Eternium MOD APK 1.17.10 (Unlimited Gold)

Eternium MOD APK 1.17.10 (Unlimited Gold)

April 5, 2024

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Making Fun, Inc.
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Unlimited Gold

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Fans of the classic RPG-styled gameplay and exciting hack ‘n’ slash battles will definitely enjoy themselves in this latest game from Making Fun Inc. Dive into the endless dungeon battles, take on the epic monsters and demons, finish them off with your powerful spells and attacks, explore the massive environments, collect incredible loots, and strive to be the best in Eternium.

With an in-depth gameplay and multiple features to enjoy, gamers in Eternium will find themselves having a lot of fun with this RPG title on their mobile devices. Feel free to dive into the endless monster-slaying challenges, puzzle-solving quests, and amazing online challenges with friends and online gamers from all over the world.

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In the game, players will find themselves playing as a wandering hero who’s on his journey to become a great warrior of the realm. In the lands that have been suffering the plundering of monsters, demons, and man’s greed for far too long, the people are desperate for a hero who would free them from the monsters and lead them to a bright future.

You were foretold by a mysterious oracle that you’ll become a great warrior in the future. Your sword can bring down any enemies, your plans will outsmart the demons’ schemes, and your words will tame the mighty dragons to your aid. But at what cost and to what extend? The answers are still not very clear. You’ll have to discover your own fate in the game and take on the endless challenges by slaying demons, saving the people, and unveil the secrets of this world.

Dive into the endless RPG gameplay where you’ll take on endless quests from plenty of different levels and arcs throughout the game. Win against your enemies as you slowly unlock your potentials and earn new powers. Complete multiple quests and missions as you travel the vast lands and seas in Eternium. Discover its secrets at the end of the world.

Choose your own heroes, follow your own development paths, and unlock your unique powers. Equip your hero with incredible equipment and explore the incredible crafting features. Tame the incredible beasts and have them assist you in your combats. And meet up with interesting companions in your ultimate quests in Eternium.

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Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Dive into the classic RPG gameplay on your mobile devices anytime you want

To start with, Android gamers will find themselves quickly get familiar with the simple and satisfying touch controls in the game. That being said, you can easily move your characters around using the tap movements, unleash your attacks using the skill buttons, and perform easy dodges with smooth gesture controls.

And for the classic RPG fans, the game will be everything that you’ve ever wanted. Enjoy responsive and fast-faced combats, playing through the levels with different heroes that feature unique powers, unleash incredible attacks toward your enemies and enjoy stunning visual effects, immerse yourself in the inspiring audio experiences, and more. Not to mention that the in-depth gameplay would certain satisfy any gamers who’re interested in this type of game.

Play the game in different hero classes with unique powers

Find yourself taking on the endless RPG challenges a Mages, Warriors, and Bounty Hunters, each with their unique styles of battle.

Grab a sword and charging at the enemies if you want to play as a Warrior, make uses of your sustainability in battles and strong melee attacks to slicing through the enemies’ lineups.

Or unleash massive spell attacks to your enemies while staying at a safe distance as a Mage. But always beware of the sneaky enemies since you don’t really have a way to escape once they’ve closed the distances.

For those who prefer a more conservative and effective style of battle, you can also play as Bounty Hunters. Feel free to deal decent damages at a safe distance and easily escape enemies’ counters with your quick feet.

Nonetheless, you’ll have plenty of fun playing as different heroes in the game. With more than 20 different abilities that are featured for each of them, you’ll certainly find it quite enjoyable no matter what class you choose. And later, with new companions joining your squad, you can also make uses of your combined powers to effectively deal with the enemies.

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Take on all kinds of enemies in endless levels

In addition, Android fans will also find themselves taking on epic enemies such as the battle skeletons, zombies, aliens, and many other mighty creatures along your journey. With each enemy featuring their own unique style of fighting, you’ll have to vary your fighting styles to counter that of your enemies. Take on some of the toughest challenges as you take on the endless levels.

Travel through a variety of amazing landscapes

And speaking of which, the game also features multiple auto-generated levels that keep on changing each time you return. Hence, you’ll never find yourself playing the same challenge each time you return to the game.

Moreover, with varied environments and unique monsters to take down, you’ll find yourself enjoying your journey in Eternium even more. Venture through dark dungeons as you take on the mountain trolls, travel through abandon villages to encounter bandits and corrupted soldiers, explore the graveyards where you’ll be slicing down the undead, and go beyond your limit by laying siege to the demon castles. Encounter some of the toughest challenges in varied environmental setups.

Collect amazing rewards and items

To assist our heroes in their ultimate journeys, gamers in Eternium will find themselves having access to a variety of different loots and special rewards that you can collect during your journeys. Pick up the normal treasure chests after each battle for golds, gems, and battle gears. Or look for the shiny equipment and legendary weapons as you finish your grand quests. Multiple rewards and bonuses will be available for you to pick up anytime you want.

Meet up with new companions along the way

Moreover, along with your quests into the enemies’ territories, gamers will also have their chances to meet up with amazing characters that would eventually become your companions. Discover unique and exciting stories with each of them as you discover the lands of Eternium from various aspects.

Rescue your companions and have them available in your squad. Now, with new members on the squad, you can make uses of your combined powers to defeat the enemies. Unleash incredible attacks with your Shockwaves, Whirlwind, and Blizzards. Protect your teammates with certain buffs and make the enemies less powerful with incredible debuffs. Apply multiple team tactics with certain hero combinations to win against the tougher enemies.

Explore the crafting features and unlock new powers on your equipment

With the awesome crafting features being available, you’re also allowed to create and power up your equipment to make them more capable during the fights. Feel free to craft on your legendary weapons new sockets that could fit in new gemstones. Unlock new powers with the legendary stones. Feel free to fuse similar items and stones together to come up with more powerful ones.

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Unlock the Champion Levels and have even better experiences playing the game

In addition, as you train your heroes and increase their different stats, you’re also allowed to access to unique Champion Levels feature after your character reaches the 70th level. Now, your new heroes can inherit the powers and items that are passed down from your main heroes. Hence, you’ll find it relatively quickly to grind them up through a series of training.

Take on the Trials of Valor whenever you have the time

Moreover, once you’ve finished the in-game levels, you’re also allowed to take on the endless challenges in the Trials of Valor. Dive into the beautiful and randomly generated levels to slain down monsters and demons. Join friends and online gamers from all over the world as you dive into the classic RPG experiences.

Free to play

Despite having all those amazing features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. That being said, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

While you can enjoy the game on your mobile devices without having to make any in-app purchases, it’s always better if you can have all those upgrades and special rewards for completely free. Not to mention that you can also enjoy the game more with removed ads. And it’s exactly why most of you would find our modified version of the game interesting.

With our Eternium Mod APK, you can purchase whatever you want with unlimited money and overcome the epic challenges with ease. Therefore, allowing you to enjoy the stories even more.

Visual and sound quality


You’ll rarely find another Android title that could feature the same level of high-quality graphics. That being said, with Eternium, you’ll have access to the beautifully-designed environments at each level, taking on epic fights with the nasty monsters as you unleash your stunning spell attacks, enjoy the smooth and responsive gameplay right on your mobile devices. And most importantly, you’re also allowed to customize your own graphical experiences with adjustable settings in the game, which is definitely a great feature.


Find yourself totally immerse in the epic fights and adventures in Eternium as you dive into the powerful soundtracks. Experience responsive fights with accurate and satisfying sound effects. It’ll feel like you’re actually caught in the battles against the enemies.

Download Eternium latest 1.17.10 Android APK

For those who’re interested in the classic RPG-styled gameplay, Eternium is undoubtedly one of the best choices for you. With in-depth and varied gameplay, you can always have fun in the endless RPG challenges in your own way, especially when you’ll also have access to the convenient mod with our new versions. Hence, fans of the famous Dungeon Quest and Guild of Heroes will now have another great title to enjoy on their Android devices.

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