Grand Hotel Mania MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Grand Hotel Mania MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

May 28, 2024


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Grand Hotel Mania is a great hotel management simulation game. You open the hotel and lead the best team. The gameplay diversity should suit many choices of users in different countries such as USA, Canada, UK, … You help people around the world have a great vacation. Each guest has their own needs, such as business or pleasure. You help customers through great everyday tasks. You build the most comfortable hotels, and your support is the management of Monica and Ted – they help you ensure complete guest satisfaction. You upgrade your hotel to make your guests more comfortable, interesting and attractive. You will receive love and recognition from all peoples of the world when they come to your hotel.

About Gameplay

Grand Hotel Mania features simple, fun and awesome gameplay. You will need to respond quickly to customer requests, set appropriate priorities, and ensure the best service to everyone. You need to do a lot to overcome customer waiting times, and customer challenges. You can use add-on items for success, and make every level easier. Get ready for your exciting adventure in a cozy American hotel. You open hotels, and lead every employee to help guests. The game allows you to travel around the world, discover new places and meet fascinating guests. Challenges are not too difficult, but you need focus, and agility to respond promptly to sudden requests from guests. You need to observe and think to set priorities and delight your customers. You create the best room service through delicious food. You cook wonderful dishes for your guests like: pasta, delicious coffee, green tea, pizza, sushi, and many other delicious dishes. Your hotel will be more successful when you get lots of likes. If you quickly fill out the order, you will receive more recognition and love. From here, your guests will express their gratitude to make your hotel even better. After some time, you will upgrade the hotel stations, thanks to coins and gems from completing the levels. In addition, the game also provides rockets to help you complete the levels quickly and interestingly. Please shoot fireworks into the sky to create more joy for your customers.

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Grand Hotel Mania offers the usual experience of exciting time management games. The game receives a lot of love from those who love classic strategy games. You explore many colorful locations, complete interesting quests and overcome many different difficulty levels. You act as the owner of the Golden Apple Hotel. Your mission is to successfully develop your business, and continuously improve the service level of the hotel. You create your own chain of hotels, and help your brand become one of the most prosperous and famous in the world. You receive support from a number of figures, for example: Monica is the hotel administrator whose main task is to receive and pay money; Ted is a bellman whose job is to do most of the common tasks such as cleaning rooms, preparing food and drinks; Howard is an employee of a transportation company.

Grand Hotel Mania helps you learn to accurately allocate your time. You will have to complete many challenging missions, and manage the entire hotel chain. You upgrade amenities like cleaning utensils, front desks and other services through coins. You can watch some ads to earn extra coins. The game is produced by the publisher DeusCraft. You have to complete difficult tasks as a manager. You can build appropriate plans such as hiring staff, expanding hotels, setting priority service schedules for some important customers … and many other tasks. The game’s setting is mainly concentrated in one area of ​​the hotel, but you can travel the world, explore different locations and meet loads of interesting guests. You can also prepare some delicious dishes like pasta, coffee, green tea, pizza, sushi …

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Grand Hotel Mania has a popular click control mechanism. You will start the main screen at the hotel building. You switch levels by clicking the arrow in the lower right corner. At the top of the screen you see playtime, coins and crystals. The game has several branches in levels per hotel. The game has fast, interesting and dynamic gameplay. The game offers a pleasant process, beautiful interface design, easy access controls, clear navigation, and freedom of choice. Just observe, and follow the instructions of Monia’s manager, Ted. You can perform tasks easily with just a few familiar taps. You control the character to move to the required location, solving the needs of each customer in different rooms. Each customer is well served, they will pay you “like” marks. You try to accumulate as many “likes” for the usefulness of your business.

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Graphics and sound

Grand Hotel Mania features cute 2D graphics, and is extremely mobile optimized. The game features cute graphics, and an aggressive character and locations. Each character is built in a cute cartoon style, and has its own appearance. You can always feel the vibrant atmosphere, and bright colors while playing. Games with vibrant colors should bring visual enjoyment, and attract many users. Really, the graphics are not that cool, but the redesigned style is very successful. It’s always a pleasure to enjoy transition scenes, character images, objects, and more. Colors are varied, bright with beautiful effects. In addition, the music is soothing and fun to keep you comfortable playing.

You can try “Hotel Empire Tycoon” with a similar travel mission. You will build your own hotel empire and become a force in the tourism industry. You run a small hotel, improve things, and build awesome buildings for a five-star resort. After playing time, you expand your hotel room, adding chic furniture and outstanding décor. You add more items to enhance all amenities and maximize comfort for your guests. Get ready for a famous hotel owner, and reinvest your income to improve your business.

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Grand Hotel Mania actually has many improvements over the version first released. The game has added many new features in the updates such as: improved player interaction; keep happy memories; Integrated many languages ​​such as French, German, English. The game offers a large, colorful world and hides many great travel adventures. You can open hotels in many places to serve a variety of guests. The game offers great experiences through building the most comfortable hotels. Be ready to accompany Monica Manager and Bellboy Ted to become one of America’s cozy hotel brands.

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