FlashFox Pro APK 45.6.0 (Paid for free)

FlashFox Pro APK 45.6.0 (Paid for free)

August 7, 2020


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FlashFox Pro – Flash Browser is derived from Firefox and is a navigation tool. Among the various functions, it can use Flash Player, allowing you to view videos in Flash and play games.

FlashFox Pro – Flash Browser has an interface simple; it is complete with add-ons and has excellent performance. It also allows the synchronization of cards, bookmarks, and passwords. FlashFox Pro – Flash Browser is available in two versions, one free with advertising and one paid without ads.

Although FlashFox is an old web browser, it still has excellent support for Flash Player because of its efficient rendering algorithm from websites, so Android users always prefer it. Browse the web and search with lightning speed and enjoy movies, videos, live sports, news, and interactive Flash games like on a computer, all in this browser.

General Information

Shortly after Adobe announced the end of Adobe Flash support for mobile devices, the browser on smartphones also stopped supporting Flash-containing websites but improved formats. HTML5 is a format that is expected to replace Flash on mobile completely. However, many people still want to surf with Flash on smartphones, and the browser that supports this feature is FlashFox.

FlashFox Pro APK is one of the highly regarded Flash specific browsers for Android available on Google Play. The name FlashFox is inspired by Mozilla Firefox, although its publisher has no connection to Mozilla.

For performance, FlashFox is known for its breakneck browsing speed. Not to mention, it supports working on older Android devices since 2.3 and above. FlashFox has a built-in Flash player, which the investor says is not inferior to Adobe Flash Player.

FlashFox browser has a free version, and the paid version of FlashFox costs only $2.99, while the paid version of other browsers costs up to $9.99 with a single-year license. If you use the free version, you must see banner ads along the bottom of both applications, and as mentioned before, FlashFox forces you to watch a promo video before allowing you to view Flash content.

FlashFox has a smart search feature, easy to use and adjust tabs, synchronize browsing data on both mobile and desktop. FlashFox also emphasizes safety and privacy for users with extensive security settings, blocking online tracking. A complete browsing experience from HTML5 enabled flash websites.

Critical features of FlashFox:

  • Web browser capable of running Flash files.
  • Smart search engine.
  • Easy to manage tabs.
  • Browse the web with safe and private mode.
  • Perfect experience for Flash websites.

How to Use FlashFox?

With a clean interface that comes down to the essentials, FlashFox knows how to stand out against the many competitors in the web browser market for Android. Only the top row will remain displayed on your screen, allowing you to search and reach certain standard functions.

To access additional functions, users will need to press the menu tab. The particularity of FlashFox is based on the Flash Player technology thanks to which the browser allows its users to view videos and play online games requiring no other additional software.

Internal mobile navigation has never been more straightforward than with FlashFox thanks to the support of various plug-ins. We should note that we can change the display of the web portals at will: mobile or PC. Besides, private browsing enthusiasts will be well served with this browser, which allows surfing in incognito mode, although this considerably slows down browsing.

With a more straightforward use, FlashFox grabs a few places in the ranking of the best web browsing tools on Android.

Overall Evaluation

FlashFox browser fully supports Flash, and users need not download a Flash application to install it on their phones like before. Especially, FlashFox will not show you an ad before downloading a content containing Flash. Many uses include the ads range from 15 to 30 seconds, but you can skip them after about 8 seconds while FlashFox will go directly to content that contains Flash.

However, games written in Flash can only be played in FlashFox and are mainly used for watching videos. If you will wait and watch ads to play Flash games on your phone, FlashFox is probably the browser you should choose.

In terms of interface, FlashFox has a more modern interface than other rivals. It is lighter with a menu similar to the Chrome browser for Android. The other applications you can find have an old interface and look similar to the browser applications from the era of Android Gingerbread 2.3. Open tabs take up a lot of space at the top instead of being accessed by a tab button like on FlashFox.

When you click the tab button in FlashFox, it will take you to a screen showing the currently active web pages. It will bring the current web page window you are now visiting down at the bottom, and you can switch to other tabs quickly. To close tabs, you can use the “X” in the upper right corner or swipe them to the side.

FlashFox is also compatible with Firefox Sync, allowing you to synchronize all your data as bookmarked websites between devices running Firefox and FlashFox browsers. It is even compatible with Firefox add-ons, to enable you to install additional Firefox applications to enhance your browser’s browsing capabilities.

Although the Flash feature for phones has been discontinued, Flash still exists on the web, and phone users still need browsers that can take advantage of Flash when needed. Among mobile browsers that still support Flash, FlashFox has a more modern interface and has more Firefox-related features.

Similar Apps


If your device is configured with modern hardware, Dolphin is the best Flash browser you should choose, although it also works well on low-profile machines. The advantage of the Dolphin browser is the ability to customize the user interface as desired.

You can choose colors, backgrounds or arrange frequently visited websites easily. We rarely find this feature on other browser applications. Dolphin also comes with the default ad-blocking tool, so you need not install it.

They provide the Dolphin entirely free from special features as above. All are complete, and it contains only a little limited advertising inside.


Kiwi is a unique browser that is equipped with a Flash player. The unique thing is that they build it on the Chromium core (like Chrome, Edge, etc.), so it offers a diverse system of features. Notably, users can install some extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

You also feel more secure about Kiwi’s page load speed quickly, thanks to the intelligent optimization rendering engine. Besides, they also equip it with the ability to block ads, Dark Mode, and translation features to maximize the experience of your surfing needs.

Kiwi is free and ad-free but has no feature to sync with a computer. However, with what it brings, Kiwi still deserves to be the best Flash-supporting browser you should use.


Another familiar name for Flash browsers for Android is impossible, not to mention Puffin. Its high-security capabilities are also very famous.

One difference of Puffin compared to other Flash browsers is that updates are added by developers more often. With secure surfing experience. Besides, it will send updates via the cloud, so the speed will also get faster.

Another handy feature of Puffin is its data compression algorithm. This feature helps to save up on expensive 3G and 4G mobile data or improve the speed of surfing for low-spare capacity Wi-Fi connections.

Finally, if you play web games often, Puffin will respond very well. It supports virtual touch keyboard and mouse, essential for simple control when playing games on the browser. With this feature, Puffin helps you play all the games on the web without a computer or laptop.

Above are some advantages of the Puffin browser. It offers two free versions with ads and paid for about $15 has removed ads. You can use the version that suits your conditions.


True to its name, we know Lightning for its fast page loading speed. To make this list, Lightning also has a built-in Flash player that doesn’t require you to install any additional tools or utilities.

Another difference is that Lightning can work well on older Android devices, as version 2.2 and above – and its capacity is very light. So, like FlashFox, Lightning is a good browser for low-end Android devices with limited memory.

Lightning allows users to use for free with no restrictions, but there is no policy to place ads inside. It is a challenging thing to find on Flash browsers with many advantages as above.


The name Opera has been familiar to everyone since mainstream keyboards. Opera also integrates a Flash player and enhances privacy for users. As for performance, Opera’s page load speed can be compared to Google Chrome.

Opera also can block unwanted ads and maximize page loading and browsing speed for your device. If you want the data not to be saved in this browser, please use the privacy mode that it provides.

Another additional feature introduced in Opera not so long ago is that everyone likes VPN. It helps you get rid of the internet service provider’s control, but VPNs can also access blocked websites, improve surfing speed, download, and watch blurred videos if it affects the fiber optic cable.

Although Opera has aged so far, what it brings, including the Flash player, still receives high praise from users. This is a free browser, with no ads, so it is well worth the experience.


What are the Flash plug-ins that can watch all videos on Android phones?

If you want to install any video player or want to watch the video online, just use the browser to view it. The browser will automatically install the Flash plug-in. You can watch all the videos regularly.

These are the step to install FlashFox for Android mobile browsers that support flash plug-ins:

  1. Open the mobile application market, enter “FlashFox,” and click search. Denote that after the search results come out, there will be much software with similar functions. But you must choose the right one. It is FlashFox, not others.
  2. It is just a mobile browser, except that it has more flash functions than the mobile phone’s built-in browser. It does not differ from other mobile browsers and other third-party browsers. There will be a pop-up page to notify after the installation is successful.
  3. When the browser installation completes, you can enter your page tour URL and log in—test whether it can be operated like on a web page.

Is FlashFox the same as Firefox?

The names of these two software look similar, but they are entirely different software. For the similarities, both software are web browsers.

The difference is we use Firefox in the browser on the PC like Internet Explorer, Safari, while FlashFox is used on mobile phones, and it is on Android phones.

How much does the premium FlashFox cost?

FlashFox browser has a free version, and the paid version of FlashFox costs only $2.99, while the paid version of other browsers costs up to $9.99 with a single-year license. If you use the free version, you must see banner ads along the bottom of both applications, and as mentioned before, FlashFox forces you to watch a promo video before allowing you to view Flash content.

Final Words

For those who often use websites still heavily based on Adobe’s Flash technology, we recommend FlashFox Pro APK. It is a browser-based on the most famous Firefox, which shares some advanced features, but capable of allowing the display of flash elements even on the latest Android versions without requiring the installation of any external plug-in.

It is because the approach used by the app differs from the usual one because they base it on proxies that rework the page. From our tests, the navigation of sites rich in flash videos was very fluid. Judging by the comments released by users on the Play Store, however, things could change based on the phone or the software version owned (they are different to report malfunctions).

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