Fallout Shelter Online MOD APK 5.4.5 (God Mode/One Hit Kill)

Fallout Shelter Online MOD APK 5.4.5 (God Mode/One Hit Kill)

Shengqu Games God Mode/One Hit Kill

Join other gamers and enjoy the exciting portable gaming experiences with Fallout Shelter Online. Explore a completely new world with addictive game play right on your mobile devices. Find out everything you need to know about Fallout Shelter Online with our reviews.


Like the PC version, Fallout Shelter Online introduces gamers to a futuristic world, in which civilizations have been almost wiped out from the face of the Earth due to internal conflict between different factions.

With wars waging for centuries, lives have been harder and harder for the surviving individuals. Hence, the essential resources such as food, water, oil, and electricity have become extremely scarce. This makes the wars for resources even more devastating.

Thieves and criminals swarm all over the streets without controls. People are willing to do dirty and inhuman things just to survive. In such a chaotic world, it’s hard to keep your own moral codes. The only things that matter is your own surviving.

At this stage, the militaries from different factions have all caught in open conflict with each other. So they create the shelters in which only the qualified people can get in. Soon enough, with endless wars and conflicts, the surfaces of the Earth have become the death zones. With monsters roaming around, it’s extremely dangerous for man to get on the surface.

However, underground, human still live in their protected shelter. However, with time, your resources slowly depleted and there is an urging demand for new supplements. It’s time to take up arms and join your squads in your adventure to the surface world. Bring new changes and opportunities for your people as you explore what is called the death zones for foods and supplies.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the captivating stories

Here in Fallout Shelter Online, players will have their chances to experience the fictional lives of the people in the post-apocalyptic world. Explore a completely different world underground as you enjoy your progress in Fallout Shelter Online.

In addition, you’ll be introduced to captivating storyline with all the characters from the PC game and their stories. Have different views from varied perspectives in this exciting game.

Build your own underground bases

With various building options, players in Fallout Shelter Online are allowed to explore the vast building options with all kinds of different facilities for different purposes. Collect enough resources to sustain your people’s survival and expand your base more as you construct new rooms and facilities. Gather new member to your group as you make your squad more powerful.

Manage the resources and improve your conditions

In Fallout Shelter Online, it’s extremely important for you to secure the resources for your people. Pay attentions to your water, food, electric, and oil since you’ll need them to survive and operate your underground bases.

Unlock various characters from the series

In Fallout Shelter Online, you’ll be introduced to an exciting turn-based combat, in which you can continuously activate and cast your skills as long as you have enough energy. Choose between different characters in the series who also feature varied powers and abilities.

That being said, you’ll have different members in your team that’ll fit in certain roles during combats. Have yourself a tanker, damage dealers, and healers to make your team more efficient during extended battles against tough enemies.

Deal with all kinds of monsters and machines

As you get to the surface of the Earth, you’ll soon realize that things have changed so much. That being said, new monsters have emerged because of the atomic blasts, the surfaces are filled with mechanical weapons from other factions who also try to find resources. You’ll have to prepare yourself to fight with your enemies at any time. On top of that, you’ll even encounter troops from other factions. There is no right or wrong, it’s just how things have to be.

Venture through vast maps with various missions

You’ll need to start by scouting the surrounding area of your bases and take on different challenges in certain levels. Complete the missions as you secure more resources for the bases and discover new hidden secrets about the outside world. Explore the maps and learn more about the lives in Fallout Shelter Online.

Collect new equipment and power up your characters

And to deal with tough enemies and difficult bosses, you’ll need to power up your squad using various boosts. Collect new items and equipment for your characters to make them more capable during battles. Level up your characters and give them new powers. That being said, you’ll find a lot of different types of equipment available.

Take on exciting challenges and complete achievements for awesome rewards

Aside from the main missions, players in Fallout Shelter Online can also take on the exciting challenges that the game provide or complete achievements for awesome rewards. Make uses of the valuable prizes and give your team more powers.

Get everything you need at the shop

To make the game easier, you’ll also have the option to look for new items and equipment with the in-game shopping features. Earn your deserved prize money and get yourself awesome items.

Play the game with online players from all over the world

With the online gaming features enabled, players in Fallout Shelter Online can challenge other gamers in the online mode. Compete in the leaderboard or participate in exciting raid battles as you take down the enemies’ base for valuable prizes.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play for any Android gamers to enjoy. All you need to do is download and install the apk file on your devices. Experience the unique Fallout Shelter gameplay with your mobile devices.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple graphics with accurate visual effects. Your combats are also extremely smooth and well-executed with clean gameplay. And most importantly, Fallout Shelter Online features simple graphics that’re suitable for varied hardware. Hence, you can enjoy your game without having to experience any lags or stutters even with a low-end device.


With powerful sound effects and on-theme music, Fallout Shelter Online introduces gamers to immersive experiences. On top of that, the voiced dialogues will make you feel like you’re truly caught into the battles of Fallout Shelter Online.

Download Fallout Shelter Online latest 5.4.5 Android APK

For those who’re look for an exciting casual game that they could enjoy whenever they want, Fallout Shelter Online will be perfect for you. On top of that, having the online gameplay is also a good feature.

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