Grow Castle MOD APK 1.39.6 (Unlimited Coins)

Grow Castle MOD APK 1.39.6 (Unlimited Coins)

December 19, 2023


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Grow Castle poster Experience the simple yet addictive strategy game in Grow Castle where you’ll control your army to defend the kingdom from the ever-growing enemies’ attacks. Defend the kingdom with all that you have to keep the enemies at bay. Prevent them from getting through your defenses at all costs or the outcome will be unbearable. Make uses of multiple ally units as you bring them to the battlefield. Embrace multiple tactics depending on your unit’s unique skills and abilities. Upgrade your armies so they’ll become more effective during battles. Find yourself being challenged by all kinds of different enemies and giant bosses. Pick up this awesome mobile game which you can enjoy whenever you want. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


Right off the bat, gamers will find themselves caught in the battlefield with enemies’ already approaching yours. Here, you’ll have an only goal, to defend the castle that your troops are positioned on. This would be your kingdom’s last defense which guards the border. Without it, the evil forces can easily travel through the pass and reach the capital. That being said, it’s your job to make a heroic stance at the castle. Death or alive, you have sworn to protect the kingdom along with the martyrs who will fight as long as they’re still breathing. Choose between multiple units with unique powers and abilities. Have the fighting the enemies in unique formations depending on their forces. Make uses of the upgrades and customizations as you promote the powers of each unit in your army. Spend time to reinforce your defense, and most importantly, rebuild and expand your castle. With the upgraded castle, you can fit more units as well as recruit new ones so they may hold down their enemies. Defend your beloved kingdom and its people from the hands of the evil monsters or all will end. Grow Castle screenshot 1


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the unique and satisfying strategy game

To start with, Android gamers will have access to the unique yet addictive strategy gameplay with Grow Castle. Find yourself defending your castle to the last enemies’ attacks. Fail and your entire kingdom’s fate shall be extremely hopeless. In addition, the simple defend game with improved mechanics make Grow Castle extremely accessible and enjoyable.

Upgrade and build up your castle tower after each stage

Gamers can take part in the constructions and upgrades of their castles. Choose between multiple upgrades such as building new levels, expand your towers to fit more men inside, give it better defenses so it can withstand enemies’ attacks. Feel free to top your tower high up with multiple floors or unlock new fire powers. Grow Castle screenshot 4

Different units with varied powers and abilities

And as you get involved in the game, you’ll have access to a variety of different units that you can have in your army. Choose between multiple units with unique powers and abilities. Pick up the powerful archers who’re capable of dealing with the enemies. Unleash magical attacks toward your enemies. Or curse them with your mysterious voodoo stuffs

Multiple upgrades for your units

In addition, there are also multiple upgrades that you can make on your units. Depending on your tactics and strategies, you should only focus on certain units so you won’t be wasting too much money. Lead your armies through multiple enemy waves and earn your victories.

Powerful heroes with devastating powers

On top of that, the game also features the mighty heroes, whose appearances on the battlefields can easily change the tide of battles. And unlike your normal units, heroes can be level up as well as earning new powers. With the right and decisive help, your heroes can easily turn the tide of battle against the enemies. Make sure you give your heroes multiple upgrades so they can stand strong no matter what. Their unique buffs to your entire defending garrison. With over 120 different heroes, each with their own traits, the game will be extremely fun and enjoyable. Grow Castle screenshot 2

Conquest and build up colonies to improve your businesses

And unlike other defend game where you can only focus on the simple tower defense gameplay, gamers in Grow Castle are also introduced to other exciting activities. That being said, you can complete multiple missions to earn resources. Or create your own colonies and hire workers to start collecting gold for you. Make uses of every source of income to improve your overall stance.

Enjoy the game with online gamers from all over the world

In addition, the game also features online gameplay where gamers can enjoy the game with other online gamers. Find yourself challenging your enemies in real-time battles in the ranking games. Takedown enemies and advance to the higher level so you can unlock better ranks. Not to mention that you’re also introduced to the online Guild system. Here, you can meet up with the most interesting gamers in the game. Create your own guild or join an existing one so you can start playing the game with players from all over the world. Never find yourself alone in Grow Castle.

Quick and enjoyable gameplay

Those who only have a few minutes to spare during their lunch breaks, daily commutes, or the likes will surely find Grow Castle enjoyable. Find yourself being introduced to the defensive battle as you open the game. Pick up this quick and enjoyable game to start exploring whenever you want.

Play the game with or without the Internet

In addition, you’re also allowed to play the game with or without your Internet connections, which is quite enjoyable. Experiencing the completely portable gameplay with Grow Castle as you join millions of Android gamers in this game. Moreover, gamers can also find their in-game progress extremely safe and secured. With the online cloud backup services, all your saves in the game will be automatically uploaded online as they are created. And even when you’re playing offline, your saves will still be uploaded online as soon as you reconnect to the Internet. Grow Castle screenshot 3

Multiple challenges and achievements to complete

Along with the main gameplay, gamers in Grow Castle will so have access to multiple challenges and achievements that are featured in the game. Find yourself taking on unique and enjoyable gameplay while also earn valuable loots.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free to play on all Android devices. Hence, you can download and install the game from the Google Play Store with ease. However, the in-app purchases and somewhat annoying ads might bother you.

Enjoy unlimited coin with our mod

To make yourself even more comfortable with Grow Castle, we also introduce our excellent mod version of the game for all of our viewers. All it takes for you to install the mod is to download our Grow Castle Mod APK file on your mobile devices. There’ll also be intuitive instructions to make sure that there is no mistake. So you’ll find it relatively easy and simple.

Visual and sound quality


The game features relatively simple graphics that make it quite accessible on most Android devices. In addition, the friendly cartoony art styles also make the game suitable for multiple gamers.


Enjoy yourself in the endless battles with accurate and dynamic sound effects. On top of that, the powerful and epic soundtracks will keep you hooked to the game for hours on end.

Download Grow Castle Mod latest 1.39.6 Android APK

Pick up this refreshing tower defense game as you join millions of online gamers in Grow Castle. Challenge yourself in multiple missions and levels while having fun with the hilarious gameplay and character designs.

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