Fictions: Choose your emotions MOD APK 5.3.0 (Unlimited Money)

Fictions: Choose your emotions MOD APK 5.3.0 (Unlimited Money)

October 29, 2023


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Are you a lover of novel stories? Have you always wanted to be the main character in those exciting stories? So, the game that I am going to introduce here will surely delight you!

Each novel story always has its charm and mystery. It can bring different emotions, from happy, sad to angry. Do you feel like you are in a new world every time you turn the pages? If the fascinating and unexpected details in the novel always make you excited, then Fictions: Choose Your Emotions is the game that you should not ignore. This game will allow you to experience a new world like never before. You can transform into any character in any genre you want. For sure, this unique game will make you addicted to it! What are you waiting for? Let’s explore Fictions: Choose Your Emotions with me.


Life repeating every day in a vicious circle is easy to get boring. With Fictions: Choose Your Emotions, you will encounter unexpected situations that you may never have seen in real life. The game will give you the answers in story scenes. Your main task is to control the storyline through the choice of answers.

You are the main character, and you can easily create the story’s ending according to your needs. Remember, no answer is correct. Each answer will lead you to a different outcome of the story you are playing. Also, you can interact with other characters involved in each story. It’s exciting that new and exciting journeys await your discovery.

Of course, Fictions: Choose Your Emotions has tons of stories to choose from. Do not worry that it will only have a single story. I am sure you will be overwhelmed by the rich storybook of this game! As a player, you can freely choose from different storylines and original work.

Let me give you an example. I am a lover of romance and adventure. So I often look for stories of this genre. You can select the search section in the game. Then, you enter the name of your favorite genre, and the system will pop up a series of suggestions that you should try. I often find stories by genre. I like to play first. And I find it extremely satisfying and happy to be a character in my favorite stories.

Naturally, each story has different endings, from a happy ending, sad ending to an opening end. But then the excitement is increased. You will experience the colorful world. Each Fictions: Choose Your Emotions player can create different endings because each player’s choices are unique. It provokes curiosity.

With easy-to-understand and straightforward gameplay, Fictions: Choose Your Emotions is a game suitable for everyone. Ensure you make a wise choice and don’t regret your answers as they will directly affect the storyline. You control the story as you like. What could be better when the dream is fulfilled. Now, the longing to be immersed in novel stories is not far away.

If you get confused when so many stories come out, do not worry. Filter and find stories by categories you like. Moreover, the developer will update more new stories to make players more excited at every specific time.

Fictions: Choose Your Emotions will provide a few options in different genres for you to experience. One thing that cannot be denied is that the stories in this game are beautiful. Besides these options, Fictions: Choose the developer of more premium stories also offers your Emotions. If the player wants to play them, they will have to use diamonds to unlock them.

Understandably, the premium options will have a clear difference with the developer’s stories. But I’m not saying that ordinary stories are boring! It’s just that these remarkable stories will contain lots of exciting secrets and allow you to interact more with the characters. Their ending is also more complicated and unpredictable because many options are opened up. But this issue is not remarkable. Remember, Fictions: Choose Your Emotions has a free option for you to experience.


Fantasy stories and dramas have always been a unique attraction for me. I am a person who loves participating in storylines because I want to feel different emotions.

After long hours of work or study, Fictions: Choose Your Emotions is where you can entertain and relieve the mood. In particular, this game is an excellent choice for those who want to play the main character. You will feel each level of the character’s intense emotions in the game for yourself because you are the one directly interacting. Not every game offers this unique experience.

Thanks to Fictions: Choose Your Emotions, each player can live more than one character’s life in stories of romance, mystery, and adventure. The lives of the main characters in these stories will go in a direction based on your choices. Each challenge will require you to make full use of your rich imagination. Fictions: Choose Your Emotions offers many new things and diverse storylines, not just love.

Occasionally, I also feel drained and exhausted in real life. Fictions: Choose Your Emotions is a great savior for my feelings. Every time I log into this game, I no longer feel the sadness from before but feel incredibly excited. Fictions: Choose Your Emotions has various unique genres for you to experience, from love clubs, fantasy, romance to horror. Another great thing to know is that these stories are all written by award-winning authors. They will not be repetitive and boring.

Before you start participating in these stories, you can choose your character and name it as you like. You will begin your journey when you are all set. Certainly Fictions: Choose Your Emotions will not make you regret playing it.

Do you want to be an explorer and set out to explore the world? Or do you want to play the role of a great doctor to cure sick patients? If the love stories always bring interest in you, you can completely transform into an innocent high school girl. As I said above, you will make the choices, and the story’s direction is entirely up to you.

Features of Fictions: Choose Your Emotions

Each Option Has a Significant Impact

A story that we quickly end up with is boring. If you could break the usual rule to spice things up, how would you change the story? Fictions: Choose Your Emotions does not require you to follow a standard. You will build the story on your terms. You decide the end of each story.

The endings of each story in this game have different endings based on different dimensions. If the ending you created initially didn’t satisfy you, you could play it repeatedly to change the old ending. This advantage of Fictions: Choose Your Emotions is another big plus that you will be satisfied with. Additionally, there are countless stories in this game waiting for you to interact. Remember, each of your choices will have a massive impact on the end of the story. If you do not want to play again, make sure you do not regret your choice!

Experience Different Types of Stories

As I said above, Fictions: Choose Your Emotions has no shortage of stories for you to join. Besides the familiar love storylines, players can freely choose between many different genres. You can take part in mysterious adventures, meet old friends, control supernatural powers, or relive a golden past.

This game has a liberal style of play with simple gameplay and diverse storylines. In Fictions: Choose Your Emotions, you are the main character and have complete authority to decide what will happen to you.

But no matter which direction the story unfolds, it shows the choices you’ve made. Are you bold enough to make the right choices and guide the story as you like? Fictions: Choose Your Emotions contains countless secrets waiting for you to experience!

Do not Regret Your Decisions

While it is okay to replay the old stories, it is better to save time to discover more new things. So try to think and consider the exact direction for the story you desire. If you lead it as you like, you are a successful protagonist! Fictions: Choose Your Emotions has unlimited choices for players to have more interaction.

If you are always in the dark about your decision, you can consult some suggestions on Google. There are many players before you have experienced and are ready to give the details they have captured. You can search for endings and control the game according to your mood. A complete romance will brighten up your hard day. However, it is okay if you can choose the answer for each story yourself. It not only guarantees surprise and spontaneity but also does not diminish the fun of the game.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Playing Fictions: Choose Your Emotions

Let’s Go to The End of The Story

Before you want to start a new story, you should take the time to finish all the old stories that you are playing. When you bring an ending to a story, you will receive a particular reward. Compared to quitting halfway to start a new story, it will be of great help.

Besides the mysterious ending you have been waiting for, completing the whole story will give you a compelling reward. If you do not accumulate diamonds often, your chances of experiencing more premium options will become rarer. Because like I said, diamonds can unlock them.

Unlock Premium Options Easily When Accumulating Diamonds

The system will give you a certain amount of diamonds each time you complete a level. It is lovely and convenient. Because after each chapter, you can accumulate more diamonds. Hence, it is easy to understand when you should play as many chapters as possible.

Also, if you do not mind losing time, you can see the ad. This suitable solution will help you get a significant amount of diamonds in return. The system will bring you some ads. Your job is to watch them. They will take your time because each ad is only about 20 seconds long. When you do this hard, you will get a reward. This way is relatively easy and fast for you to save diamonds. As you experience the higher options, you won’t regret the effort you put in. Trust me. It is worth it!

Do not Waste Diamonds on Changing Outfits

Although the costumes may give off the appearance, changing the costumes in this game is not necessary. Furthermore, it also does not significantly affect the game. One more thing you should know is that you will have to spend quite a lot of diamonds to change the costume for your character. It is a waste! If you are looking to fill your diamond arsenal, do not waste them on clothes.

Each outfit will have a different price. Usually, the system places the cheapest one on the left side, even if it is free. In the middle is medium-priced clothing. And the outermost is the most expensive outfit.

If you find your diamonds running out, you can play any two free chapters of the story because you can get a reward after completion. The number of diamonds that you accumulate will help you a lot.

As players have experienced five different stories and have been diligently watching ads for each of them, saving 20 diamonds is easy. You can reward yourself for your efforts by unlocking more advanced options. Although it may take some of your time, think about the reward, you receive. Isn’t it wonderful? The first two chapters of each story are free, so it’s free to try and get diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Fictions: Choose Your Emotions MOD APK belongs to the popular game genre on the app stores. This novel and straightforward gameplay is often found in prominent titles such as Journeys: Interactive Series, Chapters, or Choices: Stories You Play. They are all options that you should experience.

There is no denying that Fictions: Choose Your Emotions is the king of the game genre. Novel lovers won’t be able to miss it. New experiences await you. The colorful lives in this game are an exciting thing. Hopefully, you will be ready to play the main character in Fictions: Choose Your Emotions through this article.

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