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The world best card game has returned and ready to introduce its latest expansion pack. Mobile gamers, make sure you’re ready for a whole new adventure in Hearthstone. Join millions of online gamers in this award-winning card game as we take a look at Hearthstone. Find out more about the game with our reviews.


In the world of Hearthstone where different species are dwelling, wars and bloodsheds are almost inevitable as each people just care about themselves. And to allow their tribes to grow larger, it’s natural for them to take control over the others through warfare.

And in a place where creatures also come with incredible powers and magic, wars can be extremely devastating. Which is why this land needs a ruler, someone with the absolute powers that can control even the toughest heroes.

Be that ruler and bring peace to the world once and for all.



Here you’ll find all the exciting features of the game that are currently available:

Explore the ever-expanding world of Hearthstone

Here in Hearthstone Saviours of Uldum players will have the chances to explore the massive world of heroes, monsters, magical creatures, and more. Build your own deck and have your heroes battle against the enemies to earn your deserved prizes.

With an ever-expanding world, the game will introduce you to many famous heroes and enemies that’re in the Blizzard Universe. Start by facing the powerful Witchwood in the mysterious forests, or claim the throne of the Death Knight and have the Knights of the Frozen Throne under your command. Journey to Un’Goro and explore the hidden world of dinosaurs and elemental magic.

And with the latest expansion, Saviours of Uldum, you’ll be introduced to a massive world with new locations, missions, characters, and more. Never feel bored in Hearthstone.

Simple but addictive card battles

For starters, there will be many intuitive tutorials to guide you through the stages of the game. Hence, it would be no problem getting familiar with the features that the game has to offer. However, the more you get to know the game, the more exciting and addictive you’ll find it to be.


That being said, you can have your enemies defeated by mastering your deck and summon powerful cards. Unleash incredible combos in this fast-paced battle and make uses of your cunning strategy. Assemble a powerful deck that counters your opponent’s strategy and win against them for valuable rewards.

Join the online gameplay with online gamers from all over the world

And to make the game much more interesting, players will have their chances to compete with online gamers from all over the world through many exciting gameplay. That being said, you can challenge your friends or any online gamers in the Arena. Hone your skills and learn more about tactics as you spend time in Hearthstone.

The game also features competitive real-time combats which gamers can participate and go against online gamers for valuable prizes. Not to mention the ranked battles will be the perfect place for you to unleash your powers. Defeat your enemies and climb on higher places in the leaderboards.

Play the game as the iconic heroes from the Warcraft Universe

Here in Hearthstone, players are introduced to most of the famous characters in the Warcraft universe, from The Lick King, Illidan Stormrage, to Thrall, and so on. You’ll all of your favorite characters available for you to play with.

In addition, each character will have access to different powers and abilities that’re completely different from each other. Hence, your heroes will have varied roles during battles. You can make uses of their attack moves to deal damages to the enemies, or protect your teammates with incredible defend capabilities.

Discover powerful cards as well as useful crafting features

And not just heroes of the Blizzard Universe, Hearthstone also come with many powerful cards that feature monsters, minions, magic, and so on. Each card with have their unique uses that make them all useful in your deck. You just have to make uses of them at the right time and in a suitable manner.

In addition, the game also features the crafting features which allow gamers to upgrade their cards to higher tiers. That being said, your card can attain better stats through upgrades and more.

Explore the addictive single-player missions

And if you’re not interested in the online gameplay or just want to improve your skills before getting to play with the big boys, Hearthstone is definitely the game you’re looking for as it also offers the offline gameplay. That being said, players can enjoy the in-depth single-player missions that will not only give you a satisfying experience but also rewards as well. Complete challenges and earn yourself valuable rewards.

Play the game anytime anywhere

And what do you know, Hearthstone is also a multi-platform game, which means that you can play it on multiple devices like your laptop, mobile phone, or PC if you want. All of your progresses will be saved online, so the next time you log in, all your saves will be automatically loaded on your devices. So no matter where you are, or what you’re playing with, Hearthstone is still available for you.

Play in your preferred languages

Having your favorite game available in your favorite languages is definitely what we all want to have. However, this is not always the cases as the creators can only support one or two main languages. Well, with Hearthstone, gamers from all over the world can enjoy their favorite game on their preferred languages anytime. That being said, the game is currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and more. Never find yourself stuck in the language barriers again with Hearthstone.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free for Android gamers to play. Hence, you can easily have the game downloaded and installed on your devices without having to pay anything. And although the game does consists of in-app purchases, most of them only consist of customizations so your in-game experiences won’t likely to be affected. Enjoy a fair and free gameplay with Hearthstone.

Visual and sound quality


Although it’s just a card game, Hearthstone comes with relatively beautiful graphics and arts which allow gamers to completely immerse in the world of Blizzard’s magical creatures. Have your favorite characters designed with excellent details. Experience the intense and satisfying card battles in which you can unleash beautiful and devastating attacks to the enemies. In additions, you can also explore many customizing options that can completely change how the table looks, giving you a refreshing experience.


As for the audio quality, Hearthstone come with realistic sound effects that make you feel like you’re caught in the battles. In addition, the powerful and impactful soundtracks also hook you to the gameplay. And lastly, the voiced characters will make every battle extremely realistic.

Final thought

For the fans of the world-famous card game, Hearthstone is definitely a great expansion for the franchise. Get ready to enjoy amazing contents as you have the game installed on your devices, for completely free, of course.

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