speak it all, and you can find out more about them when you try the game. Personally, when the Stealth class is unlocked, the Assaulter is not necessary since they do the same job but sneakier. Players can customize their army in what guns they should carry, what they can have in the pockets, and so many more.

When the mission begins, players firstly should deploy the units in the deploy mode. After positioning their units, players will enter the planning mode. In this mode, players can draw a path for each of their squad members before starting the mission. After done planning, the squad members will begin to make their move in different directions. They will automatically respond to enemies appearing in the line of sight and shoot whatever prevents their way.

Players can pause the game and enter the planning mode when their squad is getting in trouble, or they just want to change the strategy. This way will help them to gain victory in an easier and more careful way.

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Gun system

Door Kickers has a variety of equipment and guns which are used by the real SWAT teams. Snake cams can be used under doors, real weapons such as the KSG shotgun or grenades can be equipped to save the day.

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Increased experiences for kills

In Door Kickers Mod APK, players will gain more experience for each kill. So, instead of getting a regular amount of experience, players can easily level up and unlock a variety of fascinating features with increased experiences.


Door Kickers is a very well-made game for such a small company. Even though players can only see the tops of characters’ heads and parts of their bodies, the graphics still run well and look incredibly nice. The maps are designed with natural and realistic details, such as cars and houses in a subway station or a street.

Door Kickers has a gentle vibe with a good rhythm. While playing, you can hear some drums which suit the game’s genre. The music is in the background when you are on a mission, and it helps you focus on developing your strategy.  Also, your squad members will say things like “okay” or “affirmative” each time you stop drawing their path in the planning mode. They also respond with lines like “hostile spotted” or “the cops are here” when encountering or hearing the enemies. These features can make players feel like they are actually playing with real people.


In conclusion, even though Door Kickers requires players to plan out the movements since it is a strategy game, everyone can play and enjoy this game. You can play it with your family or friends and challenge them in different modes and missions. Door Kickers is undoubtedly a worth-playing game to enjoy after a hard day.

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