Happy Wheels APK 1.1.2

Happy Wheels APK 1.1.2

James Bonacci

Happy Wheels is a free action game that will make you addicted. The most outstanding feature of the Happy Wheels is that you will get injured, break your leg or arm on your journey to win. It is exactly why Happy Wheels is becoming more and more popular, even though it has been in production since 2006.

Imagine you have to overcome many obstacles on the wheels, especially the roads with very complicated terrain such as steep, sloping, and erect. Happy Wheels players have to bleed, even from the very beginning, because of the harsh challenge such as broken limbs or broken arms.

But you still cannot stop because the roads are too steep, causing you to plunge quickly. It is exactly what Happy Wheels game will bring you. An action game that looks very simple but thrilling and special. You will not stop laughing while playing this game.

Are you ready to start? Well, then make yourself comfortable and spend a few more minutes reading the next paragraphs and you will quickly succeed in your intent. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!

General Information

Happy Wheels is an engaging action game for those who love adventure and want to conquer challenges. The game offers characters at each different level. The player’s task is to control those characters, to overcome the intensive challenges.

Happy Wheels is an action game where players will have to overcome extreme challenges. You will get injured such as broken legs, broken arms, or broken vehicles when bumping into obstacles.

Happy Wheels is free to play. So, you do not have to spend money to experience a different and thrilling world in the game. However, like many other free programs, Happy Wheels has support for promoting third-party products, which can annoy sometimes.

In the game, overcome obstacles on the road with complex terrain. Players will transform into many characters in the game depending on the challenge level at different levels. The first is the old man in the wheelchair. The second character is the driver of a private car.

And the higher the level, the more difficult the challenge. With Happy Wheels, you use four arrow keys to move, the Z key to push, Ctrl, or Shift for action. You will easily operate the joystick after a few matches.

Special Features

Happy Wheels is a racing game launched by foreign game company James Bonacci. As a mobile version of a phenomenon-level game of the same name, Happy Wheels perfectly restores the various unique transportation tools and bloody pictures in the original. In the game, players use various means of transportation, with the help of the physics engine, to cross obstacles and reach the bottom of the game safely.

The biggest feature of Happy Wheels lies in its high game difficulty and smooth and realistic physics engine presentation. The game provides players with bicycles, wheelchairs, electric vehicles, balance bikes, and other different transportation tools.

There are many dangerous traps such as mines, harpoons, and javelins to test your skills. Players need to avoid these crises to reach the ultimate level. Although the game only provides over 60 levels, the higher difficulty still discourages many players.

Featured Gameplay

The operation and gameplay of Happy Wheels are simple. Players need to follow the buttons in the game. Besides the buttons in the left and right directions, there are also bounce buttons to help the player cross the shorter steps.

You also need to be very careful in the process of operation. If you miss it and become eternal hate, the bloody game screen is still slightly scary.

Picture Scene

For game screens, one cannot mention the realistic graphics of Happy Wheels. Although the game only uses a flat presentation form, it does not have any conservative attitude in expressing the level of bloody violence.

Not only does the character’s suitability for crossing steps easily cause harm, but after the character strays into the dangerous zone, there is also the danger of being torn and crushed. Broken limbs and bloody pictures are still very unsuitable for children. Minors also have a certain lethality. So, if you are under 18 years old, we do not recommend you to experience this game.

Game Evaluation

From the experience, Happy Wheels has certain difficulties. Besides the obvious traps in each level, there are often some hidden dangers, such as randomly falling metal trash waiting. These things are always there.

It may threaten the player’s life, and some mines, spikes, wrecking balls, harpoons, etc. on the surface are even more powerful. And they want to put the player to death anytime and anywhere. The game has over 60 unique levels and 4 protagonists driving different vehicles. If you are a fan of tiresome games, you are over 18 years old and afraid of bloody pictures, then please do not miss this Happy Wheels easily.

How to Play Happy Wheels?

The basic control keys of the game Happy Wheels include four arrow keys as Space, Shift, Ctrl, and Z keys. If you are new to this game, it will be difficult to maintain a long journey because you are not familiar with tapping these keys continuously. However, after just a few plays, your hand will be more flexible and it is difficult to stop you from stopping.

Players only need to hold the up and down arrow keys to climb, slide, or go back. Use the left and right arrow keys to lean. Spacebar, Ctrl, or shift for specific actions. And Z key to pushing. Once pushed, the player has to grip whatever is holding in hand with the spacebar or press the arrow keys to switch to other positions, to adapt to the terrain, and overcome obstacles.

The player will start the game with a wheelchair whose task is to pass many steps and not to fall. It sounds very simple, but actually, a lot of gamers have had to give up on the first ladder. Because your head can completely hit any obstacle, causing your helmet to fall and you fall.

Every time it injures you, blood will bleed. And the special thing is, it injures the heavier you, the greater the difficulty. And it is perilous if you try to continue to overcome it. The first character is an old man in a wheelchair. The second character is a merchant who controls a private wagon. The third character is a boy with a bicycle with a one-passenger pass in the back.

And the last one is a large woman in a silk car. The character change corresponds to the challenge level at all levels. The player’s mission is to shield these characters, to overcome obstacles to getting hurt. Any minor wound on the body can cause the mission to fail. If you are adventurous who likes to face the toughest challenges, Happy Wheel is a game you can not ignore.

Tips and Tricks to Play Happy Wheels

Find out what is the goal to achieve on each level

Some game levels will test your skills in an obstacle course dotted with demolition balls, spikes, gravity wells, giant spiders, and mines. On other levels, free fall off a precipice with a collection of umbrellas and bodies that will rain all around you.

Most of the levels have a milestone to reach, but you will never be sure. Keep exploring the game level and have a pleasant laugh every time you lose your life.

Understand how the game mechanics work

Have you lost an arm or a leg or all four limbs? Ignore the blood and keep going! Your character only dies when the head or torso is crushed or separated. Even then, you will enjoy your lifeless character’s flight through the game level. Press the Esc key or the button to access the menu in the lower-left corner of the screen to restart the level or to open the game’s main menu.

Press the Z button to eject yourself

On some levels, you need to leave your vehicle to walk or crawl. When you leave your vehicle, use the arrow keys, the Shift key, and the Ctrl key to move your character’s arms and legs. Each of the characters in the game behaves slightly differently, but normally they all end up dropping in a place like a fish out of water.

To walk, try alternately pressing the Shift and Ctrl keys immediately after leaving your vehicle, but remember this is a tough challenge. Oddly, the Wheelchair Guy is the easiest game character to control when he walks on his legs.

Look for other levels

From the main game menu, press the Browse Levels button to access additional game levels. You can sort the appeared list based on the most recently created, most played, or most voted levels. Then press the refresh button (characterized by a curved arrow) to view the new list.

If your friends have created a game level, search for them by their Happy Wheels username. Or ask them to send you the URL of the level. Then load it into the game using the Load Level button on the main menu.

Newbie guide

There are five operation buttons on the screen. The three buttons in the lower-left corner are for jumping, tilting left, and tilt right. Use the left button to adjust the balance, and the lower right corner of the screen is for forward and backward. There are a few buttons, and the operation is easy, so what is the difficulty of the game?

The player will control a character to drive a wheelbarrow and use the wheelbarrow to overcome various obstacles to reach the end. A simple sentence sums up the entire content of the game, but the content contains many traps. Maybe a car will collapse in the sky and hit you. Maybe the ordinary road on the ground will suddenly speed up and rise and pinch you to death. Or maybe something flying in mid-air is a bomb.

When the game character encounters various traps, he may break his hands and feet and may be separated from his flesh and blood. The most exaggerated one is that it blows his whole person to pieces after encountering a bomb. Yes, it is a piece. It surprised us when a game that was supposed to be a normal test of player operations suddenly came up.

It has been miserable by the difficulty of the game, but this stimulating picture is unacceptable. Even more exaggerated is that if you encounter a trap and do not die, the player needs to continue to operate the game character with a disabled body to continue the game, looking at the bloody game character. We recommend that children do not play.

Final Words

The operation of Happy Wheels MOD APK is very difficult to use intentionally. Players have to operate characters from all walks of life to ride a simple tool cart to the end. This sounds very common, but there are many unexpected locomotive traps on the road.

If you get it, it is only a broken hand or a broken foot. Otherwise, it is a way to die. Basically, besides passing the level, watching various methods of death is also one of the great pleasures of this game.

Besides hunting for strangeness, Happy Wheel is also a game that emphasizes clearance technology. It is very difficult to pass the level quickly and without injury. This game has a high level of research elements. And it was also a popular live game in the previous period.

Happy Wheels ranks 51st in the top list of free games in the Google Play Store. The number of installs exceeds one million, and we rate the content as suitable for adults over the age of 17, containing bloody and violent content.

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