Everlasting Summer MOD APK 1.7 (Unlocked)

Everlasting Summer MOD APK 1.7 (Unlocked)

August 31, 2023


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Soviet Games
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Would you like the novels? If you are a person that likes to read the novel on your mobile, Everlasting Summer will be a good choice for you. Everlasting Summer is a game of the casual genre. In the game, you will be able to play and read the novel. Besides, the game will take you to a different world. Here you will experience many situations. Let’s start to experience them now.

Meet many different characters

Everlasting Summer is one of the games that has been built and developed by Soviet Games. They are a developer in Moscow, Russia. Everlasting Summer is available Google Play, App Store and Steam. So you can install the game on the mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. You also can play Everlasting Summer on tablets like iPad. Also, the game is free to download and is only for single player.

Besides, 2D graphics is very nice. The characters are designed to resemble Japanese Anime. Each character will have their own beauty and personality. A beautiful girl with long, blond hair and blue eyes, an active girl with short and dark blue hair or a handsome boy with a pair of short-sighted glasses. In addition, the sound of the game is very lively. The players can hear footsteps or sounds when someone is typing. A happy soundtrack will be always turned on during the game. Especially, there are many different pieces of music that will be commensurate with each part of the game. But if you don’t want to disturb others with those sounds, you can turn off the sound in the Setting of the game.

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Explore the novel

Start the game, the players will be introduced about the novel. This will help you to know the main background of the novel. In Everlasting Summer, the players will meet Semyon. He is the main character of the game. He is just an ordinary young man with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of those like him in every ordinary city. Semyon spends most of his time in his flat to interact with other people. This job helps Semyon to pay the monthly bills. In all probability you would have never paid attention to him. But an unusual fact happened that will make you notice him. He falls asleep in a bus in winter and wakes up in the middle of a hot summer. In front of him will be “Sovionok” – a pioneer camp, behind him will be his former life. Then there will be many surprising incidents that happen in the game.

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Besides, the novel will have many different endings. And you will be the person that decides what you want to happen in the game. For example, you will have to choose between “Yes, I’ll come with you” or “No, I’ll stay here” when someone asks the main character “Will you come with me?”. So you need to consider your options before you make a decision. Semyon will have a romantic relationship with some female characters. But some people will make his relationship become bad. In the game, you will need to complete many different endings to unlock some different choices. This helps Everlasting Summer to be more interesting. In addition, you also need to know control ways in the game. You need to swipe the screen up to open the game menu. Click on the right to enable skipping or the left to open text history. To hide the interface, the players need to swipe the screen down. You will be able to read the novel more easily thank these control ways. Let’s remember them.

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Different scenes and languages

In Everlasting Summer, the players will be taken to many different scenes. Especially, the game will take you to a big city in Russia at the beginning of the 21st century. You can look at the city that is covered with snow. A forest with a lot of trees is located at the site of a river. Or a wooden house is in the dark forest. Besides, the players also can visit the pioneer camp. Here there are many different classrooms. There were enough instruments for a whole orchestra in the music room such as drums, guitars, even a piano.

In addition, there are 5 languages in Everlasting Summer. Those languages are Russian, English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. They will help many players in the world to understand the missions of the game and the plot of the novel better. You can choose the language to display when you start to play Everlasting Summer. But you also can change the language in the Setting of the game.

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Relax with Everlasting Summer

With simple gameplay, Everlasting Summer will be suitable for many players of different ages, from children to adults. You just need to choose the option that the game has provided. Besides, nice graphics and vivid sound also are elements that help Everlasting Summer to attract the players in the world. The beautiful scenes will bring an interesting experience for you. In addition, you can play Everlasting Summer whenever you want. Because the game doesn’t require connecting the Internet. This will help you to relax when you feel tired or stressed.

Moreover, the plot of the novel is very attractive. The game talks about the young man who goes back in time and returns to the past when he was 17 years old. To understand what happened to him, Semyon will have to get to know the local inhabitants. And even he can find love. Meet many different character, find his way in the complex labyrinth of human relationships and his own problems and solve the camp’s mysteries. And answer the main question – how to come back? Should he come back? You will decide the ending of the novel. The beautiful and romantic love or the bad and sad endings. Let’s take part in Everlasting Summer and experience this great visual novel.

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