Fury Survivor Pixel Z 1.068 APK

Fury Survivor Pixel Z 1.068 APK

January 5, 2024

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Fury Survivor Pixel Z

Who could have thought that a pixelated game could be so scary and heartwarming at the same time? In Fury Survivor Pixel Z, where humanity is pushed beyond its boundaries, nothing is impossible. Explore the post-apocalyptic world as one of the few survivals in the latest game from Leiting Games. Find out about this amazing game with our comprehensive reviews.


You’ll start the game as an average worker who’s on his way to return home from the factory. However, as he gets out, he soon realizes that there is something spooky about the whole atmosphere. It smells like blood, oh actually, it smells like a lot of blood.

As you walk out of your factory, you soon realize that Bob, your co-worker and along with dozens of others have been turned into zombies. They suddenly charge at you, without thinking straight, you just grab at bat nearby and swing at them. As you look down, Bob and the other zombies have already lying dead on the ground.

In the year 2025, the Z virus brake out, leaving only a few survivals. Humanity has been almost wiped out. What can a man possibly do in this situation?

Fury Survivor Pixel Z


Here are some of the best feature that the game has to offer:

An emotional story following our characters

After analyzing the situations, you know that there is no way to put a stop to this, at least for now. Your main concern right now is to locate your wife and child and make sure that they’re still safe. Even if there is just a glimpse of hope, you’ll not give up.

Now, you must set out to find your beloved ones. Take down the zombies who’re getting in your way and collect the essentials for your survival kit. You must make it out of here.

It’s rare to see such a great game being made with pixelated graphics. However, the developers at Leiting Games have done a great job delivering this masterpiece. Experience a sad yet heart-warming as we follow a man who’s holding onto his last straw of hope. In such a mad world, everything is possible.

Travel to different areas and wipe out all the zombies around those areas to start looking for your wife and kid. Be brave and god bless you.

Fury Survivor Pixel Z

Simple and intuitive controls

The game features simple and intuitive controls which allow gamers to make quick and comfortable movements and attacks. You can easily run around the map, fighting the zombies along your way, dodging their attacks, and so on.

In additions, you’ll have all the other related options available right on the screen. This allows gamers to make quick changes and boosts while they’re fighting zombies.

Surprisingly interactive environment

Despite the simple graphics, Fury Survivor: Pixel Z offers a really interactive environment. Here you can easily break stuff like cars, crates, even building and walls, and so on to look for items and good. On top of that, you can even interact with multiple objects on the maps just by examining or impact on them. For example, we even have the traffic cone response to our kick by falling on the ground. This is something that we highly appreciate.

Fury Survivor Pixel Z

Collect items for your survivals

As you’re out there searching for your family, it’s important that you can equip yourself properly. And by that, I mean foods, weapons, medical kits, beverage, and so on. Make sure you spend time looking around to find enough items for your character.

Thrilling and exciting actions

Those who love the hack and slash titles would certainly find Fury Survival Pixel Z interesting. The game allows players to charge themselves into the enemies’ lines. Fight zombies from all directions as you are surrounded by them. Make uses of your huge arsenal and take down the zombies using all kinds of weapons.

It’s your decisions, either kill or be killed, you have to choose. With zombies scattering all over the map, a man must go beyond his humanity to wipe them out ruthlessly.

Fury Survivor Pixel Z

Complete various challenges to earn prizes

As you’re caught into the never-ending conflicts with the zombies, engage in various challenges by killing as many zombies as possible. The more you kill, the more trophies you’ll earn. Take them down and earn your deserved prizes as you complete the challenges.

Different types of zombies

Here in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, players are also introduced to different types of zombies which come in different sizes and powers. You’ll have the small but fast ones, who’re extremely deadly if you can’t take them down quickly. And you also have the huge and powerful zombies that will require you to maintain a good distance to prevent them from attacking you. Choose your tactics and approaches before every battle.

Fury Survivor Pixel Z

Plant your tactics and build a viable system

In these days, a man must go far in order to survive the hardship of the apocalypse. Make sure you collect enough items to sustain in the wild, materials to make your camps, and weapons to deal with the zombies at any time.

Get your pet to help you

In such a desperate world, each individual must depend on others to survive. And here in Fury Survivor Pixel Z, players will have the chances to adopt various pets who’ve lost their owner during the plague. Take good care of them and train them to fight alongside you as you embark your own journey. Save some hope for humanity.

Explore the mines for epic prizes

To get more items for your inventory, gamers are also allowed to search the mines for valuable goods. However, make sure that you stay alerted since the zombies can show up at any time and take you down in matters of seconds.

Explore the forest and collect lumber

Besides the mines, gamers are also given access to the deep forest to collect wood materials for your camp. However, like in the mines, make sure you are careful because zombies can show up at any moment.

Make friends and play the game with other players

The game also allows players to make friends with other players. Join each other in epic co-op missions. Join the Friends system and send gifts to your friends to increase your relationships. It’s a long time since you can last feel the love between humans.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple and undemanding pixelated graphics, which make it playable on most Android devices. Hence, you can enjoy the game even on your old smartphones. Nonetheless, the designers at Leiting Games still managed to make the game extremely scary with epic blood and gore effects.

Thanks to the excellent visual communications, well-designed characters, and environments, the game remain scary despite its simple graphics.


With Fury Survivor Pixel Z, you’ll be constantly bombarded with scary soundtracks that play whenever you’re in a difficult situation. On top of that, the naturally spooky atmospheres make you feel like you’re really lost in this scary world. In addition, realistic sounds effects with zombie growls, gunshots, and blood streaming down on the ground will make this game unforgettable for any gamers who played it.

How To Install Fury Survivor: Pixel Z APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.mrxw.android.ltgames. Ensure that the OBB file (main.60.com.mrxw.android.ltgames.obb) sits within the com.mrxw.android.ltgames folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Fury Survivor: Pixel Z latest 1.068 Android APK

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is one of those few games for Android devices that are actually scary. Despite its simple graphics, the game is still extremely thrilling and exciting. You won’t likely to find another title that offers the same level of experiences such as this one. So make sure you download and install it on your Android devices right now to start enjoying.

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