Flip Diving MOD APK 3.7.20 (Unlimited Money)

Flip Diving MOD APK 3.7.20 (Unlimited Money)

April 20, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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Find yourself enjoying this unique Flip Diving challenge in the latest game from Miniclip.com. Pick up this casual and enjoyable gameplay as you literally dive into the fun and exciting flip diving actions with your unique characters. Enjoy different styles of flip diving with your athletic diver, the unstable fat man, the snappy businessman, the powerful body builder, and more.

Discover the in-depth and enjoyable diving gameplay as you jump off multiple cliffs in varied heights. Pick up epic diving techniques along the way and perform incredible tricks as you move on to the more challenging levels.

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In the game, players will join the multiple characters in their ultimate diving challenges where you’ll take your passion to the extreme. Jumping off incredible cliff while performing awesome stunts that no one dares to try. With determination and a little luck, you can become the world champion at diving.

In Flip Diving, you’ll be taken through a series of different diving challenges with escalating difficulties. It’s your job to pull off the most amazing dives as you earn the best scores and set your own records at each level. Join the online community as you compete with the best divers for the high score rankings.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive gameplay

To start with, gamers in Flip Diving will find themselves enjoying the simple yet addictive diving gameplay on their mobile devices. Choose your favorite divers and select a map. Aim your diver to the suitable direction and swipe your finger to send him to the air. Tap on the screen again to activate the flipping mechanics. Perform awesome stunts as you jump down the incredible cliffs. But make sure you time the flip properly or you’ll end up with a back or belly flop.

Flip Diving screenshot 1

Explore the endless diving gameplay with multiple tricks

And to make the game a lot more interesting, gamers in Flip Diving will have access to multiple diving tricks that they could perform. The more complicate and beautiful the trick is, the better scores you’ll earn for those. Feel free to pick up the best tricks and let your diver learn them. Enjoy the unique ragdoll physics as you perform these unique tricks while jumping off the cliffs.

Travel to multiple locations and take your diving hobby to the extreme

For those who’re looking for some extreme diving challenges, you can always find challenges in the thrilling and epic locations in the game. Here in Flip Diving, there will be more than 50 different jump platforms for you to test your skills and multiple maps to enjoy. Find yourself diving from trees, boats, trampolines, and more. Experience unique diving gameplay as you go.

Flip Diving screenshot 3

Choose between different characters with unique diving styles

To back you up as you take on all those epic diving challenges, gamers in Flip Diving are also given the option to choose between different characters with unique diving styles. Find yourself diving from epic cliffs as a bodybuilder, a businessman, a fat man, an athlete, or even some weirdo in a penguin costume. And moreover, each of them will feature their own unique diving styles and abilities that are completely different from the other. Together with responsive ragdoll physics, everything will be extremely fun and enjoyable.

Record your epic stunts and show them to your friends

As you pull off the amazing stunts or experience your greatest fails, you can easily record those memorable moments using the replay option. Just re-watch them whenever you want and save the videos if you find them enjoyable.

Awesome rewards each day to collect

And even if you don’t have time to grind the levels in Flip Diving for the awesome rewards, you’re also allowed to pick up the enjoyable daily rewards. Just open the game for a couple of minutes during your lunch break to collect the awesome loots.

Flip Diving screenshot 4

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

For those who’re looking for the absolute portable gaming experiences on their mobile devices, Flip Diving is certainly a great choice for you to enjoy during your daily commutes where the Wi-Fi is not always available. Just open the game and you can enjoy it while staying offline.

Never lose your progress in Flip Diving

And don’t you worry about your save files since they’ll be automatically uploaded online whenever you’re back online. Just connect your Google Play Service account to the game to unlock this awesome feature. With it, you can even delete the game or switch to a new phone without losing your progress in Flip Diving.

Free to play

And last but not least, the game is currently listed on Google Play Store as a free title. That being said, Android gamers can easily have access to the game on their mobile devices. Just download and install it to enjoy the game without having to pay anything.

Flip Diving screenshot 2

Enjoy the unlimited money gameplay with our mod

If you still find the game somewhat limited, you can easily have access to the unlocked gameplay with our modified version of Flip Diving. Just download our Flip Diving Mod APK to your Android devices and install it following the given instructions so you can start enjoying the unlimited gameplay.

Visual and sound quality


With stunning graphics and awesome physics, the game introduces gamers to the enjoyable Flip Diving challenges where you’ll be free to perform awesome stunts with your unique players. Fly and flip over the air before you splash the whole screen with realistic visual effects.


The game features simple yet addictive soundtracks that you’ll quickly find enjoyable. Find yourself completely hooked to the challenges as you go.

Download Flip Diving Mod latest 3.7.20 Android APK

Those who’re looking for an enjoyable casual game on their Android devices will certainly find Flip Diving enjoyable.

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