Dungeon Maker MOD APK 1.11.24 (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon Maker MOD APK 1.11.24 (Unlimited Money)

April 19, 2022


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Unlimited Money

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A mob of heroes is about to invade your territory. In Dungeon Maker, the player will build dungeons, hire monsters and set up traps to fight the overwhelming wave of heroes. In the card strategy game Dungeon Maker, the player is a warlord on the dark side, ruling his Dungeon. But self-righteous people will not give you a day with peace. They send countless heroes to raid your Dungeon, trying to destroy it.

There is no other way. Players must do their best to protect their property. Your mission is to merge dungeons, set traps, hire monsters to guard, and fight to explore ancient relics containing mysterious powers. Finally, protect dungeons from heroes who can take you down. The strategy is the prerequisite for victory in this battle!

General Information

Dungeon Maker is the best indie game on Google Play in 2018 in many countries such as Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Dungeon Maker is also selected as one of the top ten games in the Google event of Indie Game Festival 2018 taking place in Korea. Let’s download and experience the charm of this super product.

In Dungeon Maker, players will play the role of a warlord on the dark side, ruling his dungeon. However, people who are free to themselves are righteous do not give you a day of peace. They are sending countless heroes into your Dungeon, trying to destroy it, forcing you to think of a response.

The mission of Dungeon Maker for iPhone players is to merge dungeons, set traps, hire monsters to guard and fight to discover ancient relics. They contain mysterious powers to protect dungeons from heroes that can take you down anytime. The strategy is the prerequisite for you to win this battle. The content in Dungeon Maker is rich. It will acquaint players with seven dark lords with special skills, over 100 monsters and heroes, and 130 relics with mysterious powers. There are many Dark Lords, traps, monsters, and game modes that will be available to the game in the future.

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How to Play Dungeon Maker?

The type of game is rogue-like plus development. The art style is a side ball that evokes our original memory and excites us more than the real-life color map. The player plays the role of the dark lord, commanding monsters, and crusades against the brave in a dungeon composed of rooms.

Players work hard to resist the attack of the brave. If they cannot resist, the current game is over. Back to the beginning, Dungeon Maker is the same as various rogue-likes. But the player can choose to inherit and save some rooms and monsters. Then, use the gained in-game currency to purchase items to improve the next time The efficiency of the strategy.

Dungeon Maker is a well-completed game. Compared to most mobile games that we have played, it has high replayability. But compared with similar build-craft games, its upper limit is not ethereal and it is easy to play. The core of Dungeon Maker is the skills of monsters and the resource allocation around monsters and skills. They divide the skills in Dungeon Maker into two types.

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  • Personality skills: unique to each monster;
  • Common skills: a large skill pool shared by all monsters;

It limited the skills that each monster can equip. You can sacrifice the monster to get equipment with its skills. And we can gain other common skills through inheritance and randomness. There are links between unique skills, and there are almost no skills that simply enhance monster attributes. For example, skill A is a passive skill, rebuffing the enemy that causes damage, and can cooperate with the active skill B. Skill B causes damage to the enemy soldiers, to rebuff the full screen. This kind of cooperation between skills appears in a small-looking mobile game that is quite new.

In this game, there is no chance to swipe in a single play. Each action consumes a day, and the enemy’s strength increases day by day. Therefore, the resource utilization efficiency of a single play is very important to how high the enemy can be. Powerful skills and the time cost of forming cooperation should below. There are two methods. One method is to inherit part of the resources from the previous strategy. And the other is to organize the skills and luck allocated in the current strategy.

Combining skills is the key to improving the strength of the lineup. Therefore, how to combine them is the core fun of this game-build crafting around the unique skills of different dark lords. According to the inheritable resources they currently hold, in different routines, you will choose between the advantages and disadvantages of the game. And then enter the game practice, the strategy is more difficult.

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Key Features

Want to have a dungeon building game? Dungeon Maker is such a game. In the game, the player is the devil of the Dungeon. You, the villain, need to resist the attack of the warrior of the righteous man. You can set various traps or let your monsters guard the dungeon levels. If you are interested, come download and try.

The editor brings you a pixel-style Dungeon Maker game. In this game, you are a villain. Right, you are a villain. Isn’t it a pleasant surprise? You, the big devil, need to do everything possible to stop the warrior’s attack. The game screen is also unique. Come and be the devil with the editor!

Please carefully arrange traps, facilities, and monsters. Use the awards got by repelling the warriors to build a stronger underground palace. Consider the characteristics of each facility and monster to find the best combination, and build the underground palace with the best efficiency.

Be careful when placing traps, vehicles, and monsters in your Dungeon. The powerful strategy will help you defeat the mob of heroes and unlock more elements for Dungeons. Choose your destiny from the fate card every day. If you want to fight, an enemy will appear. If you want something unexpected, a special event will take place.

We can play this game offline. Since Dungeon Maker does not have a server, all game data is saved on the user’s device. If you delete the app, you will not be able to restore your game data. Please save game progress using the cloud storage option. You can request a refund using the Google refund button within two hours of purchasing the app. After that time, they do not refund the money. They define the name of the game according to the gameplay characteristics and translation. The Dungeon Maker and the underground paradise game and the dungeon maker are the same game.

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Final Words

Dungeon Maker MOD APK is a classic pixel style Roguelike element dungeon clearance game. Through battles to grow your role in the game, you have more powerful equipment and skills to meet more challenges. And over 100 kinds of monsters are waiting for you. Eliminate, there is more abundant super powerful equipment waiting for you to challenge.

Dungeon Maker offers a variety of different levels are waiting for you to unlock and open challenge the hidden monsters to grow your character. When encountering enemies that cannot face the enemy, you can create various functional traps and limit them and kill them. At the end of the level, a powerful boss is waiting for you to challenge.

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