Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords

May 2, 2020


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If you are Dota fans or just love the experience that Dota Auto Chess delivered to you, then you’ll definitely find this official version of the game for mobile devices extremely exciting. Enjoy a smooth gameplay with no technical issues as you dive into the tactical battles in Dota Underlords. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing title from Valve with our reviews.


In the game, players will have their chances to explore the world of Dota 2 in a completely different fashion. Instead of control your heroes to move around on a sandbox and focus on the different lanes, the whole battle will take places on a simple chess board. Players must choose from a certain set of different hero cards with varied powers and abilities. Each battle will consist of varied stages in which player will collect golds and items to summon more heroes and equip powerful items on them.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

The official version of Dota Auto Chess on mobile devices

For those who have played the mod version of Auto Chess on PC, you would probably have fall in love with the exciting gameplay. However, since it’s just a mod version, there are still tons of different flaws in it.

Having said that, Dota Underlords, being the official Dota Auto Chess game from Valve for mobile and PC users, will deliver smooth and addictive gameplay like never before. And most importantly, the game will support cross-platform gameplay, which means that you can enjoy Dota Underlords whenever you want and on all of your devices.

Play the game with your favorite Dota 2 heroes

In this game, players will have their chances to play along with their favorite Dota 2 heroes. Each hero will fall into a certain class and race. By selecting the match classes or races, your team will earn varied boosts in terms of powers.

There are currently 15 different races and 11 different classes, which would give you plenty of chances to unlock powerful buffs to your team. Choose the right team composition to max out your potentials and take down tough enemies.

Collect and equip powerful items on your heroes

And to make your heroes more capable against tougher foes, it’s essential that you give them new items with powerful buffs. In Dota Underlords, you can only get your items from defeating the enemies. The higher the enemies’ tiers are the more powerful items you’ll get. That being said, you should go for the bosses to gain valuable items. In addition, each item will have its own buffs to the wearer as well as effects on the enemies. Make sure you know how to combine their strength to drawn out the best in your team composition.

Manage your golds and use them effectively

The first thing about Dota Underlords that would require your attention is the managing of your resources, which mostly are golds. You’ll receive golds at the end of the round, and the more mana your heroes have left the more golds you’ll earn. You can also sell your chess pieces to earn golds or maintain a winning/losing streak to earn more golds.

With all the earnings, you should know a few ways to spend your golds effectively. That being said, players can use their golds to give the heroes new upgrades, items, and skills. Choose the right upgrades to make the most out of them.

Enjoy different game modes

Here in Dota Underlords, players will be introduced to exciting game modes that would surely grab your attention.

  • Online gameplay – this is probably the most interesting game mode in Dota Underlords that you’ll definitely have to try. Experience for the first time, the epic cross-platform gameplay for smartphone and PC users. Play the game whenever you want and on whatever devices that are available. Join your friends in exciting team matchups. Or test your own skills and go against the best Dota Underlords players from all over the world. Challenge other gamers in exciting ranked battles and climb the glory ladders.
  • Offline gameplay – and if you love playing the offline levels, Dota Underlords will offer tons of different offline gameplay for you to enjoy. Play alone or join your friends in exciting bot matchups with varied difficulties from easy to hardcore. Enjoy the offline gameplay with no pressures whenever and wherever you want.
  • Offline practice – for those who’re still not confident about their abilities, you can choose the training arena to practice your skills. Choose between different boss line up with varied powers.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play, and would stay that way for a long time. Hence, gamers who enjoy Dota Auto Chess shouldn’t miss this chance to get themselves a new Dota game with polished and enhanced gameplay. Download and install Dota Auto Chess right now to enjoy the addictive board battles with your favorite heroes.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful 3D graphics that allows gamers to truly interact with their chess pieces. Enjoy awesome combats with stunning and accurate visual effects. Experience a smooth and satisfying gameplay on multiple devices. In additions, the hand-drawn heroes illustrations are extremely enjoyable to watch.


Experience powerful music and precise sound effects as you’re engaged in battles. Fight along your heroes as you take down the mighty bosses and earn your deserved rewards.

Final Thought

If you’ve loved playing Dota Auto Chess, this official version of Dota Underlords from Valve would definitely satisfy you. Enjoy a smooth and polished gameplay on multiple platform as you’re engaged in the addictive gameplay.

Another suggestion that we would love to offer you if you find this kind of game intriguing is Auto Chess mobile, which also offers similar gameplay and some changes to make it more diverse. Either of which, you’ll definitely enjoy both games.

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