HiPER Calc Pro MOD APK 10.5.1 (Paid for free)

HiPER Calc Pro MOD APK 10.5.1 (Paid for free)

March 31, 2024


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Most of us can do well with just the simple stock calculator app on our Android devices. But if you’re looking to complete highly advanced mathematical problems, it will not be enough to do the trick. So for those of you who are interested, you will need to look for other apps, which is more capable of solving difficult math problems.

And speaking of which, HiPER Calc Pro is certainly a great option for Android users who are looking for advanced calculator app on their mobile devices. With useful features and interesting options, the app will make sure that you can enjoy both casual and advanced usages of the built-in calculator. Feel free to make quick and convenient uses of the mobile app whenever you want.

Learn more about this interesting app from HiPER Development Studio with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

Here in HiPER Calc Pro, Android users will have the option to work with the fully-featured scientific calculator. With up to 100 digits and 9 digits of exponent, you can easily detect repeating decimals. You can also enter numbers as fractions or convert your decimals into fractions. Feel free to write your mathematical expressions in the natural ways and watch the app easily simplify your expressions. Use it for quick calculations in daily lives or during your advanced mathematical lessons.

Explore the basic arithmetic operations with percentage, modulo, negation, and other options. Comfortably work with mixed numbers without many compromises so you can easily work on any math problems. Unlock the useful operator priority to have your math problems properly solved. Unlock the graphs of functions and integral areas, which will make them a lot more visible. And also explore many interesting options to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the app and its features.


For those of you who are interested, you can now pick up the awesome application of HiPER Calc Pro on the Google Play Store whenever you want. Just keep in mind that since it’s a priced app, you’ll need to pay to unlock its features.

At the same time, you’ll need to provide the app with certain access permissions, which are needed to enable the fully-featured app on your devices. So make sure to accept the prompted requests upon entering the app for the first time.

Also, don’t forget to have your Android devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.1 and up.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Enjoy working with the basic calculator

Have fun working with the basic calculator app, which will allow you to easily work on any basic arithmetic operations. Use it to calculate percentage, modulo, negation and other math problems with mixed numbers. The intuitive and accessible tools will make it extremely easy for you to insert the data and get immediate results.

Feel free to use the app to work comfortably on fractions. Or unlock variable and symbolic computation, which will have many useful applications. Explore the useful derivatives and integrals that will allow you to comfortably work on your math problems. This also applies to complex numbers.

Make priorities in your calculations

To make sure that your calculations can be correctly executed, Android users in HiPER Calc Pro can now work on the many priorities. This includes the useful operator priority orders for your math problems. And if you wish to execute complex calculations, the unlimited number of braces will make sure that you can complete the job.

Convenient features to improve app usage

And to ensure your satisfaction with the mobile app, Android users can now explore many convenient features in HiPER Calc Pro. Start by working with operations using many useful features, with repeated operations you can make quick calculations without having to typing them all over again. HiPER Calc Pro can easily memorize up to 10 operations, which you can reuse whenever you want. Also, thanks to the clipboard operations, Android users can easily re-enter their mathematical calculations from other digitized sources. Always keep track of the result history to keep track of all the executed calculations.

With each calculation, users can also make uses of the intuitive calculation details, which allow them to freely work with the mobile app. Feel free to unlock haptic feedback to make the typing experiences more enjoyable. Make uses of the warnings to quickly notice any wrong computations on your equations.

Here, the different display formats with fixed point, scientific, and engineering display will make sure that you can comfortably work with the mobile app.

Useful graphs for better visualizations

And for those of you who are interested, you can now make uses of the useful graphs in HiPER Calc Pro to enjoy better visualizations. This feature will work on your functions, integral area, 3D graphs, and equations. With multiple values, including minima, maxima, and inflex point, you can always enjoy working with its features.

Useful conversion tools to work with

With the useful conversion tools, Android users in HiPER Calc Pro can comfortably work with the mobile app and make uses of its features to perform effortless computations. Start by easily converting between rectangular and polar coordinates. Make uses of the degrees, minutes, and seconds conversions whenever you need. Convert periodic numbers to fractions, and more. With up to 200 units to work with, you can always enjoy the built-in conversion feature in HiPER Calc Pro.

Advanced mathematical calculator

Along with the casual and basic calculator, Android users in HiPER Calc Pro can also work with the advanced scientific calculator. Enjoy many advanced number operations, including random numbers, combinations, permutations, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, powers, roots, logarithms, logical operations, the list goes on.

Adaptive calculator for multiple devices

Also, when using the app, you can really enjoy its adaptive display, which features many different layouts for different devices. Here, your small devices will feature the pocket layouts with all the basic calculation features. Smartphones users can work with the compact layout. And tablet owners can have the expanded layouts. All of which will make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the mobile app.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the free and unlocked application of HiPER Calc Pro on our website. Here, all you need is to download the HiPER Calc Pro APK, follow the provided instructions, and you can start working with its features, no payment is required.

Final verdicts

Together with the useful camera scan feature in Photomath, HiPER Calc Pro is another great Android calculator app that allows users to comfortably work on the mobile app and make the most of its calculation features. Enjoy both the basic and advanced calculator with multiple applications. And always make uses of the convenient options that make the app stand out among the others. Feel free to pick up the free app on our website and start having fun with its features whenever you want.

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