Fairy Farm MOD APK 3.0.3 (Unlimited Coins)

Fairy Farm MOD APK 3.0.3 (Unlimited Coins)

February 4, 2021


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I have spent my whole life trying different types of games, and I realize that almost all famous farming games need an internet connection to run properly. For some people, it is a disadvantage as occasionally they do not have access to one. If you are looking for an adorable farming game without an internet connection, “Fairy Farm – Games for Girls” is the perfect game for you.

Even though the title says the game is for girls, it does not mean that boys cannot enjoy this amazing game. “Fairy Farm” is not just a normal farming game, it is an enchanted land with magical plants and cute but mighty animals. It is one of the cutest farming games on Android, personally. Not only will you become a fairy full of mystical spells, but you can also look after your magical farm and take care of lovable animals. The magical land is waiting for you to discover right now!


In “Fairy Farm”, you will become a charming fairy with a little wand, casting spells to make the farm livelier and more beautiful. Working magic has never been as simple as in this game. In the beginning, a clear tutorial with fourteen steps will be shown to help you learn how to play in a few minutes. A fairy named Sparkly will be guiding you through the steps, if you do not need help, you can tap to skip the tutorial.

Players will learn to water trees, grow, and harvest crops, revive dead crops by casting a revival spell. Besides growing crops, you can construct magnificent buildings, take care of fantastic plants, and tame hundreds of wild animals. Your imagination is not limited here, decorate your magical farm with your favorites and build the farm of your dreams. No matter if you are a girl or a boy, everyone is welcomed. The game is updated frequently, and there will be additional quests, recipes, and items. “Fairy Farm” will definitely please anyone who likes farm games and wants to own a magic garden.


Simple and fascinating gameplay

Farm games are always the easiest games to play of all time for their simplicity. “Fairy Farm” is no exception. A little fairy will guide and give you a tutorial on the basics. After that, players can play the game in their own way or follow the series of quests. All they have to do is to plant, harvest magic plants, and tame fantastic creatures.

In “Fairy Farm”, players are provided with a vast number of plants, trees, and animals to purchase. Most of them can be bought with gold, which can be easily earned in-game. On the other hand, most of the wild animals can only be bought with crystals – the premium currency. But you don’t have to worry about that for “Fairy Farm” will support you with everything you need.

Plants and animals

You can find everything you need in the store section. All categories are sorted neatly, and Every time you level up, specific items will be unlocked in the shop for you to purchase. There are over 150 magical plants and trees ready to be discovered. You can buy more flowerbeds as well as seeds such as strawberry, corn, arcane hazelnut, anemone, etc. You should also consider which seeds to plant as some give no gold or XP at all. Choose according to your need.

Each plant has a different time to finish, some will be ready in seconds or minutes, some can take up to a day. You can use a crystal to speed up a crop and end the process if you do not want to wait. When you harvest the crops, all will be transferred to your inventory. When the inventory is full, players can craft potions using the berries and herbs collected from the garden and create the greatest experiment.

Besides farming, “Fairy Farm” also offers a range of cooking recipes. Harvesting a plant might give you gold and XP as well as a by-product. These products will be stored in the inventory and can be used to make different kinds of recipes. Players can use the magic cauldrons, wizards table, or glass blowing machine to make different types of potions that can give you free energy. Instead of using crystals to pay for energy, potions are more fun and such a lifesaver. If you do not have a lot of time to play, your energy will restore after the timer is over.

Creatures and animals can be found in the store, too. There are over 400 animals, like unicorns, dragons, and other majestic creatures. Besides domestic animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, etc., which can give you products you need, wild animals can also be found and tamed with love.

Buildings and decorations

In case your friend might visit your wonderland one day, decorate your farm with beautiful furniture. Use your decorating skill and amaze them. Clear weeds, break rocks to free the space so that you can expand your land and decorate it. Expansion packs can be found in the store and can be purchased with either gold or crystals.

Buildings are necessities in “Fairy Farm” as some can manufacture products and give you rewards.

Facebook connect

Playing the game with your Facebook account can give you certain benefits. “Fairy Farm” has a feature called “Magic Words”. You will find fortune cookies by playing the game and open to some random spells. Copy the word and share it on the Facebook page of Fairy Farm. If someone cast your spell in his world, you and he will both get special rewards. This feature will help you connect to other players and have some fun playing and sharing with them.

Unlimited gold, crystals, and energy

Even though Fairy Farm Mod APK is all about patience to complete tasks and grow your farm, players do not have to wait after hours and hours for a plant to grow anymore. Feel free to use your unlimited gold, crystals, and energy in whatever you need. Make your magical land look more stunning.


“Fairy Farm” is such a charming game with astonishing design and classic colors. Every small detail is perfectly made. The colors are harmonious with each other. All the characters and animals are so adorable that I wish they were real. The soundtracks and sound effects are amazing and perfectly fit the game.


Personally, “Fairy Farm” is perfect for anyone who is looking for an amazing farm game that offers magical land and mystical creatures. This game is absolutely phenomenal and suitable to play with your family and friends.

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