Guitar Pro APK 1.7.4 (Paid for free)

Guitar Pro APK 1.7.4 (Paid for free)

April 12, 2023

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Guitar Pro is a music editing tool that most guitar players have trusted to use since 2004. And until now, after 16 years, it is still famous for many updated versions. Want to know the reason? Very simple. It’s lightweight, it’s easy to use, it’s intuitive and useful for not only guitar players but anyone who loves composing.

All the music (including over 220 soundtracks) in Emobi’s famous 7554 FPS game is composed of Guitar Pro. Guitar Pro is a software for simulating the Guitar and some other instruments on the computer. Not only supports you to learn by Tab, in the latest versions, the software also strongly helps you in composing music or mixing arrangements.

Guitar Pro is a guitar learning, playing, and composing program for those with a passion for this instrument. This learning software will bring you entertaining moments after stressful working hours while helping you practice your skills.

General Information

When you download Guitar Pro, you will easily notice a series of changes compared to the old versions. The Guitar Pro allows users to compose music for guitar, bass, or any other stringed musical instrument in the fastest time.

You can also listen to music created by you directly in the best conditions and environment. It is also the perfect tool for those who want to practice their skills, practice playing classic songs, compose music, or mix harmony.

Guitar Pro creates an ideal working environment for guitar enthusiasts by providing guitar playing tools such as string diagrams, guitar tuning system, metronome, and gradation tools music format. This application also allows users to import, export, and share data easily supports MIDI and ASCII formats, and enjoy glorious music available on the Internet.

Besides, you can compose and listen to it yourself, Guitar Pro’s sound library will give you the same music quality as when you play a proper instrument.

Main features of Guitar Pro:

  • Support playing and composing Guitar music
  • Train skills and passion for music
  • Listen to the music created by me
  • Provide specialized guitar playing tools
  • Import and export data to MIDI and ASCII formats
  • Listen to the guitar songs available on the Internet

Special Features

Main Benefits

Guitar Pro APK is a software for composing and editing music, with many supporting functions for guitar and bass players. Major benefits include:

  • Fast music composing and editing with no good music playing skills
  • Play built-in music. It helps those who are not familiar with music theory and vocals to hear the composed melody correctly.
  • Easy to use because the interface is very smart and flexible
  • Get to know hand positions faster with the Tablature display mode for guitar and bass players
  • Lookup a convenient chord library and scale with a built-in hand for guitar and bass
  • MIDI import and export (including other formats such as ASCII, MusicXML, Wave, BMP, and PDF)
  • More realistic sound with an increasingly mature library of simulated sound, especially with APK version
  • Support training with Play Looped/Speed ​​Trainer
  • Quickly tune-up with the Digital Guitar Tuner

Also, Guitar Pro has a large community of users. It makes it easier to find your favorites and share them with your friends.

Flexible and Easy-to-use Interface

Guitar Pro has an easy to understand and intuitive interface. The way to adjust the toolbar is very similar to MS Office 2003. The toolbar can easily rearrange the position and turn on/off for the most convenient.

Under the menus is a Guitar FretBoard (guitar neck) or a Keyboard that allows you to see the hand position. The notes corresponding to the pointing position or playing on the score.

In the middle of the screen, it is the track with the form of notes or parallel tablature that you can display in these two formats. On the music track, you can have notes, chord name, diagram, lyrics, and effect name (e.g. Official Harmonic, Natural Harmonic)

Below the screen, the left pane is a list of tracks including track name, instrument, volume, optional Mute track or Solo Track, sound effect parameters (pan, reverb, tremolo, chorus, phaser), and channel effect.

The right panel is a chart of bars of all the color-coded tracks, showing the sections that the writer has divided (e.g. Intro, Interlude, Bridge, etc.). The toolbar in this area is Effects and Note.

Import and Export Diversified Data

Guitar Pro allows you to:

  • Import data from MIDI, ASCII (Tablature character form), Music XML (Recordare format – representing the track is digitized in XML supported by most parts of software specializing in writing music), files in PowerTab and TablEdit format (two file formats of two composing software for guitar in Tablature format).
  • Export data to Guitar Pro 4 and 5 formats, MIDI, ASCII, WAVE, PDF, Music XML, BMP (image format).
  • From version 5 onwards, Guitar Pro showed an actual interest in performing and presenting music with a high aesthetic. Therefore, the PDF format when output is of sufficient quality and standard for publishing into SongBooks as you still see in bookstores.

Sound Quality

The sound that comes out when you compose or play music on Guitar Pro is an emulated sound from Synthesizer Software (eg Virtual SoundCanvas) or Sound Card. For example, sound-on-board often uses Microsoft’s built-in Synthesizer in Windows or soundcard supports sound font and the EMU soundcard for impressive sound.

The Synthesizers turn information about music in digital form into musical instrument sounds that we can hear such as flute, guitar, and drums. You can also use MIDI Synthesizer devices like the Roland V-SynthXT MIDI Synth Module (about $2200) for better sound quality. And then use the output from it as a BackTrack (background music) on the fly. There is time to prepare for an upcoming show.

While writing music, use Guitar Pro default sound configuration (Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth) because the instruments are emulated. When playing multiple instruments you will easily hear each tree instead of a mess like other Synthesizers. Guitar Pro’s strongest point is not a realistic sound but a convenient and compact music writing software.

RSE – Realistic Sound Engine

Since version 5, GuitarPro has added its built-in sound library following Steinberg’s VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology Instrument) standard (Press F2 to activate RSE).

It is the most advertised function of Guitar Pro called Realistic Sound Engine (RSE) that emulates the sound of Guitar (Distortion, Overdrive, Clean, Muted, Steel, Nylon), Bass, and Drums. It also adds a Reverb effect to each track or the entire track with different sound effects.

In particular, the sound system of the guitar has added a function to create Wah like using conventional Wah-Wah Pedals. From version 5.1, Guitar Pro allows you to edit parameters of Equalizer, Reverb separately for each instrument that supports RSE and for the total score.

Digital Guitar Tuner

It is a tuning tool for guitar and bass. To use this tool, you must plug the guitar into the computer into the Unbalanced input of the soundcard or plug the guitar into a device called DI Box. It converts the signal from Unbalanced to XLR Balanced input like a microphone. They also connect it to the mic input of the soundcard.

If you just plug the guitar directly into one of the soundcard’s mic input, the signal will be noisy and distort. Although it still sounds fine, the most remarkable thing is that you risk damaging your audio chip or even burning your motherboard if you plug in such a guitar.

In short, for those who do not have the equipment conditions, our advice is to stay away from this feature. Do not plug the Guitar into the mainboard or else it will cost you millions to replace the new motherboard.

Composing music on Guitar Pro APK

Guitar Pro allows you to compose music in three ways:

  • Use the mouse
  • Use a computer keyboard (mostly NumPad)
  • Keyboards that support MIDI (or Guitar MIDI)

You can compose music directly on Score (track) or Tablature (switch between these two modes by pressing the TAB key). Composing speed can be improved by up to 300% if you master keyboard shortcuts instead of messing around with the mouse and squinting for tiny buttons.

Quickly import by resources

Why do we appreciate the importance of this feature while composing music on Guitar Pro? First, to be clear, we do not encourage you to import other people’s music into your products.

Second, professional composers often have a library of recorded musical ideas in various formats. Most users often record directly to Guitar Pro. For those who can play the Keyboard, they can record ideas as MIDI files or a small project.

Third, there are many MIDI libraries selling sample melodies, textures, riffs used in mass music production, especially Dance, Pop, R&B. Users can use the Import MIDI feature to import sample sentences directly to the Guitar Pro track.

Most worth mentioning is the function to import MIDI files. With this function, Guitar Pro gives you many options:

  • Import one or more tracks (if the MIDI file contains many tracks such as Drums, Bass, Guitar)
  • Enter only track title, beat variation
  • Combine notes that are too close together into chords. It is a more precious feature than gold to help reduce clutter after import because when typing a chord (especially on the guitar).

They play not all notes at the same time. Between one note and the other, there may be a few tens to hundreds of milliseconds apart due to the way the player performs. Guitar Pro will automatically recognize and input them into a chord to beat at the same time.

  • Quick Import as Guitar Pro automatically creates a new file and imports the entire MIDI file contents. If you want to use two MIDI channels for each track, then click Use 2 Channels Per Track.

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is a guitar learning app that gives you a guitar chord, bass and ukulele chord catalog, tabs, and lyrics to learn your favorite songs. You can find in the Ultimate Guitar tab collection and compile your favorite tabs in playlists.

Ultimate Guitar is the best trainer and companion for those who are learning to play the guitar, focusing on guitar techniques, or exploring songs for special moments with collections from artists. professional guitar. The app brings thousands of popular songs to play guitar, discover guitar chords, bass, and ukulele, tabs, and lyrics for over 800,000 songs.

Ultimate Guitar supports the ability to edit chords, lyrics, or change tabs in other ways to suit your needs with a personal tab. You can also watch the video to refresh the songs in your memory or use it as the background track, set the best font style and size for the tab, enjoy the evening mode for the gig.

Deplike: Guitar Effects Pedals

Deplike: Guitar Effects Pedals is an Android guitar amp, guitar effects processor, and a fully-featured guitar array in your pocket. Deplike: Guitar Effects Pedals is a world-class guitar and amp effects processor for desktops and iPads.

It gives you an endless collection of amazing guitar pedals, ultra-high-resolution stereo rack effects, dual amps, and great signal sequences. Deplike: Guitar Effects Pedals contains a set of classic sound effects that you can use for your guitar, synth, or voice while performing life, or for processing tracks in DAW and other mixing applications via the Inter-App or Audio.

Final Words

Most guitar players today know Guitar Pro as one of the world’s leading music composers and simulation software. Instead of counting the lines to determine the notes, Guitar Pro APK offers a much simpler solution of creating six lines for six guitar strings.

Based on that, we can easily read the music and play along. It also plays samples of the music so that the practitioner can easily visualize the melody. With Guitar Pro APK, instead of having to remember the position of each note on the score, you type in positions arranged on the fretboard represented by numbers.

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