GTA: Chinatown Wars MOD APK 4.4.172 (Unlimited Money)

GTA: Chinatown Wars MOD APK 4.4.172 (Unlimited Money)

February 29, 2024


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It has been five years since Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (GTA: Chinatown Wars) appeared on two Nintendo DS and PSP and nearly four years with an iOS version. New Android users touch Rockstar’s super product on the Google Play app store.

In GTA: Chinatown Wars, you will play Huang Lee, the son of a gang boss in Hong Kong. He has everything, money and wealth. Suddenly, Huang Lee’s father was assassinated. He lost everything, his status, and his money. And traditionally, to inherit the throne, he had to find the Yu Jian sword for his uncle Kenny. However, when he arrived in Liberty City, he was locked in a truck cellar with his uncle’s hands and feet. It is where you will start the game, start setting foot in the Gypsy.

GTA: Chinatown Wars is Rockstar’s role-playing game series that will take players to travel to famous cities. Here, players will explore the mysteries hidden deep in the darkness with the role of a real Gangster. You will take part in many activities in the game such as racing, assassination, shooting through the missions of the entrusted organization.

General Information

GTA: Chinatown Wars will reuse the same top-down perspective as the early versions of GTA released in the late 90s. However, the game’s graphics are still styled 3D stylized shading animation. Still set in the familiar city of Liberty City in the GTA series, the plot of Chinatown Wars tells about Huang Lee. He is a criminal guy from the Trifarian Society who has a feud with the Korean gang in Chinatown. In terms of gameplay, GTA: Chinatown Wars remains faithful to the free-flowing style and allows the principal character to do all kinds of things with a rich variety of missions.

At first glance, many people mistakenly think that Rockstar Games has brought Chinatown Wars back to the early days of the Grand Theft Auto series with outdated 2D graphics with a top-down perspective. However, compared to its ancient predecessors, Chinatown Wars is completely superior in both content and valuable recent additions in gameplay. With such advantages, Chinatown Wars is an excellent version of the GTA series.

Set in the city of Liberty City in GTA IV, the plot of Chinatown Wars revolves around the chief character Huang Lee in the fight against the criminal gangs in the city of Liberty. When he heard that they had assassinated his father, Huang quickly flew from Hong Kong to Liberty to find out about his death. Also, from this moment, they pushed Huang into a spiral of power between the different factions to take over the throne that his father left.

How to Play GTA: Chinatown Wars?

Overall, Chinatown Wars has the same gameplay as other GTA games. The manipulation of moving and robbing the car remains the same as compared to the traditional control mechanism. Besides, the game also provides players with effective help options such as automatically aiming at the target. You are driving or automatically locating the target with the GPS right on the mini-map on the bottom screen.

Now, the mini-games of Chinatown Wars on the DS version have been fully recreated every day on the PSP from breaking the car’s electric lock, searching the trash can to find weapons to tattoos, or crafting gas bombs. They have also replaced the control mechanism with the stylus and the touchscreen with the analog and trigger buttons. The weapon system in the game is quite diverse with over 20 types of weapons from smoke grenades, flamethrowers, swords to pistols, shotguns, special snipers. Players can order weapons at the Ammu-Nation homepage via its PDA.

Chinatown Wars is the first game in the GTA series to allow players to replay any completed quest to gain higher bonus points or in less time. The effective Trip Skip mechanism allows you to replay the task that has just failed without having to go through the previous rather time-consuming stages. It is a very welcome feature. Unfortunately, it is rarely used because most quests in Chinatown Wars are not so difficult that players have to try again over two times.

In the game, the police force that is always ready to chase when it discovers suspicious things will often defeat the players. Similar to other GTA versions, the wanted system ranges from one to six stars. The higher the number of stars, the more crowded the police force you are. At the highest wanted level, convoys of patrol vehicles, barricades, helicopters, and mobile police forces will surround players.

To escape the fierce pursuit of the city government, players can flee quickly or wash away with the Pay’n Spray paint shop. Especially in Chinatown Wars, players can also reduce the number of wanted stars by knocking down the police car but not harming the officer controlling that vehicle.

Overall Assessments

If it bore you with the main storyline of the game, players still have a lot to do in Liberty City. You can steal police cars, ambulances, taxis or fire trucks, noodles delivery vehicles, and perform side tasks similar to robbery, fire fighting, and transporting guests. Besides, it also involves players in racing missions, with a system of jumping points (Stunt Jump) and over 100 hidden cameras scattered on the map waiting for players to explore.

Not only shining in the single-player, GTA: Chinatown Wars also stands out with a very interesting multiplayer with many types of play: Death Race (racing), Stash Dash (delivery), Liberty City Survivor (duel), Defend the Base (protect the base), or Gang Bang (protect your property and destroy the opponent’s property).

Through a Wi-Fi connection, players can send messages to other players in the game, exchange weapons, items, or points of interest on the map with each other. If you connect to the Rockstar Social Club website, you can upload your score and unlock a few extra quests after completing the single-player game.

The graphics and sound of GTA: Chinatown Wars on the PSP are much superior to its DS counterpart. Models of buildings, cars, characters, and landscapes in the game are full of details. Lighting effects, weather effects, and time of day are not inferior to any previous GTA game on the PSP platform. The listening segment of GTA: Chinatown Wars also satisfies players with 11 different radio channels corresponding to eight genres of music such as Rock, Metal, and Hip-Hop. Besides, in-game sound effects such as the sound of cars breaking, sound screaming people, or gunshots were taken very carefully.

With an attractive storyline, a variety of missions, excellent multiplayer, and free-flowing gameplay, GTA: Chinatown Wars deserves to be one of the best representatives of the Grand Theft Auto series.

In Gangstar Vegas, you will transform into a boxer Jason Malone on his career path. Although there are many difficulties, he is still one of the best fighters. With the battle against Frank Valieno, our boxer friend will receive an extensive amount of money enough to live to grow old. But no, this guy did the opposite and beat the opponent with just the first round. Of course, the waves happened when Frank put Jason Malone on the list to eliminate. Now, you only have to run away from his pursuit and what Gangstar Vegas is asking for.

The first highlight that Gangstar Vegas brings is the size of the world map stretching to nine-square kilometers. Besides, the graphics in the game are also quite great. Every scene in the game is in high detail. Also, the operator of the video camera and operation of the Havok engine makes the driving turns more sophisticated than ever.

Final Words

With 17 years of virtual world war, the Grand Theft Auto series has always been the monument of the open-world action game series. Possessing a gameplay system where gamers may roam an extremely large environment, Grand Theft Auto also poses countless challenges for the hardware capabilities of the PC and Console. Therefore, no one can imagine one-day small game consoles like the PSP or Nintendo DS will welcome a blockbuster called GTA: Chinatown Wars. Not to disappoint its predecessors, the launch of Chinatown Wars received countless reviews and high scores from reputable game sites.

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