February 22, 2024


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It is not simple to find a good e-commerce marketplace. Indeed, while there are many options available such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, e.t.c. For Indian consumers, although they are all very rich in wares and stocks, the international shipping and the extra efforts you have to take into account whenever you want to buy something abroad is tiring. Most who are bothered by this tried to find alternatives in domestic e-commerce sites, but they suffered from the advantage that these larger markets had: They are not as diverse in wares and stocks, and most of the time, you would not be able to find things that you actually want to buy on these sites.

Which is why Flipkart may just be the solution people are looking for. It is not the ‘perfect’ one, but it is enough that for normal shopping needs, you don’t have to shell out a few more bucks just to ship the actual product to you.


The most important thing when you turn to Flipkart would be the stock. Well, the site claimed to offer up to 80,000 different items within its distribution network. Although I think that it’s kind of a stretch, it’s still comforting to think that you have options when you come to this market. Maybe it is not as good as the millions of different names sold on Amazon, you would most likely still be able to find common consumer goods here without having to turn to international shops.

The design of the app is great, and I’d give it a thumb up for an e-commerce app. Cladded in blue tone that is supposed to be the theme of the app, the user interface is clean and intuitive. Items are presented in the main page mostly through the means of large, detailed images that are straight to the point on what they’re supposed to be. Of course, below would be the name of the item, as well as the price point. It is not an unusual or new design whatsoever, but you’d have to give it to them for being able to design a good browsing experience.

Flipkart is oriented entirely toward the Indian market, and listings are shown in Indian Rupees. Now I do not know whether the prices are reasonable or not, but the items, at first glance, are quite well made and abundance that it could certainly pass as a daily marketplace for many. Of course, only if you are ones without … exclusive needs such as technologic items. But most of the time, you can find them either here, some places else in the country, or an independent shop to really worry about this little … inconvenience.


Flipkart – while it is not perfect in every way and as large as Amazon, it still serves its function well in bolstering the shopping experience of Indians. While there are many things that it still lacks, it is pretty easy to fill these holes up with alternatives. Yet, overall, it is not too shabby for a marketplace that you could turn to whenever you have basic needs such as drinks, consumer goods, or the likes. Sure, it is part of the answer to a larger problem, but it is still better than nothing at all. Highly recommended.

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