Dumb Ways to Die MOD APK 36.1.18 (Unlimited Money)

Dumb Ways to Die MOD APK 36.1.18 (Unlimited Money)

November 1, 2023


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PlaySide Studios Ltd
536.14 MB
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Unlimited Money

Dumb Ways to Die is an entertaining 2D arcade game on the phone. The game is based on death, fun, and cartoon characters. You create funny videos about the lives and deaths of funny cartoon characters. The game has rich content with over 80 different fun mini levels. Your mission is to create interesting deaths, and try to collect all the charming little characters for your train station. You complete many levels and get high scores. Then you unlock the famous music video to start it all. The game is a mixture of joy, excitement, and the strangest things in life.


Dumb Ways to Die places an emphasis on comical deaths. You will see a game with fiery hair, and crazy laughter in rushing steps. The game requires quick thinking, concentration and assertiveness. You need to quickly make the right decisions on screen. The game also uses phone balance to solve situations. You experience from terrestrial death to the destruction of piranhas. Each situation brings valuable bonus points, and you use the money to unlock new items. The game is also about nature, like being killed by wasps. The game introduces many strange deaths, such as psychological death by the killer inside, or the absurdity of crossing tracks. If you prefer more bizarre deaths, then you can try the toaster boom, the pilots’ mad flight, or the absurdity from the delightful edge. The game has many interesting levels, and you need a lot of patience and intelligence to pass the level. You will be surprised to learn that rattles are very picky with mustard, and many other interesting things exist in Dumb Ways to Die.


Dumb Ways to Die is an animated 2D graphics platform. The game is suitable for young children, and you need to perfect many great skills to complete the challenge. After many levels, you can afford to unlock all the characters for your train station. The game supports connectivity, so you can easily share interesting videos, as well as enjoy the gameplay of your friends. In addition, Dumb Ways to Die owns a rich custom inventory ranging from looks to accessories. So, you create your own Dumb Way character from a myriad of facial features and accessories. In addition, you can quickly add more fun to your characters by watching the award-winning original video. The game originates from the idea of ​​helping people avoid dangerous situations around trains, or other life-threatening situations. You witness many humorous deaths, such as taking toast from a toaster with a fork, or dancing in piranhas infested waters. The game emphasizes interaction, as players will need to tilt, turn, and press repeatedly on their phone to survive in a series of ridiculous mini-games. Every moment of carelessness, you have to accept an interesting death. The longer the player is kept alive, the faster and more aggressive the game is. You need to do a lot of things to be sure you stay away from a very stupid death. The game offers many interesting events such as, you have to choose between teasing a grizzly bear or dressing up as a moose during hunting season. All deaths take place everywhere, players must also avoid deaths on public transport. Death stalks you like the edge of a train station; driving a car through a railroad track. After multiple levels of benchmarks, you’ll unlock new characters, as well as increase the challenge through score sharing and screenshots that can be shared from Twitter.


Dumb Ways to Die was constructed from a Metro Trains train platform safety public service announcement in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to the spread of the people, the message became internationally famous and transformed into a game of the same name. With meaningful messages, the game has climbed to number one in many countries including the US, UK, Canada and Australia. The game has over 100 million downloads, and billions of games from all over the world. With its exciting combination of meaningful content, engaging gameplay and connectivity, Dumb Ways to Die has received many prestigious awards. In the practical aspect, the game has made children safer when riding the train, as well as expanding safety knowledge for adults. In short, Dumb Ways to Die is a meaningful 2D game with simple gameplay. You will learn more useful knowledge through the sharp challenges of the player. Rich content with puzzles that are cleverly integrated, fun, humorous. From here, you can have more relaxing moments after stressful working hours.


  • Explore interesting train stations and possible causes of death.
  • Unlock your favorite characters, and many unique personalization options.
  • Challenge many other players, and share your score.


  • Easy to cause boredom in the future.
  • Many easy gameplay, and lack of practical logic.

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