Flower Knight Girl 1.6.3 APK

Flower Knight Girl 1.6.3 APK

October 30, 2023

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Flower Knight Girl

For the anime fans out there, Flower Knight Girl is definitely a great game for you to enjoy. Here you can actually make your anime dream become reality by having control of various anime characters. Collect your anime girls, complete quests and missions, level them up, make your anime girls more powerful as you defeat the enemies and protect the world. Find out all about this amazing game from Nutaku with our review.


In this game, you’ll be playing as the masters of the world of Spring Garden. Your world is under threat by the annoy pests, which requires the help of the Flower Knight Girls. Your job is to collect as many girls to your team as possible and level them up so that they can match the powers of the enemies. With various anime girl available, players can take advantages of their combined strength to defeat the enemies. In addition, you’ll also find a lot of available options for you to customize and interact with your Flower Knight Girls, which is always a nice touch.

Flower Knight Girl


Here you’ll find all the most amazing features that the game has to offer:

Exciting campaign with lots of discoverable elements

With a large campaign map and lots of discoverable elements, players in Flower Knight Girl will find the game extremely exciting. There are five different types of missions that you can take to progress further in this game. First, we have the Story missions which follow the main storyline, allowing you to have a clear understand of the world in Flower Knight Girl.

Along with your Story missions, players will have their chances to take on Special missions which consist of daily missions and special events. Here you’ll find epic prizes that are not available during your story campaign. Moreover, if you happen to miss your Special missions, you can also participate in Reprint missions, which consist the past missions.

In addition, to earn Honor Medals, players can complete the concept missions, which offer special challenges to your characters. And lastly, we have the Limited missions.

Flower Knight Girl

Take on different quests to earn your deserved prizes

In Flower Knight Girl, players will be allowed to take on different quests to earn their deserved prizes and progress further into the game. As you grow stronger and have gotten far enough, the prizes will become even more interesting. But make sure your team is capable to pull things off.

Participate in exciting events to get your Flower Girl

Although you can also collect more Flower Knight Girls to your collection by doing missions and quests, there are special ones that require you to participate in exciting events to collect. They usually come with a limited number so make sure you give your best to earn them. Don’t waste your chances since they won’t come again very easy.

Flower Knight Girl

Epic skills and abilities

With many different Flower Girls available, the game offers countless characters, each with their own skills and abilities. This allows for a diverse gameplay, in which you can come up with varied team compositions. Choose the ones that fit your playing style and can counter that of your enemies. Take advantages of the epic skills and abilities to let out effective damages to the enemies.

Different units with varied traits

Along with the varied skills and abilities, the Flower Girls in the game also possess different traits, which allow them to take on different roles in the battlefields. That being said, we have the Slice units which are powerful assassinations and can take down a certain enemy relatively quick.

To hold the enemies’ attacks and attract their damages, we have the Hit units which posses both powerful offenses and defenses. To deal with tough enemies with thick armor, you’ll need the help of the Pierce units, which are capable of slashing through their lines effectively. And last but not least, to unleash the epic magic attacks, the Magic units should be your last resolve.

Flower Knight Girl

Evolve your anime girls and make them stronger

Along with collecting new anime girls, you must also make them more powerful with certain evolvements. As your Flower Knight Girls gain experiences through battles, they’ll also level up and earn more skill point. You can use these skill points to upgrade certain skills in your characters. In addition, when they’ve received enough experiences, your knights will evolve and gain new powers.

Power up your teams with equipment and items

Together with gaining experiences, you can also power up your team with new equipment and items. Complete missions and achievements to earn more prizes to your team. Unlock epic items to equip on your Flower Knight Girls. Make them become more resilient to enemies’ attacks as well as capable of dealing devastating blows.

Explore the massive world map

As you progress further in the game, you’re also introduced to a larger world map, in which players will have better chances at finding new items and upgrades. In addition, in this massive world, there are hidden secrets that await your discovery.

Play the game completely free

The game is currently free to play and can be played on different platforms from your Android devices to the PC. Hence, if you’re an anime fan and want to experience a true anime game, then Flower Knight Girl is definitely a great choice.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful hand-drawn images of pretty anime girls that you’ll definitely find interesting. In additions, it also comes with a little erotic art style, allowing anime fans to max out their imaginations. Not only that, with each update, you’ll be introduced to new anime girls that you can add to your Flower Knight collections.

With high-quality graphics and high-resolution images, players will have their chances to experience the anime world in realistic gameplay. On top of that, the well-optimized system allowing Flower Knight Girl to work well on varied systems.


Flower Knight Girl is one of the few games that comes with complete voiced dialogues and in-game combat voice effects. You can even hear your Flower Knight Girls communicating while battling the enemies. In addition, the powerful and impactful music tracks will make you completely hooked into this game.

Download Flower Knight Girl latest 1.6.3 Android APK

For those hardcore anime fans out there, Flower Knight Girl is definitely a great game for you to satisfy your interest. Take on the missions of protecting the Spring Garden, collect and power up your Flower Knight Girls, defeat the enemies once and for all. Get the game right now on your Android devices and start enjoying.

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