Ever Adventure 1.8.1 APK

Ever Adventure 1.8.1 APK

March 28, 2020

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Get ready to take on the amazing journey in Ever Adventure. Be the master of your own fate as you cross the vast lands and explore the epic sites. Find out more about this amazing game from Neocraft Limited with our reviews.


In the world of Tessarim, many different races co-exist in the vast environment. Since the first creature was created, this realm has got so many newcomers, from the tiny fairies to giant monsters that soar above the sky. However, not all of them live in harmony with each other, as wars and conflicts keep shattering the land.

Legendary said that this land was the inhabitant of the High Elves and the Demons. Since the two races don’t like each other very much, wars eventually broke out and shattered the old world. Now, most of the creatures in Tessarim are descendants from the two might races.

Being a player in Ever Adventure, you’ll have your chances to explore the vast and epic world of Tessarim. Visit popular locations like Winter Dale, Dusk Forest, Quicksand Bay, Dusk Forest, Redridge Plain, and more to test your luck.

In the game, you’ll start as a novice character who hasn’t know very much about the world. Still, as you progress further in the game, you’ll find your purposes and your destiny. Create your own fate as you travel the vast landscape in Ever Adventure and explore the secrets buried underneath the seemingly settled world.

Interact with some of the coolest people on the Internet as you form your own band of brothers. Together, you’ll take on difficult challenges, take down the mightiest bosses, and gain valuable prizes for your own.

In addition, you can participate in countless wars in Ever Adventure, in which you’ll have to save the world from the most intimidating enemies. Be brave and join millions of online players as you immerse yourselves in this epic clash of legends.

Ever Adventure


Self-sufficient economic

Here in the world of Ever Adventure, players have their chances to experience a self-sufficient economic, in which most of the goods are created and traded between gamers. That being said, you can collect your items from foraging, looting monsters and enemies. Craft all kinds of gears, accessories, potions, and so on, as long as you have the right ingredients. And most importantly, crafted items can be taken to the market for the players to purchase and trade.

Find epic beast and tame them to be your pet

There are countless of beasts that run around the lands of Tessarim, some of them are hostile, but some of them are surprisingly friendly. Hence, you can be friends with animals or even tame them as your own pet to help you with your battles. Make sure you choose the right partner and give it proper care so it can grow stronger.

Ever Adventure

Take down intimidating monsters and enemies

While you’re outside doing your missions, it’s best to stay away from herds of monsters and only fight when you’re properly equipped. You don’t want to lose all your items as well as the collected golds when you’re killed by the enemies. However, if you have what it takes to deal with these epic monsters, you can earn valuable prizes from slaying them.

Customize your characters

As you’re playing an MMORPG game with lots of online players, you wouldn’t want your characters to look exactly the same as others. Which is why in Ever Adventure, players are allowed to make varied customizations on their characters, making them more stylish and intimidating.

Ever Adventure

Explore the massive lands

With a huge world map to explore, players will find their time in Ever Adventure extremely valuable and rewarding. Here you can visit different locations, each has its own characteristic features and elements. You’ll also encounter new monsters and missions which would surely be interesting.

Discover hidden secrets and treasures

In addition, in each area of the map, there are also hidden secrets and treasures which awaits your discovery. Spend enough time on each location to collect all the incredible prizes.

Ever Adventure

Thousands of online players

The game is currently extremely popular on Google Play Store and already have thousands of online players. Here you’ll find the coolest players from all over the world who also share the same interest in Ever Adventure.

Find your worthy comrades

With lots of online players, you’ll find it extremely easy finding the right comrades and teammates that you can work with. Take advantages of your combined strength as take down giant enemies and complete epic quests. Earn your deserved rewards and share them with friends to create mutual interest.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting gameplay, Ever Adventure is currently available on Google Play Store for everyone to download without any required purchases. That being said, you can enjoy the amazing MMORPG experiences on your Android devices right now. Just download and install the game and you’ll hundreds of hours of funds and excitements.

Ever Adventure

Visual and sound quality


The game features massive maps with great details, allowing players to see exactly where they are and where they need to go. In addition, the gorgeous hand-drawn backgrounds make you feel like you’re truly immersed into the map. On top of that, thanks to the optimized graphics, it’ll only take a few seconds for you to load between different scenes. Hence, you’ll find yourself enjoying your game without any lags or stutters.


With on-themed music and sound effects, players in Ever Adventure would definitely find themselves immersed in the actions and gameplay. You won’t have a single boring moment in this game.

How To Install Ever Adventure APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /Android/obb/com.emagroups.ea. Ensure that the OBB file (main.90.com.emagroups.ea.obb) sits within the com.emagroups.ea folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Ever Adventure latest 1.8.1 Android APK

There aren’t many games that feature the same level of excitement as Ever Adventure on the Android platform, especially when they’re free. Which is why we believed that this game is one of the best online RPG game for mobile gamers. Hence, you shouldn’t hesitate to download and install it right away.

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