Farming USA 2 MOD APK v1.80 (Unlimited Money)

Farming USA 2 MOD APK v1.80 (Unlimited Money)

November 20, 2023


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Bowen Games LLC
154 MB
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Unlimited Money

Did you know about Farming USA 2 yet? Farming USA 2 is an authentic farm game, providing a realistic farming experience using machines instead of the cartoon style like many games of the same genre today. Farming USA 2 is an authentic farm game, providing a realistic farming experience using machines instead of the cartoon style like many games of the same genre today.

Unlike many common cartoon-style farm games such as Stardew Valley, QubeTown, or Township iOS, Farming USA 2 offers a very realistic, realistic experience, and players completely use the tools, means, and specialized agricultural machinery for the farming process, from plowing soil, fertilizing to planting and harvesting. The game allows you to control over 115 different vehicles and equipment to expand your farming experience.

In your spare time, head to two logging forests to enjoy an uncommon experience of felling, transporting, and selling timber. Use the market to control cash flow when you notice movements in proper time. Don’t forget to monitor the weather as rain and sunshine affect the plant’s growth and the harvesting process. Too much rain makes the field muddy. Big snow in winter will cause you to use a snow truck to clean. Download Farming USA 2 and enjoy a brand new farming experience today.

General Information

Simulation has always been a purely PC-centric genre and a game full of complex nuances. Since the beginning of the home computer, it has got wholehearted approval from the public and boasted an enormous amount of fans and loyalists. Even though computer gaming is slowly disappearing on store shelves, the digital market is more alive and strong than ever, fertile ground for smaller genres and independent software houses such as the German Giants Software.

It is strongly active on the side of simulations and management games. The prolific and productive Germany boasts an actual school of simulation games, with several development houses that make great minor masterpieces. But we often underestimate video games outside the borders of the motherland.

Among these games, we find the agricultural simulation, a relatively recent video game typology that puts us in the shoes of a simple farmer struggling with the management of a cultivation and livestock activity, a complete and very detailed simulation. Farming USA 2 reaches its fourth incarnation this year and enriches with many additional features, especially in terms of gameplay.

How to Play Farming USA 2?

Despite the news, the gameplay of Farming USA 2 remains very similar to that of the previous version, the pace of the game and the simulated activity do not allow revolutions, but something more could be done to give strength to the campaign which remains the weakest part of the entire production.

The simulation is always great and growing the company is still the tastiest part. But the objectives to be followed from time to time seem to be more of a handrail for insecure players than a feature designed to add something to the title.

We imagine that the hardcore of Farming USA fans is not very interested in the narrative side, but prefer extra vehicles reproduced with painstaking care and recent activities to be carried out in the fields. We are talking about a genre that thrives on this, not of deep characters or TV series twists.

Along with the physics engine, it has also renewed the graphics engine. Now everything appears much more detailed than previously Farming USA and the environment is rendered much better. In particular, the sky has been completely redone and now appears much more alive and natural than in past chapters, but the lighting system has also been revised.

The improvement of the vehicles, which has always been the flagship of Farming USA, is less clear. With this, we do not mean that they are ugly, but only that, since they were already well cared for in previous chapters, their step forward is less noticeable than the rest. The means of Farming USA have exceeded three hundred to the delight of fans. Note the new maintenance system, which requires you to monitor the state of the vehicles and spend money to fix those in worse conditions.

Besides an on-screen indicator, we can also guess the status of a vehicle from some graphic details, such as the deterioration of the paintwork or the lower yield during work. Unfortunately, the new graphics are paid in terms of performance, which at present is not exactly optimal. Nothing that makes such a slow title unplayable, but it’s fair to point out the problem. The developers are updating the title with some regularity to improve them, but at the time of writing this review, they were still mixed. Above all, stuttering can be annoying.

Special Features

The art of simplification

You must know about this feature when playing, but we must repeat it for clarity. Farming USA 2 is a variant of Farming Simulator 20, from which it takes graphics, mechanics, game elements, and much more. But it is a limited edition which is more limited in the manner and the game’s experience.

Although the underlying purpose remains the same, to become the professional farmer in the county, by making the most of their fields, you must always breed more animals and expand the amount of land owned. But be careful, you must not be in too much of a hurry. Players should also enjoy it without thinking too much about the gain.

Because you can play on the go, Farming USA 2 becomes the perfect pastime to free your mind, even if only for a few minutes. It is thanks to the optimized management that Bowen Games LLC has operated on their game. We have simplified the commands compared to the PC version and now appear much more practical. The management dynamics are slightly less complex; and everything is more comfortable. It is always at your fingertips.

We could say that it is a much more casual game, more easily accessible. Taking the Switch and doing half an hour of plowing and harvesting while sitting comfortably on a train can give a very satisfying sense of peace and tranquility. It is an uncommon experience from the one you do on PC, where gaming sessions can last several hours and they push you to be more productive than relaxed.

The usual life of the farmer

The key point of the game remains the classic routine of the saga: grow, plant, harvest, and then repeat. Gameplay has been the same for years, with no surprises. If you feel satisfied with your work but have not yet completed the job, you can hire a helper and have him finish the harvest, plowing, or sowing.

You can make a great deal of money by selling the crop at the right time, taking it to the appropriate unloading place. When you have enough money, you can also buy new fields, unfamiliar vehicles, or new animals to breed and expand your borders.

By opening the shop menu, you can choose from over 100 vehicles of each type. They are less than the PC version, but still enough to have you running around proudly, becoming even more efficient in the field. As per tradition, they are all models of vehicles that exist and belong to the best brands in the agricultural sector.

Unfortunately, on the Switch, there are no mods or other customizations for the vehicles. Buy them as they are, and you cannot add more to your liking. Maybe they can arrive via paid DLC.

The character is also the machine

It was necessary to come to terms with the hardware and the peculiarities of the Nintendo console by making important sacrifices. It is very clear to those who have tried the PC version. One above all, you cannot get off the tractor. In Farming USA 2, we do not have an actual character. We are just a body floating from half to half. In summary, we are the tractor ourselves.

The map is only one and recalls the classic landscapes of the central states of the USA. Here we will start the career mode, the only one available, choosing by ourselves how to carry on the adventure. Fortunately, a good tutorial system has been maintained, explaining the bare essentials to get started with the game, but there is no difficulty in fighting or a more advanced model.

Interface designs are easy to use

There are no discounts on the economic side. You must always make ends meet, producing as much as possible and monitoring the fluctuation of prices to sell your crop well. In the game menus, there are some very important statistics on the productivity of the fields, on the state of the animals, and on the wear and tear of vehicles, which are also easier to read and interpret than those seen on PC.

The graphics are less defined and the settings are more bare and minimal. There are fewer details that can create an atmosphere. There is a pity that since it was one strength of the original chapter, but difficult to ask for more from the hardware of a portable console. Everything seems more miniature in terms of distances, but this turns out to be a good thing because it allows you to reach points of interest more easily when we need it.

Farming Simulator 20 was presented as a chapter of great renewal for the series, but as we will see in the review’s course, it is only a substantial update of Farming Simulator 17. However, who would have thought a series with the premises so little video games. At least if considered from the mainstream market, would it have lasted over ten years and would have produced sequels and followers? We are talking about hundreds of thousands of copies sold for each chapter and public interest that shows no sign of waning despite the years.

As you know, the Farming Simulators 20 put the player in the shoes of an agricultural entrepreneur who uses very modern means, has to work the land and sell the products of the land to earn money to expand his business by buying unused land and vehicles. At the beginning of the game, you can choose whether to dedicate yourself to an already started business or to start from scratch, with more or less money, on one of the available maps. First, however, it is advisable to do a little practice with the tutorials which gives a smattering of the various game systems. In particular, they are useful for understanding how vehicles work and for clarifying the dynamics of soil processing.

What’s new in Farming Simulator 20? There are many additional features, but little in substance. For example, we have introduced a new physics engine that improves the interaction between vehicles, tools, and terrain. It does not take long to notice, as this is a highly publicized feature.

In the game, it all translates into more realistic jolts as you work, but that’s it. The influence on the gameplay is minimal and the driving mechanics remain the same as in Farming Simulator 17, and those of working the land, which is not affected by the novelty if not superficial.

Final Words

By reducing to the bone everything we have said so far, we can deduce a very simple fact: Farming USA 2 MOD APK is a Farming Simulator 20 for those who do not want too many fusses. And it is glorious news for users who prefer to play, relax, even if only for a brief time.

The Switch offers this possibility on a silver platter, being usable potentially anywhere, so the combination is perfect. Compared to the PC edition there are not just waivers, but the monotony of the gameplay remains practically unchanged, which is the true Achilles heel of the series.

We recommend taking it as a relaxing pastime to be used in small doses without claiming to become a landowner. Nature has its times, even digital, so learn to take care of it in the right way and it will reward you.

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