Fate Grand Order MOD APK 2.93.6 (MOD Menu)

Fate Grand Order MOD APK 2.93.6 (MOD Menu)

June 20, 2024

Role Playing

Additional Information
Aniplex Inc.
97.72 MB
MOD Features
MOD Menu
- Damage Multiplier
- Defense Multiplier
- Max NP

Fate Grand Order poster

Fate Grand Order has once taken you back to Chaldea, where your servants await your commands to combat the enemies and maintain the future of the humane world. TYPE-MOON seems to succeed in presenting a brand new mobile RPG game with a fascinating scenario and multiple quests to explore this time.

The game is entertaining, and there’s no inquiry you’ll choose playing it for some other times though you’re even not a fan of the “Fate” series. Whenever getting bored at home, why don’t you open the app to start collecting characters and drifting through those quests?

General information

People who are passionate about anime will be no stranger to the “Fate/Stay Night” franchise. It consists of diverse movies that can draw large audiences right after the debut. With the eye-catching animated graphics, good plot, the anime has been popular in and out of the country. Now this movie has been changed into a game you can play on the mobile platform with the name Fate Grand Order.

As soon as the game comes to the spotlight, it finds no difficulty in ranking in the Top 1 download charts on App Store and Google Play. It also topped the Top Grossing rankings if you don’t know. Such achievements show that Fate Grand Order owns an attraction that makes every domestic and international player can’t resist.

Not to mention the language barrier since the game is in Japanese, this fails to stop the big interest of the whole gaming community in the world. Published by Aniplex, an agency expertized in Japanese music and anime; the game is said to bring gamers an unforgettable experience. It’s just the first work of the company but it has drawn a great deal of attention from global gamers.

Besides, the game was released based on the second part of the series “Fate/Stay Night”. It’s about an organization named Chaldea. Its mission is to preserve the survival of humanity across generations. You will play one of the 48 Masters of Fate Grand Order project brought back to the past to eliminate all factors stopping the flow of time.

Unluckily, Lev Reinol Flauros attacked the organization, leading those joining the meeting to enter hibernation. You and another graduate student has been sent to Fuyuki City, where the 5th Holy Grail War takes place. Holy Grail War is a battle royale among several combatants.

That student, Marche is known as the servant of the Shielder class. You need to win the past battles with the support of Dr. Roman and Olga Marie for the aim of preserving humanity’s future. The war is the reason causing mankind’s destruction. Through the Fate Grand Order, you act as the companion of the protagonist to join the fight and prevent the war from taking place.

You’ll fall in love with the Fate series, especially when it’s possible to use the game as a smart way to teach your family and friends about religion, history, and culture. Feel free to borrow the five-star servants. In case you don’t understand the story and maps, avail command spells. It’s up to the skills of gamers, so if you complain that the game feels too hard, you might need better servants.

Fate Grand Order screen 1

Overall assessments

Everyone gets excited about playing this strategic game that features 1 Star – 3 Star Servants. It’s easy to find videos about the way the players clear all hard quests with these types of servants. Even if the servant is not a 5 Star, it manages to work well and even much better than the 5 Star servants. The whole story kicks off becoming better around the legendary Camelot.

Although the beginning feels a bit dull, and it’s kind of difficult to get into, it’s just worth it if you spare more time and are ready to give the game a chance. When initially starting up the game, Mash and Cu are the two first servants accompanying you. They are good enough for you to begin with but only the stepping stones to help you finish the game.

Powering up servants is one of the best parts of the Fate Grand Order. This is when you can freely try out various combos of servants at the party. The more you level up, the more options you will own and even the more quests or daily activities you can do. There’s no actual ending for the game as it takes months before the players can max out a single servant.

It’s free to play, but you also need to prepare the wallet if you play this for the long haul. If you don’t want to spend it, it’s easy to get stuck for too long and finally remove the game due to boredom. The gameplay has a lot to be desired and would require so much time to spend as it lacks the auto-playing system.

Above all that, the game is simple enough for everyone to pick up on it, and with enough complexity, people need to create the optimal team.

Fate Grand Order screen 3


Enjoy the game, you act like a master who summons your servant. Differing the anime, you can just summon only one servant to serve you at one time. Fate Grand Order enables the gamers to summon endless servants with a great variety of classes in history. They stay in the form of cards, and you possibly own more than 55 servants in total.

With a certain number of servants you own, it’s easy to make a powerful squad that can combat with you to dodge mankind’s destruction. In every match, the gamers can select two individual teams, consisting of the major and reserve squads. The main one includes three servants at one time in which two of them will be the strongest ones while the other is your friend.

As it comes to the reserve team, the squad is comprised of three weaker servants who would begin the fight once the main one is eliminated. Saber is often more powerful than Lancer while Lancer is much stronger than Archer. Thus, you must be smart enough to pick out a suitable squat to join the fight.

In Fate Grand Order, the players will get to experience the strategic turn-based RPG system. They’re offered a wide selection of more than five different cards to control the attacks. Each card features an image of one character. Based on the characters, it decides who will strike in the sequence.

Besides, the Servant is not the only one you can upgrade but also the Master that can get upgraded in the game. After winning the battles, gamers tend to achieve extra EXP points. And after storing enough EXP, the Master gets upgraded as well to become stronger.

Fate Grand Order screen 2


The graphics plus visuals of Fate Grand Order are just brilliant! No doubt, the game is special in its monumental 2D anime art style. On your first try, you can feel the greatness and fullness the game brings, particularly the epic combat scenes right in front of the eyes.

For the animated graphics of the servants and masters, they look amazingly smooth and natural in their way. Also, when discovering the story, you’re welcomed with the gorgeous character art. Each one is drawn and crafted beautifully.

Final words

If you’re a huge fan of the Fate/Stay Night franchise, then Fate Grand Order is certainly a worth-to-play RPG game. It owns a good story, nice graphics, and appealing gameplay. For those desiring an excellent mobile game where you can use servants to knock down enemies and earn higher ranks, Fate Grand Order is the right one for you!

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