Hermit MOD APK 26.2.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Hermit MOD APK 26.2.1 (Premium Unlocked)

February 13, 2024


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The problem about a smart phone’s memory is very important to many people now. They need the large memory to save much data. Developers has provided a lot of Lite apps. The advantage of these apps is that it doesn’t take up much memory, save battery. Hermit has also been built on this need. The app’s full name is Hermit • Lite Apps Browser. Hermit will help you to save some memory and surf the Web faster. Your smart phone won’t show down.

Unlimited lite app and free forever

Hermit is the app that has been developed and offered by Chimbori, registered in Redwood Shores, California, United States. The user can just install the app on mobile devices and tablets that run on Android Operating System. Hermit is available on Google Play. This app is free to download. Especially, there will be no limits, no tracking in this app. And the player mustn’t watch any ads while they are using Hermit.

Besides, interface of the app is easy to use. You can search for many things thank to search bar which is at the top of the mobile screen. White background helps the users to watch and read the information easier. The main color is orange which creates the highlight for the game.

Outstanding features in Hermit

After you have installed Hermit, you can start by tapping a floating action button. Then you can enter a keyword in the search bar to find the things that you want. But if you want to find the social networking websites or the famous apps such as Facebook or YouTube, you can pick from a handful of preset apps in the library of Hermit. The apps will be a little easier. The publisher has integrated some popular apps in Hermit. Each app will have the own features to attract the users. Hermit is the same. It has many outstanding features that bring benefits for you. Let’s start to explore these features.

The first feature is to create the Lite apps quickly.

The Lite apps have many advantages, so a lot of people like to use them. Hermit has a free library that integrates many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, … Besides, there are many different apps about News, Technology, Banking & Financial, Education, Entertainment, Productivity, Food, Travel, Photography, Shopping, Email, Storage. After you has completed the creation, you will see the app on your home screen. Moreover, the users can name the new app. The unique names show yourself.

Hermit doesn’t create a new Browser Tab.

Most browsers will open the new tab every time the user click on an icon. For example, when you click on the email icon in Chrome Brower, it will open the tap so that you use. But with Hermit, if you tap on the icon and you already have opened that app, it will launch instantly and not have the new tab. The users don’t have to waiting for that page to be downloaded again. With Data Saver Mode, the app will help you speed up the browsing by reducing image size. In addition, JavaScript Blocker will make most websites load faster.

Protecting your privacy is the third feature.

Hermit always focuses the privacy. The browsers are incognito and any site URLs that you type will be marked private. Hermit won’t save your browsing history. So you can watch everything without worrying about be followed. In addition, Hermit blocks any attempts to install the native Android apps and integrates Google’s Malware Blocker. This will protect you from Phishing and Malware. The publisher doesn’t also track, collect your personal information or sell your data. So you can log in to your accounts.

Besides, Hermit has another superior features. For example, Scriptlets helps you run your own custom extension scripts. Hermit has also support for Google Translate, Lite Pages, QR Code, and many others. Night Mode allows the users to view any web site in Night Mode with a dark background and light text. Use two Lite Apps at once on Android Nougat and above thank to Multi Window. You can increase or decrease text size to improve legibility.

Customize the Lite apps

Someone like to open the Lite app on desktop. But others will like to use it on mobile. Hermit will satisfy everyone. The Lite apps in Hermit have the interface of both desktop and mobile. Moreover, the user can customize their new Lite app that other browsers don’t let them do it. To customize, you need to open the navigation menu and tap Customize option. On the THEME tab, you can change the icon, color and text size of the app. You can pick any icon for your Lite Apps, or create a custom monogram here. Create your own theme with Color Picker.

Besides, the user can set many aspects of your new Lite app in the BEHAVIOR tab. Watch everything on Full Screen Mode or Frameless Mode. Block the ads to not be disturbed. There are many different options so that you adjust your Lite app. The user also can bookmark links within their pages. Let’s try creating and using the Lite app. This will be very interesting.

Improve your smartphone

Hermit is the app that has many features. Unlike the apps, when you use Hermit, you won’t have to watch any ads. Besides, Hermit allows you to create, use and customize the Lite app. This will help you to browse the website faster and create the apps that show yourself. But you also need to note that all features of the app have been provided so that the users create two first Lite apps. If you want to create more apps, you will need to buy Premium version. In addition, you will get immediately notified when the websites publish new content thank to the support from Atom/ RSS Feed Notifications.

Moreover, the publisher is very interested in your privacy. So you can save the data without being afraid of being stolen the important information. They have also supported Android System Integration. It helps the users to share text and link from any Android app to Hermit Lite Apps.

If your smartphone is being eaten up battery and shown up by the native apps. Let’s use Hermit • Lite Apps Browser to improve it.

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