Extreme Road Trip 2 MOD APK 6.3.0 (Unlimited Money)

Extreme Road Trip 2 MOD APK 6.3.0 (Unlimited Money)

September 21, 2023


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Roofdog Games
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Unlimited Money

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Have you ever participated in racing? Have you ever crossed dangerous terrain with your steed vehicle? Surely many people have taken to risk to participate, right? But there are also people who want to participate to experience strong feelings, but bring the mind of fear, fear of risk … But now everyone can be assured, because Roofdog game will bring you  an adventure electronic  game together with cars. Join this game, players will have the opportunity to control their car to overcome all the dangerous slopes, or obstacles that appear scattered on the track … It’s great like you are participating in the race real life terrain. Now let’s explore the game together!

Game Description

Game Extreme Road Trip 2 is an interesting off-road racing game from Roofdog Games, this is a supplier to the market with many very good and interesting games such as game Fishing Break, Pocket Mine, Pocket Road Trip … with cute and fun cartoon graphics. Extreme Road Trip 2 is supported on Androi version, and has received a lot of positive feedback from players and takes up large installs. Players can download games at Play Store on your devices.

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Task – Rule

With Extreme Road Trip 2, the player’s goal is to choose and make his car cross the long road with limited fuel, simultaneously  overcome the challenges and obstacles that appear along the way. The car will meet slopes and can be thrown up high, then the player will have to skillfully control the car in the air, brake, hold the gas so that the car lands safely not to flip, to get energy boost, players will have to perform stunts such as cornering, acceleration and the problem of the car always stalking, trying to control the car as far as possible and collect Many points, and you must pay attention to the fuel tanks placed on the road to refuel the car! It sounds simple, but it’s actually not that simple ^^

Extreme Road Trip 2 screen 2

A special feature in the game is that there is no competitor following you, in the game you are the master and control the car yourself to overcome the dangerous terrain, on the contrary  compared to other terrain games that is in Extreme Road Trip 2 the frequency of the rugged terrain is very much up and down, taking up most of the race, so you should be careful and steady steering!

Your gas pedal is stuck , the gas pedal malfunctions, or gets stopped by something, then do a stunt of pop up, help the car out of the crash to get a Nitro boost and slam it all down to unlock. No matter the terrain whether it’s a vast rocky desert, tough roads or high, towering, and rugged mountains. Players need to collect coins scattered on each race. The missions in the game will be divided into stars, and if the player completes all the missions in the game, they will receive more gold stars.

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Grapics and sound

With crisp graphics, the simple yet colorful images, the suitable for everyone. Realistic engaging sound with the bumps and the explosions. The game features awesome music by Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson and is frequently updated with more content.

Extreme Road Trip 2 screen 3

Game Features in the Extreme Road Trip 2.

  • The game with extremely fast and attractive gameplay.
  • No need to use too many scroll buttons to control, but players just need to use the up arrow button, helping the player to reduce the manipulation while playing.
  • Players are unlocked cars after each race with many beautiful and perfect cars.
  • More than 70 vehicles with many new and breakthrough colors for players to conquer.
  • Many diverse terrains are designed to make the race more thrilling.
  • Players must complete all missions to get interesting rewards and master to all vehicles in the game.
  • Players will be satisfied with the unexpected risky.
  • Up to 6 maps and car explosion sound effects are very realistic.
  • After each race, a score will be displayed for the player to know.

It is wonderful is not it! Show yourself as a rider regardless of terrain by downloading the game Extreme Road Trip 2 game, and don’t forget to invite your friends to play together to check score who is higher ^^

Hopefully, the game Extreme Road Trip 2 will bring a fun and exciting entertainment moment, simultaneousl bring many exciting off-road racing experiences for you, and in the future hopefully,  the game is developed more and more !

Wish you a happy play game !

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