Drum Pads 24 MOD APK 3.8.11 (Unlocked)

Drum Pads 24 MOD APK 3.8.11 (Unlocked)

Beat Squad Unlocked

Coming to the Drum Pads 24 application on Android phone devices, users are using the best that this application will offer amazing features. Through music, you can create your music in your way. If you know how to play and use Drum Pads 24, that is a very lucky thing.

The very adventurous music will take you through different difficulties of emotions. And the Drum Pads 24 application does a good job that few people can do. We will have many ways to play with this application, and you will become a super music player by yourself with this app.

This application is a new improvement. For Drum Pads 24, you can completely play the sound to the speaker to enjoy the music for yourself. Or you can show your talent when using this great app.

General Information

For Drum Pads 24, if you do not know what to do with this app, do not worry, we will bring the right solution for you. Today, we shared with you an application so you can stir and relax. This application is Drum Pads 24. You can download it from the App Store.

Type in the application’s name, there are many drum Pad applications on this app store that can make you confused about which application is best. However, do not panic, we will use the application with a lot of boxes with different colors. After installing, press open. The primary interface of this application is very simple. There are a lot of buttons in different colors. Each button here is its melody and color. With no notes overlap, you can see it as a professional music keyboard.

First, the three-dash button is a list of songs you want to practice or dance on which song you download here. The circle button followed by the three-dash button is a record button that you can record posts on social networks to share with your friends. The last button A is the button to change the melody to another melody in the same song.

When you press it, it will change to the letter B. When you press it again, it will show the letter A. Button C is a stop button. To repeat, you want to repeat any button when you do not come on time. The C button with a dot in the middle is the stop button. It will turn off the repeat button you turned on.

In today’s article, we have shared with you a useful application that can also help you relax. You can use this application to play with your friends, or the youngest can also play with the family to eliminate the heat this summer. Hope you will enjoy this drum pad machine application.

Background Story

Drum Pads 24 is an application for electronic music enthusiasts to help you play drums right on your phone and create attractive sound beats. For beginners, you can watch detailed instructional videos to create electronic music, try your hand as a music composer like a famous EDM producer. Record videos, collaborate with friends and share your masterpieces to YouTube or SoundCloud.

If you want to be a beatbox maker, use the Editor Pad from the app to record your voices and sounds and create the perfect musical beats. Or tap Drum Pads 24 like the rapper soundboard app with high-quality sound ready for use. It releases thousands of sound samples in the library and many new packages every week for you to choose from and create.

How to Use Drum Pads 24?

Drum Pads 24 is an application for practicing drumming and creating extreme music on mobile. You can download and use Drum Pads 24 for free on Android OS 4.0 and above.

Making beats and music with the fresh EDM sample packages of Electro Drum Pads 24 will satisfy electronic music enthusiasts. In particular, it also provides a new pitch effect to help users create better rhythm than before. If you are a beginner, watch the video tutorial from the Drum Pads 24 development team in the Video and Tutorials section to get acquainted with how the app works.

Would you like to compose tracks like a famous EDM producer? If so, download Electro Drum Pads 24 now to show off your skills. Then, post your work videos with hashtag #drumpads24 on social networks for the entire world to enjoy. The app constantly adds new free sound packs every month, so do not forget to check out the Drum Pads 24 library for Android regularly.

Recommended Alternatives

Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine is a music and sound application that allows you to create your music like a pro with a quality sound system. They release the application free from many platforms and devices. You will have access to a unique library of quality and professional sound samples created by professional musicians and DJs. These are the modern sound cycles used by real DJs in their music projects.

Drum Pad Machine has a variety of music and beats available for users to explore, including Trap, Dubstep, EDM, House, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Future Bass. The genres are updated continuously every week. You will be able to find your favorite music in this music world.

In the app, select music, choose the instruction section, and have specific instructions for playing music for that song to learn quickly. The system will automatically grade after completing each lesson for learners to improve their ability to play music. You will see a colorful field with many squares. Each square has its sound, like a keyboard for you to compose music. The same color cells make the same sound. You can unleash your creativity and create your hits with the Drum Pad Machine app.


With Groovepad, you just select your favorite music and tap on the drum sides to create drum sounds and music. With this amazing app, you will have a step-by-step experiment and mix styles. Then create pleasant tunes and hone your drum skills with Groovepad. The application offers a comprehensive library of unique and unusual music where you can search and select your favorites to create additional works.

Groovepad allows you to create Hip hop, EDM, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap, and Electronic using Live Loops to create high-quality music. There are many outstanding effects such as FX effects, sharing your creations, inspiring friends, and loved ones. Groovepad for professional DJs, drummer players, music, and producers is sure to help you promote your artist’s qualities.

Final Words

Drum Pads 24 MOD APK has been creating a hot music trend in the online community. Using it, you can play music on background funny songs. It contains basic music controls with attractive beat creation.

The app is enough to help anyone with little knowledge of electronic drums to create a satisfactory work. Drum Pads 24’s favorite feature for Android is probably recording. After completing the work, users can record it and share it with friends immediately. If you have a desire to become a DJ but have not studied or bought yourself a professional musical instrument set, Drum Pads 24 is the perfect start.

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