Farming Simulator 18 MOD APK v1.4.2.1 (Unlimited money)

Farming Simulator 18 MOD APK v1.4.2.1 (Unlimited money)

February 6, 2024


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Unlimited Money

Video games and agriculture cross over the line regularly. Just think of the historic Sim Farm or the beloved Harvest Moon series. This couple has never enjoyed as much appreciation as the Farming Simulator series. Now in its “2018” edition, it is acclaimed by millions of virtual farmers worldwide.

Farming Simulator 18 allows gamers to manage and take care of their farm, where you will find it more addictive than shooters or role-playing games. Although there is no dumping heaven or action to the dock on the screen, the simulator game still brings the same addictive substance as the best terrorist blockbuster.

Perhaps it is because of the lightness, honesty, and no color that these products make players feel extremely welcoming. It becomes an opportunity for us to explore real-life jobs, where every player must try at least once.

Farming Simulator 18 is one of them. It is a place for gamers to farm and take care of good crops. Farmers here are not in the style of developing countries but in the form of Western countries with the most advanced and useful technology.

At first glance, you may find it dull. But we ensure that when you catch up with Farming Simulator 18, you will find this is the most addictive Mobile Game title today.

General Background

The Farming Simulator series, now famous everywhere, has a somewhat strange way of releasing its chapters. Every year; it alternates between its home console and mobile devices.

They release Farming Simulator 15 and Farming Simulator 17 on home consoles with all the exclusive benefits derived from them, the 16 and the brand new 18 are games for mobile, mobile, 3DS, and PlayStation Vita. We do not know the reasons for this choice, but the underlying problem is that the mobile versions are always entirely inferior to the home versions.

If Farming Simulator 17 offered a complete and engaging experience, the new chapter is extraordinarily simplified and results in a practical step backward in every respect. Let’s analyze the situation together.


To start the game, you need to seize the crucial task in Farming Simulator 18. It is to take care of crops and cattle, creating a form of business development for your farm. It will break each of these goals down into original jobs like planting, harvesting, and selling. They cover the entire process of bringing farming products to the customers in the most realistic way.

Your aim in Farming Simulator 18 is to be successful with a small family farm by turning it into a giant of corn and bacon (or any other product offered by the game). It starts with a modest plantation and an adequate workforce supply represented by two agricultural machines.

There is a tractor, for example, to attach trailers and tools for plowing and sowing, and a small but willing threshing machine to harvest the crop. The game is enough to practice your duties as good farmers, but too little to aspire to the heights of techno-agriculture.

Therefore, our business plan comes into play: sow, harvest, sell, earn, and invest. By putting in hand the controls, we can start working in the fields by selecting the agricultural vehicle that interests us and piloting it.

Here, we will have to pilot the slow means trying to do an excellent job in the shortest time. The game is a little stingy with initial information, and the tutorial is skimpy. So, it is better to start a test game to practice before going into a severe gallop in the fields. Fortunately, different levels of difficulty available meet those who have never had to deal with the Farming Simulator series before. So, a flexible approach is plausible.

However, cultivating the fields and reaping the fruits is only a small part of the activities that we will face in Farming Simulator 18. The countryside offers many possibilities, such as harvesting timber or different breeding (sheep, cattle, and pigs). Whatever your inclination is, you will need to plan well to expand towards that specific sphere of agriculture (or livestock) by dedicating particular land (perhaps to be explicitly purchased) and buying the tools.

Accompanying each job will be different technologies or vehicles that players must learn to control. As a simulation game, it is difficult to get used to these vehicles. So, the game requires patience and care to feel the value inside. Above all, these farming vehicles are real-life prototypes, giving Farming Simulator 18 the most vivid feeling.

Special Features

Farewell to life factor

As it is easy to imagine, Farming Simulator 18 is a game that puts us at the management of a farm with all the jobs and tasks that derive from it. Growing plants and wheat and caring for animals such as chickens and cows is part of it, making money by doing assignments and selling the fruit.

However, in the last iteration, the city was full of fellow factors that were ready to help us in case of need, teaching us how advanced machinery works and let us test their purchase. In Farming Simulator 18, there is only one helper who will appear randomly, giving us help or proposing jobs or missions.

It turns out to be more annoying than anything else since he has the filthy habit of appearing only in the middle of exciting stages. What characterized the series was the feeling of “tranquility” of being a farmer and running a farm.

The thing most loved by fans of Farming Simulator was to go around after work while waiting for the harvest. Also, you can go to check their hens, cuddle cows, and take time to balance the more mechanical phases of the total experience. Farming Simulator 18 perhaps also because of its mobile nature, cuts all these things, not even allowing the player to walk the farm in the first person. For facilitating these handheld game mechanics, it speeds all chores up beyond belief.

The first-person exploration has been completely removed, and our character will always and only be connected to means of transport such as tractors and other vehicles. Farming Simulator 18 becomes a title that is based exclusively on farm work and not at all on life on the farm, which instead had characterized the previous chapters. Although this makes everything more suitable for fast sessions, the sense of the series is almost distorted.

More gameplay, less content

From playing on 3DS and PlayStation Vita, you will find the same graphic sector. Although on the Sony laptop, everything is cleaner and with slightly higher quality textures and models.

Learning to manage the keys on the consoles is immediate and straightforward. You will soon get used to the unknown type of gameplay compared to when we used the keyboard on the PC during the Farming Simulator 17 sessions.

Despite this thing, the contents of this new chapter are inferior, not only because of all the cuts we have already mentioned. But even as regards the fact that there is only one map available (compared to the previous two), there is no customization of the farm, and there are no missions by NPCs.

Farming Simulator 18 is a series title that is far inferior to all previous chapters. It tears away this chapter from many things that characterized farm life: making everything faster and more immediate as it suits its nature from portable consoles and smartphones.

For beginners, it could be a good starting point. But for fans of the series, it has taken gigantic steps backward that will disappoint all expectations.

Interesting gameplay

The choice and use of the over fifty different agricultural machines present in the game is not trivial. The term “Simulator,” which shows off in the title, translates into a simulation level that should not be underestimated because it requires you to know the difference between a mower and a tender to manage your fields and your business better.

Fortunately, we will not have to do everything. With a practical touch of the touch screen, we will be able to hire time helpers who will carry out specific activities, lightening our work. Initially, using helpers will be almost optional (expensive, by the way). With the enlargement of the farm, they will become a practically indispensable resource in our sumptuous money-reaping engine.

With this simulation nature and the need to manage expenses very well, we have to deal with a problem of there is no real playful element in Farming Simulator 18, considering that even driving vehicles. So, it can be cumbersome and tedious. The game pays off with the excellent results of the farm and the possibility of expanding, having the impression of having managed everything at its best while the small short-term satisfaction disappears.

All this agricultural fair is at ease on Nintendo 3DS. The compromises are noticeable, with reduced playing areas, the absence of options (such as the first-person view), and a limited graphic rendering. However, the heart of the Farming Simulator is there. It is rendered well, also substantial of the advantages offered by the physical control system compared to what we propose in the editions for smartphones (with which it is more comfortable – and perhaps sensible – to make a comparison).


We appreciated the excellent translation into the foreign language of the lyrics and the country soundtrack that perfectly fits the agricultural USA’s atmosphere. The production values ​​of this version are remarkable\

It is not the technical realization of implementing 3DS that is an obstacle to the purchase. It can be the particular nature of Farming Simulator 18. The game is a little stiff and not very playful, which must be approached, be well aware of the specific experience it offers.

In case you want to test your skills as entrepreneurs before peasants, this second job in digital fields could be for you. Even if at that point, it might be worthwhile to go directly to one of the most advanced versions of this same video game.

Highlights and Drawbacks

In the game, we work the fields and patiently wait for our crop to grow before we can reap and resell it. Unfortunately, it is a tedious and frustrating process since the speed of the game cannot be altered.

In the beginning, with only one field available, you will only have to stand by and watch the hours passively. Things improve when, advancing in the game, you can get different areas and diversify the activity. Until then, expect a bland and almost boring rhythm, a step that could become unsurpassed for those who want to progress quickly towards the heart of the game.

The first few hours show a terrifying grinding. Things are gradually improving thanks not only to the possibility of enlisting helpers for collection or refueling but also to the autopilot’s presence, which will cost the player credits. It will guarantee managerial management of its possessions and a wise choice to cushion the heaviness of specific cyclical actions to be performed.

However, the possibility of buying structures other than the usual silos and fields does not appear, further reducing the methods of earning and decreasing the variety of things to do in the long term.

With a simple tap on the bottom screen, you can get new properties, assign tasks, and manage your business, which is the only smart addition of this alternative version. It allows you to continue playing seamlessly and without the need to wander through endless purchase menus.

The portable version of Farming Simulator 18 is not the flagship of the series. The cuts are vital even if the essence of the title is present and firm. Advising the game is, therefore, not a straightforward task.

To appreciate the production, you must already be a fan of the genre. But if you know it by hand, you may find significant shortcomings in this case and a flattening of the gameplay, perhaps too stressed. A technical limit is because of the low power of the consoles, but it cannot weigh on the final evaluation.

Alternative Version: Farming Simulator 20

Farming Simulator 20 is a variant of Farming Simulator 18, from which it takes graphics, mechanics, game elements, and much more. However, it is a limited edition, more limited in terms of modality and experience of the game.

Even if the aim at the base remains the same, to become the freshest farmer in the county, you must make the fields better, raise more and more animals and expand the amount of land owned. But be careful, you must not be in a hurry!

Final Words

Farming Simulator 18 MOD APK is the correct transposition on Nintendo 3DS and smartphones in recent years. It is not a game for everyone because of its unusual simulation nature and approaching with great caution.

The phenomenon that led to the success of the Farming Simulator series is almost inexplicable. Taking on the role of a farmer determined to make ends meet on his farm did not seem to be a notably winning starting point. Still, the market decided that such an outlandish idea was necessarily rewarded.

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