Easy Share MOD APK 1.3.18 (Premium Unlocked)

Easy Share MOD APK 1.3.18 (Premium Unlocked)

February 21, 2024


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MobileIdea Studio
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Premium Unlocked

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If you want to share many large files quickly, you should download “Easy Share.” Easy Share is one of the top utility apps on GooglePlay.

Easy Share is a great app if you want to transfer and share files securely, quickly & for free. The application allows sending large files, and you can move data without an Internet connection.

Easy Share also allows sharing data on multiple platforms such as Android and Windows. Therefore, you can use the application to transfer files between your phone and computer quickly, for free.

Download “Easy Share” for one of the best sharing apps on phones!

Powerful application for file sharing

Easy Share is an application in the “tool” category, and the application is a product of MobileIdea Studio. MobileIdea Studio is a new developer on the Android operating system. MobileIdea Studio has been operating officially since 2011 and owns about seven applications. MobileIdea Studio apps are excellent, and they have around 40 million installs. MobileIdea Studio’s standout apps are Super Backup & Restore, Screenshot & Screen Recorder, and of course Easy Share.

Easy Share is one of the leading apps for information sharing. If you download the app, you can transfer files super fast. The app is very well designed to share and receive files on their smartphone or any other Android device.

Easy Share can send any file. You can send large files (even with no size limit), and you can send them in various formats. If you need to send or receive important files, then the app is your great choice.

In short, Easy Share allows you to transfer files between Android devices quickly.

Share files at high speed and anywhere

Easy Share allows sharing all types of files at any time. The application provides free file transfer and receives features. In particular, you can transfer files anytime, anywhere without an Internet connection. You open the app, select the connected device, select the required file and perform the conversion. The operations are simple, and you can freely send files and transfer data quickly and conveniently.

Easy Share allows sharing via Wi-Fi P2P. Therefore, you can transfer files at high speed (about 20M/s). This will enable you to save time, and you also don’t need mobile data. Outstanding ability and free!

Easy Share can transfer files at lightning speed. In particular, you will not be bothered by ads to have the best experience with the application. The application offers high transfer speeds (200 times faster than Bluetooth sharing), so you can share large files in the shortest time.

Easy Share is a great application because you can share files at high speed, and you are not bothered by ads or spam during use.

Allows sharing of multiple file types in unlimited size

Easy Share allows sharing various file types like photos, videos, music, installed apps, and any other files. In particular, the application enables sharing with unlimited file size. If you want to transfer files, then you select the required file. After that, the application will calculate the size of the last file before the process starts.

Because the application allows users to share files in various formats and with no size limit, you can send large files. If you use the app instead of Bluetooth, you can save time.

Transfer files between multiple operating systems

Easy Share converts files between many different operating systems. Therefore, you can quickly transfer files between computer and phone via web protocol (HTTP). The HTTP protocol is an excellent option if you don’t want to install apps. Of course, you can also safely move all your data from your old phone to your new phone with a few simple taps.

Easy Share offers a confidential sharing process. Therefore, you can transfer files even when the screen is closed/locked. Of course, the app supports the most popular Android devices (Nokia, Samsung, Huawei). In addition, the application also allows easy sharing of multimedia applications (such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.)

Auto backup to phone memory

Easy Share allows automatic backup of installed applications to sd cards. This will enable users to save phone space and protect phone data. Also, the app’s AI is intelligent. Therefore, the application provides a complete list of all the files stored in your device, and categories organize all. If you use the application, you can quickly search for the required file (such as videos, images, music, and other files).

Also, Easy Share is free. All valuable features are entirely free. Therefore, users can feel comfortable and use the application for free forever. In particular, the application also allows resuming interrupted file transfers. Therefore, if the file transfer process is interrupted by a sudden error, you do not need to worry. You can continue the filing process right where it left off, and everything’s safe.

You can download “inShare” to experience one of the top sharing apps on Android. The application allows users to share all types of files (videos, photos, music, software, e-books, pdf files). The application offers stable transmission and breakneck transmission speed. In particular, the application does not need the internet to transfer files.


In short, Easy Share is a great app. Therefore, you can quickly transfer files and send files securely. The application allows file sharing with no size limit, and you can share data across multiple platforms quickly and conveniently.

Get ready to install “Easy Share” to experience one of the excellent file-sharing apps on Android phones! Of course, if you like Easy Share, then share the app’s convenient features with your friends.

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