Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard MOD APK 11.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard MOD APK 11.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

January 20, 2021


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Premium Unlocked

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Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard is a fast, powerful, and effective keyboard app in proper time. With this utility, all your typing operations will now become smoother than ever. Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard uses a familiar QWERTY keyboard layout combined with unique word prediction technology. Also, when using Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard, users do not need to worry about their spelling problems as this software will automatically correct spelling errors for you. You can type comfortably without looking at the keyboard.

This keyboard application supports a typing area 114% more than the default keyboard. Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard also supports basic buttons such as space button, delete button, capitalization button, and sentence accent button. Users can shrink the keyboard and display it fully when needed. Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard can be installed and used on any touchscreen Android device.

General Information

In 2005, whether you are using a feature phone with the legendary T9 dictionary or a BB with a physical keyboard, texting without looking at the screen is probably not too strange. However, by 2007, the iPhone appeared with a touch design and a virtual keyboard had deleted all. Texting is now a task that takes two fingers and eyes fixed on the screen. And Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard wants to change that.

Ioannis Verdelis and Kostas Eleftheriou, the two Greek computer scientists behind Fleksy, aim to develop a better touch keyboard app. It is also amazing that we have ever experienced a physical keyboard in 2005. This app is now available on iOS and is already in beta for Android. Although there are still shortcomings, the core features like typing without looking at the screen are quite complete.

The developer claims Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard can recognize words even when you are missing most of the characters, or even when your hand is typing off the screen on the phone. Why was Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard capable of this feature? Verdelis explains that besides using traditional methods such as contextualization or word frequency, Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard is built to adapt and recognize every type of error that mobile users encounter.

Most other touch keyboard applications use technology based on research conducted for MS Word and physical keyboards. These keyboards rely on the keys you type to guess words.

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Background Story

For laptops, the keys with a small bezel like F and J are the directional keys and gradually help users remember relatively accurately the position of the remaining keys. The touch keyboard does not support this method. And if you do not look, you have almost no way of being sure where your finger is located.

So what is Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard’s secret? When a person types, they might type in the correct positions of all the letters but 10 pixels off, for example. So, instead of relying on context or frequency of word use, Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard also focuses on the position of your hand and the letters you might try to type. With this method, typing in the wrong position is no longer a problem.

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard could be a brilliant solution for the visually impaired. Last summer the developers tested this app with a community of visually impaired people. And the results were quite positive. Even though it is only in its earliest steps, Verdelis hopes Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard will change the way we use keyboards. They have conducted talks with manufacturers about combining this application with the next generation of smartphones.

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard integrates word suggestions and predictions of what you type next to enter text without having to look and save time with intuitive gestures. The application also automatically detects and corrects spelling errors quickly, the ability to switch between languages ​​while typing. And it supports over 40 different languages.

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Overall Assessments

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard is a third-party virtual keyboard app available only for iOS and Android devices. The application is born to improve typing accuracy and speed compared to traditional keyboards.

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard offers hundreds of free themes, millions of GIFs, thousands of stickers, and award-winning auto-editing. The application currently supports over 65 languages and holds the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Touch Screen Text Messages in 2014.

Considered the keyboard with the fastest display speed with user interaction, Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard is currently loved by young people because of its sensitivity and fun and unique emojis. All the unique features show through this Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard app. Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard, which holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest smartphone keyboard in the world, will be further improved in processing speed, according to the manufacturer.

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard is a groundbreaking application for users carelessly while typing. Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard allows you to correct word errors or add words to places when they are missing. It helps you complete your text entry faster. If you dislike the first suggestion given by Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard, you can choose another by swiping up or down anywhere on the keyboard. In case you do not want the suggested words, you can swipe from right to left. The keyboard features a modern design and is easy to operate. You will experience super-fast input speed. And automatic correction helps users to enter accurately without looking at the screen.

It provides access to millions of cool stickers, GIFs, and emojis, making texting no longer boring. You will own an exclusive theme library created by famous artists in the world. Using the method of local storage on the device, all user input from the keyboard is secure. The app also supports flexible switching between 65 different languages.

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Break the World’s Record

Marcel Fernandes Filho, a 17-year-old boy, used Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard to retype the sentence he used to set a previous record. The sentence is “the Piranha with two common genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world”. They rarely attack people. With a record of 17 seconds, 18.19 seconds higher than the old-time, Marcel continues to set a record on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

“We are very proud of Fleksy’s support in helping Marcel achieve this impressive feat,” said Fleksy’s co-founder and CEO, Ioannis Verdelis. “The speed and precision Fleksy offers has once again proven world-class.”

Besides announcing this interesting event, the manufacturer’s representative also revealed that the Android version of Flesky will be permanently discounted at $1.99. They originally designed Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard for Android users, then quickly became the most popular keyboard on iOS 8. Flesky’s previous world record was also set when used with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard is the most popular keyboard application for mobile devices today, quickly leading the list of best-selling paid apps in 25 countries. With an intuitive user interface, outstanding design, and best typing support, Flesky currently has millions of users in over 170 countries around the world.

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard screen 4

Final Words

We have voted Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard the fastest keyboard application in the world with flexible customization functions, and supports a variety of animated animations, stickers, and emojis. The keyboard also features fast typing and smart suggestions, multiple sizes to choose from, multiple color themes to change every day, no daily data typing.

Fleksy Ergonomic Keyboard gives Android users a fast typing keyboard app that allows searching and sending animations, stickers, and animated icons, searching for the web privately with Qwant, and automatically correcting what you type. and customize your keyboard with powerful extensions. You can also choose from three different keyboard sizes, change in over 50 colorful themes to show your style, and download this wonderful keyboard to experience.

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