Drift Zone 2 MOD APK v2.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

Drift Zone 2 MOD APK v2.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

March 13, 2022


Additional Information
Awesome Industries sp. z o.o.
97 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

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If you are a drift racing enthusiast and want to burn your racing tires in each challenge, then download “Drift Zone 2” now.

Drift Zone 2 impresses with high-quality 3D graphics, and the sharpness of the image is similar to PC/console. The game has a simple gameplay and intuitive interface. You only need to care about one thing, score with legendary drifts.

The game also has a series of exciting super sports cars, extraordinary drift challenges, and many unique racing tracks. The game offers hours of stylish and fun racing.

Download “Drift Zone 2” and become a legendary drift driver!

Great sequel to Drift Zone

Drift Zone 2 is a racing game and developed by Awesome Industries. The game is an excellent mobile version of Awesome Industries and is about 100Mb in size. The game has many attractive features and has millions of official downloads on GooglePlay.

The game offers a thrilling racing atmosphere, intense adrenaline, and burned tires. Compared to the first version, the game has fixed many bugs, updated the graphics engine, improved gameplay, and added new features. Indeed, the game will bring exciting moments for anyone.

The game will win the hearts of racing fans with many advantages and improvements compared to its predecessor. The game has intuitive controls, and it won’t take you long to conquer exciting drift challenges. Drive any of your favorite sports cars and create record scores!

Drift Zone 2 screen 0

Create fiery drifts at high speed

Drift Zone 2 allows players to create flaming drifts and burned tires. The game has more than 30 different unique race tracks. Players will control the top super sports cars, burn a series of rubber tires, and compete for gold in challenges.

Besides beautiful 3D graphics, players are attracted by unique sports cars. Each vehicle is specially designed for an authentic driving experience. The missions are pretty challenging, and players need fundamental racing skills and excellent coordination.

Drift Zone 2 also brings many happy moments for anyone. You can experience high speed and drive your favorite supercar at a crazy speed. The game offers moments of fun for free and is suitable for anyone.

Drift Zone 2 screen 1

Simple and intuitive controls

Drift Zone 2 has a simple and intuitive way to control. If you are a fan of the Need for Speed ​​or Asphalt series, you will quickly get used to the game. The game only has buttons to turn left/right, brake, and the car will run automatically. Therefore, players have the maximum concentration to create legendary drifts.

However, this control mechanism also has many limitations. The player cannot fully control the car, especially the speed. In return, the game has a G-force mechanism on each turn and an attractive “Time Shift” feature. If you want to have a lot of advantages when you drift and overcome difficulties, then use the “Time Shift” feature to slow downtime.

Complete a series of exciting challenges

Drift Zone 2 offers a series of exciting challenges. The game has ten different seasons, and you will have hours of fascinating racing for hours on end. Each season has its unique challenges and points. Indeed, you will need a lot of time to complete all 30 challenging levels of the game.

The game has only a few different racing locations, but each has its characteristics. Most locations are large laps. Players can connect their social media accounts to the game to compete for scores on global leaderboards.

Drift Zone 2 screen 2

Discover many attractive supercars

Drift Zone 2 brings many attractive supercars. Initially, players could only control regular sedans, and they were limited to high speeds. Over time, the more challenges you overcome, the more bonus points you get. You use bonus points to unlock supercars like Subaru BRZ, BMW M3, Nissan 240, and other famous cars.

The game also allows people to upgrade parameters and personalize their racing cars. You can improve brake quality, change paint color, upgrade rims. Get ready to create a unique supercar to your liking!

High-quality 3D graphics and immersive sound

Drift Zone 2 is a mobile game but has high-quality 3D Graphics like a PC/console game. High-quality 3D graphics and animations are the main advantages of the toy.

All images and items are thoughtfully designed and rich in details. You can see the dust from the wheels, sunlight on the hood, tire tracks on the road, and vivid backgrounds (like mountains and clouds). The game is also full of realistic sound effects. You can hear the roar of the engine, the screeching of tires, and a host of other live sounds.

If you like high-speed drift racing, then try “Real Drift Car Racing.” The game offers realistic & intense drift racing, engaging gameplay, easy and fun controls. Players can drive high-performance supercars and create amazing drifts. Players tune and customize cars to their liking, compete with friends in leaderboards, and enjoy the entertaining freeride mode.

Drift Zone 2 screen 3


In a nutshell, Drift Zone 2 is a drift racing game. The game offers fiery drifts, exciting challenges, and a series of famous supercars. In addition, high-quality 3D graphics and a simple control mechanism will bring the best entertainment experience.

Download “Drift Zone 2” and enjoy great drifts in super sharp graphics!

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