Dr. Panda Town Mall MOD APK 21.4.45 (Unlimited Money)

Dr. Panda Town Mall MOD APK 21.4.45 (Unlimited Money)

Dr. Panda Unlimited Money

Dr. Panda Town Mall is an educational 2D game. You will control a cute Panda bear in a large neighborhood. You go on an exciting shopping trip, explore many shops with amazing things, and experience countless wonderful adventure stories. The game makes a positive impression on the parents. Many adults enjoyed and were impressed by the fantastic experience they had at each store. Indeed, the children have a lot of great playtimes.

About Gameplay

Dr. Panda Town Mall offers a delightful shopping spree in many great stores. Companion with Panda to explore the entire shopping district. The mall has a giant four-story mall with 8 unique locations to visit, and 40 fun mini locations to play with. You discover the flaming dinosaur in the toy store. You try on fabulous superhero costumes in the cinema, and search for all 30 hidden gift packs. You play exciting games to earn rewards. You can use the video game machine and get reward tickets. You play hide and seek in the large playground. The game has a lot of surprises and exciting things around every corner.

Dr. Panda Town Mall attracts children because of many exciting minigames. You can hunt ghosts, free a monster and wait for exciting surprises at the Ghost Mansion. You spend the afternoon playing board games in Treehouse and dancing evenings in Princess Castle. You ride cute ponies in the vast barn. You shop freely in the dream mall. You shop for new clothes and toys. You create your character, or you play with babies in the nursery. You take the new subway, and enjoy the exciting movement between stops. You discover ancient ruins in an underwater city. You want relaxation in the charming cafe.

Dr. Panda Town Mall allows you to create your own stories. You become whoever loves it, and you tell your account. You become a hairstylist and run your hair salon. Become a vet, take care of cute animals, and interact with lots of adorable pets. You become a doctor to take care of babies and play with them in kindergarten. You become a star and go to a performance on stage. The game emphasizes creativity, and you have no limits on what you love. Get ready to discover hidden secrets and exciting interactions of the game.

Dr. Panda Town Mall offers costume design features. You can even create your character using the character generator. The game is suitable for curious and creative kids. The game offers many exciting entertainment activities. Enjoy shopping, and interact with other players on a great device. You put on makeup in the hair salon, and wear your favorite clothes in the clothing store (more than 20 kinds of outfits to wear). After that, you visit the top floor to enjoy a snack, or relax with a movie in advance. You are finished with the perfect selfie for a memorable outing. The game offers 16 different characters, and each character has its character. You discover more than 10 adorable animals in the pet store.

Dr. Panda Town Mall allows you to bring your favorite characters to every application in the series Dr. Panda Town. You Embark on exciting adventures and tell endless stories. The game will not have third-party advertising if you pay for it. Additionally, you discover additional areas of the Town through an in-app purchase. The game is popular with everyone, and the kids love it. The game has an intuitive interface and many great features that appeal to children. The scope of the game depends on the imagination. Children can learn about elements of real jobs through play. Children can learn more careers such as doctors, fashion designers, music stars.

Dr. Panda Town Mall helps children grow in many ways. Children can count and solve simple problems. Children know how to keep track of letters, numbers and recognize simple shapes (circles, squares). Children also get to know the days of the week, the weather, and directions. Children learn about colors and different objects. Thanks to the character interaction in the game, children develop social skills and understand the real world. From here, children know how to live positively through appropriate activities. Children know how to build good habits, appreciate their surroundings, and learn essential life skills. In addition, children will develop problem-solving skills through fun activities in games. Of course, children also develop cognitive abilities through the completion of differentiated exercises.

Dr. Panda Town Mall brings excellent helpful knowledge. The game has an extensive collection of storybooks, and supports reading with “Toto voice”. The game always has more fun experiences through exciting updates every month. The game has a large community of players, and you can share great ideas for new updates.


Dr. Panda Town Mall has simple controls, so it is highly suitable for children. You need to tap the screen to activate. The game supports multi-touch so that everyone can play together.

Graphics and sound

Dr. Panda Town Mall has cute 2D graphics, so it is suitable for children. Everything is designed in cartoon style, bright tones. The character’s actions are adorable. Music is fun and exciting. You will have a lot of fun listening to music after a long time.


Dr. Panda Town Mall is an excellent choice for educational games. You will learn more knowledge and have many exciting experiences while visiting a large shopping district. You will find countless shops and exciting activities to explore such as trying on clothes, hair styling, watching movies, eating food, playing video games … Games are for kids, and everything is excellent. Games are of high educational value and help children learn more about the big world. Get ready to accompany the cute bear on a beautiful journey at this large, modern mall!

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