November 24, 2023

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Join millions of online players in the world of Frostborn as you take on other gamers in epic RPG experiences. Explore the massive world and interactive environment as you embark your journey in Frostborn. Enjoy a cooperative RPG gameplay like no other. Find out more about this amazing game from Kefir with our reviews.


The game takes place in a fictional world named Ingard – the beautiful and prosperous realm that was reign by the supreme god Odin. However, that paradise has gone into the past, as now, Ingard is filled with deadly creatures ravaging the lands. Lives have become more challenging with the people slowly being consumed by the evils.

This happens because the gate of hell was left open so that the dead can easily cross between two worlds. And the one who’s responsible for this is Hel – the goddess of death, who was sent to the depth of hell by Odin. Now, she’s seeking revenge by torturing the people and the lands.

Being one among the few survivors of Ingard, you must join forces with other players in your quest to exile the deads to where they belong. Bring peace back to the lands of Frostborn as you take on epic monsters and giant bosses.


Here you find all the exciting features in this epic RPG game:

Create your own characters

Start by creating your own characters depending on your personal preferences. Customize different hairstyles, facial traits, genders, and clothes. As you progress further into the game, you’ll earn yourself new items and equipment that you can put on your characters to make them more badass.

Choose your own classes

In Frostborn, you’ll have your chances to choose the suitable classes for your heroes. Feel free to switch between different hero classes by having the right sets of weapons and equipment. Make sure you have diverse team composition if you think you’re readied for online gameplay.

Simple and intuitive controls

And to make the game more enjoyable for new gamers, Frostborn offers intuitive tutorials that you can use to quickly learn how to survive in this world. Make sure you pay good attention since it’ll not be easy. On top of that, you’ll find the controls system extremely simple and easy to get around. All the movements and skills are neatly organized so that you can effectively choose your commands. And if you want to look for more advanced options, you just need to tap on the preference button.

Venture through the harsh lands and complete your missions

Experience the captivating story mode in Frostborn as you take on the challenges that are given to you and complete them to progress further in the world of Ingard. Slowly but steady, you’ll learn your way to survive in the harsh land of Frostborn as well as improving your heroes’ capabilities.

Exciting co-op gameplay with up to 4 players

And if you want to experience the exciting co-op gameplay in Frostborn, you just have to find your online friends and form your own team with up to 4 players. Join epic raid battles and challenge other online gamers in exciting team battles. In addition, you’ll have the chances to take on the intimidating bosses that you can’t deal with by yourself.

Explore the clan system

You can also create your own clan and have your online friends joined, or vice versa. Together, you can start to build your bases to defend you from the tough nature and the lurking saboteurs who always want to raid your properties. Explore the clan system and maybe you’ll find the clan battles exciting.

Explore the massive world

Here in Frostborn, players will have their chances to explore the massive world of Ingard. Travel the vast in-game environments and discover new locations as you embark your adventure. Explore the different locations and dark dungeons to earn yourself valuable loots. And if you think it’s too much for you, you can have other players join in your squads. Travel through different environments and pick up epic quests.

Equip your characters with varied weapons

The best features when it comes to the combat and character development of Frostborn is that it allows gamers to pick up a wide range of different weapons. From melee and ranged weapons, you can choose the ones that fit you the most. Collect the powerful equipment to enhance your stats and choose the right weapons that fit your fight style. In addition, you can also level up your characters to gain massive stats boots.

Discover an in-depth crafting system

With the crafting system enabled in Frostborn, players will have their chances to explore a deep crafting gameplay like no others. Collect materials and create your daily items. Create powerful weapons to help dealing with tough enemies. Craft materials to construct your home. You can even create your own transportation. Make uses of your creativity and create epic contraptions.

Free to play

The game is free to play for gamers from all over the world. Hence, you can start joining millions of online players in Frostborn right now by having the game downloaded and installed on your devices.

Visual and sound quality


It’s rare to find an online game that comes with such good graphics. The stunning 3D world in Frostborn will deliver an authentic Viking gaming for Android fans. Explore the spectacular world ancient Scandinavia with the beautiful graphics. Join others in epic fights with awesome visual effects.


With atmospheric sound design, you’ll always feel like you’re truly caught in the epic world of the legendary gods. Go against the powerful monsters and opponents as you experience an immersive audio experience in Frostborn.

Download Frostborn latest Android APK

The game is everything you could have from an online RPG game, and more. Join millions of other gamers as you explore the legendary world of Ingard.

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