FocusTwitter MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

FocusTwitter MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

March 6, 2024


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Focus App (Social News Podcast)
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Pro features Unlocked

FocusTwitter will promise to bring you a more focused and streamlined Twitter experience on your mobile devices, thanks to many added features.


If you’re getting frustrated with all the ads and promotions on your Twitter feeds, which are disrupting your timeline, then you might want to try out FocusTwitter. This amazing mobile app from Podcast AudioBooks App will take you back to the old days of Twitter with its pure experiences. Enjoy browsing your tweets and remain focused with the help of the app.

Find out more about this amazing mobile tool and all of its features with our most comprehensive reviews.

Enjoy a clean and elegant UI

First, you’ll enjoy the clean and elegant app UI in FocusTwitter, which provides you with the best in-app interactions. Have the Material Design UI quickly introduce you to the news feed and many convenient touch interactions. Also, find the content much more readable without the distractions.

Feel free to customize your Twitter experiences

For those of you who are interested, you can freely customize your Twitter experiences with customizable tab designs. Here, it’s possible for mobile users to change their main screen with multiple tabs of their choice. Use the Night mode to reduce glare at night and improve battery usage. You can even use the custom theme settings to choose your own preferred colors for the app. And don’t forget to also customize the text settings to better match your preferences.

Support for two accounts

With FocusTwitter, it’s easy for you to use the app on two accounts, so feel free to log in and use them simultaneously. The account’s sync settings can be adjusted accordingly. And you can also use the background sync options to choose how you want to operate the app.

Remove promoted tweets on your feed

To make sure that you aren’t getting frustrated or distracted, FocusTwitter will allow users to remove promoted tweets on their feeds. This will ensure that you’re unbothered by unwanted tweets while browsing the news.

Enjoy the powerful mute filters

Plus, it’s possible for FocusTwitter users to use the convenient mute options to stop notifications and certain alarms on their devices. Feel free to use the feature to make sure that you’ll only receive important updates from Twitter instead of having updates every 30 seconds.

Make good use of the inbuilt browser

At the same time, FocusTwitter will provide an inbuilt browser for all Android users to enjoy working with. Here, you can use the app to visit websites and read online documents with improved readability. The fully optimized browser will deliver true web-browsing experiences.

Play videos and GIFs directly on the app

Those interested can now use the app to play YouTube videos, Twitter videos, and Twitter GIFs directly in the app without having to follow the external links. Enjoy seamless navigations and interactions with the social network whenever you’re using FocusTwitter.

Have access to the powerful widgets

To better use the app, FocusTwitter users can now access the powerful widgets. Feel free to have them featured on your home screen, and you can start using many in-app features without having to open the actual app. View the home timeline, mentions, unread counts, tweets, and many others directly on the home screen.

Enjoy our free premium app

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the app but don’t want to pay for premium features or ads, then our modded version is certainly a great option. Here, we offer the modified application with Pro features Unlocked and ads removed for free. Simply download the FocusTwitter mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re ready to go.

Final verdicts

With convenient features and useful tools, FocusTwitter will allow Android users to enjoy better interactions with the social network.

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