Extra Lives MOD APK 1.150.64 (Unlimited Money)

Extra Lives MOD APK 1.150.64 (Unlimited Money)

March 6, 2023


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MDickie games have never failed to surprise us with their crazy settings and hilarious ways of fighting, especially in games like Back Wars and a few others. And with this interesting mobile title of Extra Lives, now being available on your Android devices, mobile gamers will have their chances to dive into other great and hilarious adventures with their favorite characters. And this time, the game will take you to an infected world where zombies dominate.

Have fun with the exhilarating and exciting in-game actions as you join your fellow zombie survivors in your quests to defeat the undead and save the Earth. Dive yourself in the addictive and engaging battles with hilarious experiences and funky gameplay. Unleash your epic moves as you immerse yourself in the awesome brawls. Take down zombies in whichever ways that you can think of.

Find out more about this interesting gameplay of Extra Lives with our in-depth reviews.


For those of you who’re interested in the exciting gameplay of mobile action, you can now enjoy the awesome experiences of Extra Lives, which offer plenty of exciting in-game features. Have fun with the interesting in-game stories as you embark on your ultimate journey to survive in a devastated world and defeat the zombies. Unlock awesome adventures as you join different sides on their quests to victory. Engage yourself in epic battles inside a world that was dominated by zombies.

Extra Lives offers exciting in-game actions with dozens of different in-game locations for you to freely discover. Find yourself easily interact with hundreds of different in-game objects to find yourself enjoying the exciting journeys. And most importantly, the engaging combats with funky fighting animations and physics will make Extra Lives completely standout from many other titles. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the exciting gameplay of actions to the fullest.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive MDickie touch controls

For those of you who’re interested, you can quickly enjoy the simple and intuitive gameplay of fighting and zombie survival experiences. Make uses of the standard virtual touch controls that you would find on many other MDickie games. Freely move around inside the sandbox map with your virtual analog, and make uses of the available colored buttons to execute various combos and attack moves. Have fun coming up with multiple ways to take down your enemies.

Extra Lives screen 1

Freely customize your characters

Also, to make the game more interesting, you can freely create and customize your in-game characters to make the entire experiences a lot more engaging. Feel free to change your profile with many customizable information. Customize your character stats with certain initial setups. Change your costumes and accessories, which should make the overall gameplay a lot more fun and exciting. And most importantly, with more than hundreds of interesting customizations, you should find your in-game experiences in Extra Lives a lot more fun and exciting.

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Discover the stories through immersive narratives

And throughout your in-game experiences, Extra Lives will introduce Android gamers to the immersive narratives, which will effectively tell the amazing stories of you battling the zombies or finding ways to survive your situations. All of which should make the entire storyline extremely engaging and immersive. Thus, promoting your overall in-game experiences in Extra Lives.

Extra Lives screen 3

Join different warring factions and fight against the others

Here in the exciting gameplay of mobile actions in Extra Lives, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the game with 8 different warring factions, each having their own unique traits and are at war with each other. But most importantly, despite their different beliefs and ideals, they all want to defeat the zombies and give mankind a chance. You are free to select between each faction and join any of them in their ultimate quests to defeat others and wipe out the zombies.

Extra Lives screen 0

Multiple characters to interact and play with

And to make the game more interesting, Extra Lives also offers multiple characters, which you can interact and play with. Here, right off the bat, you’ll have access to more than 200 different characters, each having their own characteristics and traits, which should make the in-game stories a lot more interesting. Feel free to dive into your own selected stories and have fun with Extra Lives as you unlock plenty of interesting gameplay and interaction.

Interesting locations to discover and play around

For those of you who’re interested, you can now make uses of the awesome in-game settings to further enjoy your in-game experiences. Here, there will be multiple locations with different setups and interactive features for you to discover. Feel free to travel to 50 different locations and have fun with puzzle solving, fighting, and many other exciting adventures.

Exciting combats with many interactive elements

And as you engage yourself in the exciting in-game combats, Extra Lives also introduces many interactive items and objects, which you can pick up and use against your opponents. Have more fun with the awesome gameplay of fighting in Extra Lives as you smash interesting items on your enemies and enjoy even more devastating combats. Not with just a few simple punches and kicks, but the game will allow you to have fun with awesome gunfights, swordplay, and more.

Multiple game modes to enjoy

For those of you who’re interested in the exciting gameplay of Extra Lives, you can have more fun with the game, thanks to many available game modes that you can easily access. Feel free to join any of them and attempt to have more fun with the game.

  • Survival – Enjoy your exciting gameplay of survival as you find ways to defeat the zombies before they wipe out every human faction. Come up with brilliant tactics to fight against the enemies and thinking of any ways to bring the factions together, as you try to eliminate the nasty undead.
  • Deathmatch – And for those of you who’re interested, you can also have fun with Extra Lives in many exciting Deathmatch actions. Feel free to join your fellow survivors in the epic matchups against incoming enemies. Survive endless ways of enemies to win your Deathmatch challenges.
  • Editor – To further enjoy the game in your own ways, Extra Lives also offers its Editor mode, which is available for any of you who wish to customize their in-game levels. Here, you can freely add and remove whichever in-game elements to make the matchups more in your preferences. So feel free to try out different ideas without having any troubles.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Extra Lives still offers its free gameplay for Android gamers to enjoy on any of their mobile devices. Here, you can freely engage yourself in the awesome fighting experiences, no payment is required.

Have fun with the unlocked version of the game

But since it’s still a freemium game, ads and in-game purchases are always unavoidable. Hence, you might want to go for the modified version of the game on our website instead. Here, we offer unlimited in-game purchases, removed ads, and many interesting features for you to enjoy. All of which can be easily enabled with our unlocked version of Extra Lives. Just download the Extra Lives Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Get ready to immerse yourself in the hilarious pieces of action with Extra Lives, as you dive into the classic MDickie graphics. Explore the funky and exhilarating visual experiences with amazing fights and interactive story progressions. And like most MDickie games, Extra Lives offers undemanding graphics which will allow the game to be playable on most of your Android devices.

Sound & Music

Together with the exciting in-game graphics, Extra Lives also offers immersive audio for you to further enjoy the fighting experiences. As a result, you can quickly engage yourself in the awesome gameplay o faction whenever you want.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re interested in the refreshing and exciting gameplay of adventure, Extra Lives should offer the standard RPG gameplay, along with the interesting adventures for you to freely enjoy on most of your Android devices. And with the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, you should find yourself enjoying it to the fullest.

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